9 Hand-Picked Third Party Apple Watch Docks

If you’re looking forward to getting an Apple Watch in your hands then chances are you’ve been thinking about the accessories you’d like to go with it too. Although the Watch’s packaging will be able to be used as a dock, this isn’t quite enough for the design and convenience conscious among us, so we’ve put together a list of the best third party Apple Watch docks that we could find. Some of these Apple Watch docks aren’t available yet, but be sure to keep the pages bookmarked so you can get your order in just as soon as they are.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - rest composureRest Composure $94

The Composure dock uses your MagSafe charger to create an effortless charging experience for the Apple Watch. The charger is held in place between a CNC machined walnut top and a heavy weighted steel bottom and the dock features a hidden internal wire track to make sure the accessory stands out as it should.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - rest composure2

Premium One $TBA

There are three products that make up the exciting and modern Premium One line- the W1 is a single Apple Watch Dock, the W2 is an Apple Watch and iPhone dock, and the W3 is an Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad dock. Each has the power to charge your gadgets and display them in easy to see way on the aircraft grade aluminium stands.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - Griffin watch stand

Griffin WatchStand $29.99

This affordable Apple Watch stand accommodates both flexible and semi flexible straps, allowing you to place your Watch either way up and see it snap on to the charger. This is also a versatile dock that has a lip to hold your iPhone horizontally and you can wind excess charger cable round the stand’s core so that is can be stored unseen.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - bandstand

BandStand $TBA

As one of the best third party Apple Watch docks, BandStand enables effortless charging, has an interchangeable platform that allows for upgrades, compatibility with all strap styles and a rotating charging arm. The design is modern and weighty plus has USB ports on the underside to charge your phone and tablet too.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - hirise

Twelve South HiRise $49.99

This cool third party Apple Watch dock is simplistic and sophisticated with its rectangular stand shape. The dock holds the Watch at an angle so you can interact with it while charging and it’s compatible with even closed loop metal bands. The stand also has silicone accents and a leather landing pad, which improve usability and help to prevent scratches on the shiny underside of your new Watch.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - hedock

HEDock $49

The HEDock has a thin minimalistic design made from high quality brushed aluminium in a zigzag shape. This cool Apple Watch dock also has a urethane coating to prevent scratches to your watch (and presumably the dock too).

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - dodocase

DoDo Case Charging Stand $99.95

The DoDo Case Apple Watch charging stand is made from California American Walnut on a weighted solid steel base. This fancy dock is handmade in California and has hidden wire routing to avoid the look of messy cables. The DoDo Case stand also has a travel mode so that you can keep the wire and plug in one place and transport it easily with the help of the ‘grab-and-go’ base.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - nomad

Nomad $59.95

The Nomad Apple Watch dock gives your Watch an ‘honest charging experience’ by elevating it on the smoothly designed curve. This dock is available in either space grey or silver and is made from a solid piece of extruded aircraft grade aluminium. Additionally the cable routing is placed invisibly at the side of the curve and there is a solid layer of copper underneath the non slip rubber foot for added ballast.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Docks - pad and quill

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand $79.99

This Watch dock is for those who like classic designs and a little luxury in their home. Choose from American Cherry or African Mahogany to accentuate the details of this smooth wooden stand which features a charger-cradling inlet and hand finished sheen. These docks are hewn from a single piece of wood and fold together with the charger still in place so can be easily slipped in a pocket for fuss-free traveling.

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