The 5 Best Reasons to Get the HTC One M9

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 recently being released and the LG G4 being recently announced also, it’ll be interesting to see how many people go out and buy an HTC One M9. We here at Wiproo would argue that the HTC One M9 is still one of the best phones on the market, despite only being a slight iteration over the previous M8 model.

We wanted to give you 5 best reasons to get the HTC One M9 over the other smartphone giants in the Android world. Despite only receiving a few changes over the past model, the HTC One M9 still has enough reasons to warrant a 2-year contract.


User Interface

Without a doubt, the HTc One M9 has one of the best-looking and least skinned versions of Android that we’ve seen on any Android phone in recent years. The Default HTc One M9 features flat icons that are similar to those of the natural and stock Android look which is always a bonus. However, the HTc One M9 and Sense 7 this year take it to another level by allowing you to theme your phone to exactly whatever you like. This means changing the HTC icons’ colours and design to reflect either your personality, mood or even the season. It’s a great way to make your phone even more personal without having to change around multiple different parts of your phone.



Over the past couple of years, the HTC One M9 has been a fan favourite for being one of the few skinned versions of Android that manages to keep up with the performance of the stock experience. HTc have worked particularly hard over the past few years to make their Sense overlay as fast and fluid as possible. The HTc One M9 simply screams and suffers from no lag at all at times and can manage any game that the Google Play Store can throw it making it one of the most capable Android handsets out there. The 3GB of Ram and the 810 Chip are to thank for this also, but there’s no taking away from the great work that HTC has done with their skin.


HTC Dot View Case

This one may sound like an odd reason to get the phone. However, these days with large screens, we often find ourselves buying covers and cases for our phones to protect them from general life damages and protect them from accidents such as dropping the phone. Well, the HTC Dot View takes cases to a different level. Other than protecting your phone’s screen, back and sides, it also shows you notifications through the dots, along with games you can play, see the weather and even little season-themed images for some personality.


Incredible Hardware

One thing that the HTC One series has always brought with it is some incredible hardware and that tradition continues with the HTC One M9, also bringing in some more interesting colour options. The One line is the benchmark when it comes to hardware design, being made of brushed nearly all brushed aluminium making it feel truly premium. A lot of reviewers and people suggest it’s the only Android phone that matches or even surpasses the iPhone in hardware design and beauty. In addition, with such incredible hardware and using Gorilla Glass 4, the HTC One M9 is sure to stand some drops and knocks too.

HTC-Launches-One-M9-Promotional-Videos-Highlights-Cameras-BoomSound-Speakers-475910-4Dolby Audio BoomSound

Smartphones are never going to be the best speaker in the room but the HTC One line and especially the HTC One M9 is the first smartphone with speakers that really push the boundaries of how loud a smartphone should be. The HTC One M9 features Dolby Audio BoomSound front-facing speakers that are not only louder than any other phone but also have better bass and clearer sound. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is meant to have really loud speakers but they’re still nothing in comparison to the sound that comes out of the HTC One M9 speakers.


The HTc One M9 is a very respectable phone and one that still garners everybody’s respect when it comes to their next purchase. The phone is without a doubt the best looking and most well-made phone on the Android side of the fence and maybe even against the iPhone as well. Along with this, you’re getting the best speakers on any smartphone on the market along with a UI that is tame and actually attractive as opposed to the likes of TouchWiz UI and Sony’s UI.

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