7 Insanely Expensive Brands For The Billionaire

If you make it to reaching the incredible status of being a ‘billionaire’, then the way you live and shop often changes to be able to enjoy the finer things in life. Here we have listed just those, finding the crème de la crème of cars, clothes, jewellery and shoes. For the rest of us, we can dream!

Here we have put together 10 insanely expensive brands for billionaires.


Owned by the likes of Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Simon Cowell, The Game and Birdman, the Bugatti brand is associated with luxury and with limited cars in production this makes it incredibly elite. The brand originated in France and is renowned for not only how incredible looking it is but also boasting a 0-60 MPH acceleration speed of 2.5 seconds as well as hitting a top speed of 254 MPH. This dream car can be yours for a jaw dropping $2.4 million, because every billionaire needs an incredible car to turn heads and get them from their mansion to red carpet events.

stuartStuart Weitzman

This famous designer brand is incredibly famous for creating some of the most iconic and breath taking pieces of footwear which ofcourse have a price tag to match! Stuart Weitzman has designed and has a customer base of many famous names such as Rita Hayworth. Famous for the Cinderella slippers made from the finest Italian leather, 565 kwiat diamonds set in platinum it is no wonder these heels are named after a Princess. These fairy tale shoes come with a price tag of £2 million, but are worth every dollar due to the fine detail and sheer beauty of them.

marc-jacobsMarc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is famous for exquisite fragrances, on trend fashion but most importantly beautiful hand bags. This top luxury fashion designer created an exclusive Carolyn crocodile handbag costing $50,000. Despite this huge price tag, people all over the world are desperate to get their hands on these bags due to the reputation and sheer beauty of a Marc Jacobs bag. Every girl dreams of carrying a Marc Jacobs bag and this bag just rivals any of designers in the field.


Apple is enjoyed by thousands and has a reputation for creating advanced and beautiful products. In addition to this, Apple are also known for their great customer service and this seems to have no limits, especially when you have a lot of money to invest in them. Recently, Beyonce was seen with the new Apple watch on her wrist but in a custom gold edition estimated in at a whopping $35,000 (plus). If that is slightly out of your price range the new Apple watch edition retails for still expensive $17,000. Apple combine both luxury and technology, which nowadays is incredibly stylish and almost a necessity.

Tequila-LeyTequila Ley .925

If you are wearing your custom Apple watch, then you need an excuse for it to be seen so why not show it off lifting a glass of Tequila Ley .925. This 6,400 diamond encrusted bottle prices in at $3,500,000. With a unique production process, this a list tequila rivals all after being unveiled in Mexico city greeted by an applause from a crowd. It is thought that no one knows exactly how this drink tastes as it is thought that no one has actually purchased this exquisite bottle. This impressive drink is bound to impress sitting in any drinks Chanel

Throughout the years, Coco Chanel have built an empire through stunning jewellery, bags, clothing lines, shoes and even tennis rackets and balls. One of the iconic elements of this luxury designer is the fragrances they produce, worn by endless celebrities. Chanel Grand Extrait is arguably their most rare and legendary coming with a price tag of $4,200 per ounce. This fragrance is so rare that only a few bottles are created per year, making it incredibly sought after. Coco Chanel is an all-time classic along with the fragrances they produce, but Grand Extrait symbolises the roots within the designer and the elegance that comes with the name.


Cartier screams luxury in every way and has built an empire through the incredibly high quality of jewellery sold. Cartier opened in 1860 and quickly the word spread between the likes of the royal family and the most elite. The Duchess of Windsor wore Cartier pieces, including a diamond, onyx and emerald bracelet which recently sold for $7 million. Nowadays, Cartier is seen being worn by A list celebrities such as the Kardashian family. Cartier creates arguably some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery on this planet which are incredibly timeless.

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