Samsung Q90T QLED TV – How Good Is New Samsung 4K TV?

Samsung Q90T – Is This The Best QLED 4K TV So Far?

Which one is the best QLED 4K TV is a big debate these days. Now we want an advanced TV not just for pleasure of viewing but gaming, streaming, apps and watching different media.
Samsung has released Q90T 4K QLED 65” TV. It comes with new features with simple and elegant design. It can fit any modern décor of any home. Let’s dig deep and find out how good is the new Samsung Q90T QLED TV?

It fits into any place that you want to. Its stand is a heavy piece of metal. It’s a little unstable in a sense if someone happens to bump into it, it will wobble a little. It would not fall but if you have children or pets running around you need to make sure its safety.

Its bezels are pretty thin and the overall TV is also pretty thin. Not as thin as the OLEDs are but still gives great feel and for a backlit TV it’s great. You may mount it on the wall and it does not pops out if you do. But if you are thinking of mounting it on the wall using Samsung’s zero gap mount is not a good idea which is kind of a flaw.

Back of The Samsung Q90T

Cable management is on its back for HDMI and power. There is a little groove that allows cables to run through. It may seem not quite sophisticated but good enough to keep the cables hidden. You will find small plug-in slots to plugin different gadgets. Its build up is as good as you expect from a reliable source like Samsung.
There are four HDMI, two USB, digital optical and Ethernet ports. Overall it has a separate corner for everything which is necessary for a modern day 4K TV.

Picture Quality

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This high quality 4K TV has backlighting and sits well with local dimming. The local dimming works on the bright areas which reduce the bloom effects we generally see on a number of different things like the black background behind white subtitles or similar effects. This helps to get rid of that.

Dimming Effect

But this dimming effect also affects the texture of subtitles to appear grayish which is quite a negative. However, you can control it with settings and make it pleasing as you like it to be. You can choose little bit gloomy or no gloomy or even white from the Expert Settings panel.
Some viewers love general dimming and they just love the way it sets it automatically. If you like blooming you can turn off the dimming.


Samsung Q90T is a very bright version of 4K QLED TV. You will find its screen unaffected even during a clear day with windows open, lights on and so. This is probably the brightest 4K QLED TV ever because its screen remains 100% unaffected from the external light source. It has anti-reflection sensors which automatically blocks external lighting and disperses it. You will find many 4K TVs these days which lack such sophistication which makes this TV very desirable.


The colors of this TV are bright and warm which appeal to your eyes. You will like to keep watching for hours. These color settings do not affect natural eyes. However, if you want to change a bit you can tweak its color settings from Natural, Standard and Dynamic options. It’s a high-tech Samsung TV which allows you to choose the setting that you like. You can turn off automatic color settings, enhancements and effects.
But if you allow its automatic mode it still looks great for movies and adjusts settings on its own. In fact, Samsung Q90T 4K TV is shipped with automatic settings on which is pretty good. Here is the catch, if you watch ordinary movies you may turn off this auto-adjustment feature but if you are watching an animated movie or any other simulation, the automated version works phenomenal.
It does a lot of manual settings perfectly with its auto-mode. So for any movies including DC and Marvel ones, you’d love its automated settings. If you plug-in a 1080p video through a flash device it will scale it to 4K content. However, any lower quality media then that is also scaled to 4K but results vary a great deal. Like if you watch network TV the quality differs. But still it’s better than most of the other contemporary TVs.
The natural refresh rate of this TV is 120Hertz which makes it control motion well. But for low quality media shot on 24fps you will see little bit of juddering in the motion. However, you can control juddering from its settings and reduce it. But if you reduce judder you may need to play around with other settings as well.

Media Syncing

While playing any competitive game or streaming this TV allows you to sync media. It requires a GTX 60 or RTX20 series card. Even if you don’t have that you can still enjoy it like a great gaming setup because it has a very fast refresh rate even for the lowest input. Although most of the gamers don’t like to play on a 65” TV. But despite all that, if you want to play a game which has a low input lag this TV does the job just fine due to its high refresh rate. So the gaming would look quite moving as it should be.
If you want to buy to so that you can play 1080p, 2K or 4K on this latest Samsung QLED TV in 4K, you will find the whole gaming simulation very responsive even at 120Hertz, at 120Hetz it will just blow your mind. So for gaming in 2K and 4K or 1080p this new 4K TV is the right pick.

Which software Samsung Q90T is Using?

Samsung Q90T 4K TV is using Samsung Tizen. This software is advanced and very much to the liking of new requirements.

The Interface


The interface is very pleasing and easy to use as its icons cascade at its bottom. If you are more of techie guy who likes to give its gadgets voice commands it truly supports it. For example if you say ‘Show Me Movies With Brad Pitt In’, the movies starring Brad Pitt will pop up with free or premium services like Netflix. You can easily find the contents either on Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV etc. If you are subscribed to that service you can immediately watch them.
Some of the pre-installed apps like Amazon, Hulu or few others look really good on it. This TV has HDR10 and it does not have Dolby Vision. Amazon Prime produces HDR 10 content whereas Netflix produces Dolby vision content.


The remote this latest Samsung 4K TV has all the necessary features like Alexa or Bixby. You can use the remote however you want with voice or manually. You can even set up its settings as you like them to be.
There are other features like checking the weather, home automation features to control lights etc. and many other things that you may do on your TV.

How Bixby Works On Samsung QLED Q90T TV?

You can change color profiles with Bixby voice settings. Which lets you save those profiles and get easy help with the voice. For older parents Bixby voice is the best choice which can easily perform according to the commands.

How To Control Smart things With Samsung 4K TV?

You can use Samsung Q90T to control smart home products. You can use its app on your smartphone to control smart things as well. You can use the app to install it on your smartphone or tablet to set the TV up. If you are into Samsung Ecosystem and have synced settings, it will pull up all of your settings which you can use or control through it.

Does Samsung Q90T have an Airplay Feature?

It has the airplay built-in which makes the experience browning through these apps a phenomenal one. When you mirror your phone to the TV it shows up in the side-by-side view.

Major Flaws In 4K QLED Samsung TV

Preinstalled Apps

The new Samsung QLED TV comes with tons of pre-installed apps. There are so many of them featuring different services which is kind of annoying. You can uninstall those apps. However, if you let them there they’d keep draining the system. To turn these apps off you have to go through several windows unless you find the settings to turn them off.


When you are spending about $2,000 on a 4K TV, the property solely belongs to you. You are the owner and would like to use it however you want without advertisements. Almost all of Samsung’s products have ads immersed into its software, not just this TV even in mobiles. If you don’t want to see those ads, which pretty much nobody likes, you can turn those ads off.

Personal Information

Samsung 4K QLED TV shares your personal choices and information with others unless you turn it off by clicking Don’t Sell My Information.

How To Turn Off Don’t Sell My Information On Samsung 4K TV?

Samsung Q90T sells data and preferences unless you turn it off. But to turn it off you have to choose ‘Don’t Sell My Information,’ which redirects to their website. On the website you have to fill out the form about your privacy choices not to be shared with others. The whole process takes more than 10 minutes. But someone who spends $2,000 for a TV would not like to go through this process.

What’s The Difference Between HDR10 and Dolby Vision Content?

It’s a very confusing mess as ‘which content is HDR10 and which is Dolby Vision.’ For example Netflix produces Dolby Vision content while Amazon Prime has HDR10 content. Most of the people don’t know the difference between the two. There is more content available for HDR10 on the net. If you watch HDR10 content and now watch Dolby Vision content on a gadget which is HDR10, you may watch it anyway. But it would not be as good as HDR10 content. Same goes for Dolby Vision content.
It’s a very confusing subject matter if you don’t know anything about it at all. Even if you are digging to know about it, still it will confuse you to its worst. The average person would not notice much of the difference between the two but it’s what it’s.

How Good Is Samsung Q90T QLED 4K TV?

The features of this TV are marvelous. In a nutshell, if you want an overall great 4K TV with a slick design, deep software, phenomenal interface, easy settings, smart settings and any app you want to download then Samsung Q90T QLED 4K TV is your kind of thing. Samsung keeps changing the prices of each product so do check them before you click to buy one.

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