5 Ways Microsoft Intends to Use HoloLens – Future is in your imagination

Microsoft recently held their annual Build event and released more details about and showed off their Hololens technology again to show how it has advanced since it’s debut appearance last year. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft’s HoloLens is their take on augmented reality, which is different to virtual reality. Augmented reality shows you the real world around you with computer-generated items on it whereas virtual reality creates a whole new world around you.
Microsoft’s Hololens looks to change the way we think of augmented reality by bringing some great concepts into your very own living room. We wanted to go through 5 of the ways Microsoft intends to use Hololens once it’s released. This will give you an idea to the point of the device and idea itself and also the potential of what Hololens and similar offerings have.


With the ability of having manipulative augmented reality, you have the potential to be able to create some great things that come from your mind. At it’s most basic, Hololens could be used in architecture to show clients and even house-buyers what their eventual build will look like in 3d. However, here’s some food for thought: imagine being able to walk around your future home, turning your head to see around corners and looking up to see the ceiling heights. With the right additional technology and software, this is 100% possible with the Microsoft Hololens. Microsoft look to use Hololens to take architecture to the next level with a truly immersive experience of future homes and buildings.


Another potentially huge use of Microsoft Hololens is within many different fields of science. This could be coming from many different fields such as being able to have future surgeons practice surgeries without having to use real-life counterparts. In addition, it would be useful for many other sorts of training within the medical field that would save equipment, potential dangerous situations and more. When it comes to Science, education is important also. Imagine being in a class with children all wearing the devices and the teacher is teaching about anatomy and is able to have the kids see a virtual form of a person and then have a look inside the body at virtual body organs and highlight them out to the students. The potential for this technology is almost endless.


Gaming is one of the most exciting prospects for augmented reality and virtual reality. Microsoft obviously already has a huge backing of games on it’s Windows platform and Windows app support is 100% coming with Hololens. Steam will obviously be hard to choose with the HTC Re Vive being their virtual reality headset, however their current business model centers on offering their platform on as many different OS’ as possible and we’re sure that’s something they’ll continue to do. Current games aren’t likely to be optimized for augmented reality, but we are sure to see some future potential games will be released, potentially aimed towards educational learning for children.

Microsoft-Hololense-Windows-10-660x370As a Computer

Some of you may question.. well it doesn’t have a keyboard or mouse, how could it be used as a computer. Well a computer is actually defined as “an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.”. This makes the potential of the Microsoft Hololens being a computer very likely. Smartphones are computers and it’s not hard to imagine being able to view emails, send and receive messages and more within the Hololens. Watch this space.


Finally, one thing that Microsoft thinks the Hololens will truly be able to highlight in is the entertainment side of things. One of the most exciting demos we’ve seen of Hololens within the trailers is the ability to watch a video whilst you walk and then place the video on your walls and make it bigger and smaller, depending on your preference. This could completely change the need for an actual TV screen to watch films. Obviously, for multiple people to watch either Microsoft will have to have some kind of sharing feature within the device or something else clever, but for personal use, it’s a great idea.


Microsoft Hololens has a lot of scientists, journalists and people interested in technology excited as it looks to truly be the future now. The potential of the device and future devices and services from the name are almost limitless. It screams educational purposes at first but also shows off huge potential for using the device in the home for the mainstream user. Either way, I don’t believe Microsoft Hololens will be a fad that will go away anytime soon. Expect to hear and see a lot more of this technology and also expect the biggest companies in the world try and replicate it. Watch this space!

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