Top Trending Products To Sell In 2021

Opening an online eCommerce store is not a big deal but managing it and putting the right kind of products in it is. The selection of right products is not that easy. There are many marketplaces which offer you a chance to run your own online store. Due to competition each of the stores tries its best to catalogue the products which attract more sales. 

There are few things which you must take care of to generate good sales every day. Taking care of kind and the quality of products is what helps you make good money. Check out our list of trending products to sell in 2021. 

If you cannot decide which products to sell online search on the Google trends. You will see plenty of products that get searched. The trending products can be seen on Amazon as well. You need to add those products in your store. 

There are few important features which you need to see before choosing products for your eCommerce store in 2021. 

Selecting a unique product – Always go for the unique products to add to your online store. It’s even better if it does not have any replica and even great if it’s not available in your area locally. 

Products Without Price Tags – Some products don’t bear any price tag. There are many smart online retailers who find cheap products on one marketplace and sell it on the other. 

Cheap Pricing – Try to sell your product for cheap. Don’t go for products which are expensive. The consumers will buy it on impulse for its minimal price. Most of the times the buyers compare prices before making a purchase. So price your products smartly. 

Which are the top trending niches of 2021 

Choose niches smartly and we are sure you can double your profits. Each of the selections with known characteristics can change the financial foundation of your business. Check out the most popular niches for the new year from Health and Beauty, Travel accessories, Clothing, Hobbies, Creative Arts, Furniture, Jewelry and Home Decor. 

We have done a meticulous round up of popular products which rule the trends in 2020 and you can choose from these for your own dropshipping business. You can find these products from the popular marketplaces available online. 

  1. Portable Blenders


The portable blenders provide you an ease to take this anywhere you go. As the travel enthusiasts are always on the go this blender can provide them fresh juices no matter whether they are taking a small walk out of home or traveling somewhere else. There are many sellers which provide different sizes of blenders and you can choose those which can help the health enthusiasts enjoy juices. 

  1. Nail Polishes 


Nowadays teens top the online buying statistics. Besides, they love nail polishes. You need to run a raincheck on Google trends and see how popular nail polishes are among the new generation. Choose nail polishes specifically in which glitter and paint are used to look shining. It will shine and sparkle. These nail polishes come cheap and you don’t have to invest. 

  1. Wireless Phone Accessories 


Everything related to phones sell well these days. But what excels over all other things are wireless phone accessories. People just love to go wireless these days. You can add wireless phone chargers, Bluetooth and wireless headsets in your catalogue. If everything fails they will always work for you. Imagine even the new iPhone comes with a wireless charging as well. So things can work well. 

  1. Fancy Face Masks 


As the world has seen the worst of times with the wave of COVID 19 fancy masks have become the norm of the day. So face shields and masks need to be added in every online store. You can see the Google trends and notice the rising demand for fancy masks. For higher ROI add fancy face shields to your online store. They raked a great number of searches in 2020. 

  1. Phone And Camera Lenses 


Having a DSLR camera is good but without a fine lens it’s just the gateway to capture high quality photos. So selling phone and camera lenses is really the next big thing. Phone settings with better lenses is really an important thing to keep when you are into photography and selling those is equally profitable. Phone lenses are a thing of today and the trend is just catching up. 

If you are running a dropshipping store solely dealing in phones and cameras putting special lenses is the new trend that helps people take amazing pictures. 

Always choose the products with 5 star ratings. 

  1. Inflatable Pet Collars 


Taking control of pets health during a walk is necessary. Sometimes our adorable pets just love to go after things they see outside home. We need these inflatable pet collars even in our homes sometimes. These inflatable collars can keep pets safe from injuries and also during the healing process. 

So if you are dealing in pet stuff just add cute inflatable pet collars in your catalogue. 

  1. Eye lashes, lenses and eyeshadow stamps 


We all need to have good eyes with eyelashes, lenses or even with eyeshadow stamps. With all these necessary things eyes look deep and captivating. The eye lenses and lashes increase the beauty of eyes and a stamp can press them together. Make up enthusiasts and reviewers just love them. 

When you will look at recent Google trends you will realize how the make up market is booming and eye-related products are just taking over all the cosmetics. 

Choose the nicest looking eye products and find a way to show them to the girls. They will just love them. 

  1. Bras 

Bras are taking over modern clothing and strapless backless bras are top on the list. The women find them comfortable and easy to put on. The silicon suckers are used in it. If you are into fashionable clothing different kinds are very profitable. 

Last year’s Google trends show a remarkable rise in the demand for strapless backless bras which is quite encouraging to add them in your online store. 

  1. Baby Products 

There is a tremendous rise in the demand for baby products. The baby products like cribs, clothing and baby carriers. So if your store is about baby products you need to add these products. Market these products and promote them on your social media as well. You will find the great engagement. 

All these baby products are thriving. Google trends show the evidence of rising demand. 

  1. Home Security Cameras


Home security is the most important factor in our life. We need to keep an eye on rising demand for security cameras. You will see that it’s also rising. Nowadays the latest home security cameras are the rage. You can see the footage on your phone. There are many brands which offer IP cameras for comparatively low prices. You can sell them online and make good money. 

In areas where burglary cases are reported these cameras play a pivotal role to maintain security and catch the culprits. 

  1. WiFi Equipment 


Internet speed plays a key role in enjoying the services. No matter how carefully you have chosen your internet package, if the switches and other equipment you use are not up to the mark you are not going to enjoy the good internet speed. 

WiFi switches and repeaters can extend the range of signal coverage and now the people are realizing this as you can see the rising demand for WiFi equipment. With right equipment you can access the internet in your pool, garage or even outside your home. Put those equipment on display that specially repeat WiFi signals. 

  1. Latest Drones 


People just love everything about the latest technology. You can buy the latest drones online and sell them as well. Besides, if you are adding them on your website for commission even still you can earn them. Drone photography is used for taking high quality photos and the best drone photos receive awards as well. 

During holiday seasons the demand for drones rises. The photography pros book these drones online. So if you are hunting for the latest drones you can see the trends. Check out latest drones that can capture amazing footage in 4K. 

  1. Posture Corrector 


Posture correctors in demand since people started working from home and they did not have a habit to use domestic furniture for work. Most of them don’t even have proper furniture. Spinal cord support is necessary for correcting the posture. If you add these products in your online eCommerce store you can get great sales. 

The product has received great attention recently and you can earn a higher profit. The people keep searching online for it. Use some SEO optimization and enhance your position on Google. You can get great profits from it. 

  1. Earrings 

Jewelry makes women look adorable. Today’s fashion industry is nothing without some form of jewelry. If your online store is aiming at putting on jewelry in your eCommerce store use Bohemian styled earrings as well. Earrings are the only type of jewelry which every woman wears. You cannot wear any other jewelry every time even not a necklace but earrings. 

To garner great sales you need to add Bohemian earrings in your jewelry store. If you offer these on different price ranges you may incur great profits. 

  1. Manicure Kits 

Manicure kits help ladies cleaning, cutting, trimming and polishing their nails. These kits come with small drill bits and cutters to beautify nails. These kits are not expensive. The top in those manicure kits are nail grinders which are very popular. 

You can invest your money in these manicure kits and keep your customers happy. Your eCommerce store will give you record sales. If you can choose your manicure kits from established brands can really set the ball rolling. 

  1. Monokini and Bikini Swimsuits


Bikinis and monokinis offer great fashion statements these days. Women love to fill their wardrobes with these clothes. Many celebs are opening their own online stores to sell these suits. Women buy these swimsuits while walking on the beaches. 

The beach party wear is becoming common these days and buying them from online apps. So show your clients Monokini and Bikini swimsuits which you see in the movies and dramas. 

  1. Shoes Made from Organic Material 


Nowadays, we all are in love with exercise and gyming. Having classy running shoes to carry out our schedule is necessary. However, the same goes for other people. If the running shoes are made from the breathable fabric they last longer. Many athletes prefer shoes manufactured from this fabric. The organic material is used for these shoes. 

These shoes are durable, repairable and very light. These shoes are also used as casual wear. These shoes are fit for everyone. 

  1. Hot Air Brushes 


The hot air brushes are the new sensation among women. Every party makeup is incomplete without proper hairdo. These hot air brushes come with small accessories prove a complete hairdo kit. Besides, the manufacturers claim a lot other things about these brushes. Most of which may not be true for example their positive impact on the body. 

Technically, these hot air brushes are used by professionals in salons. They can soar up the sales manifold. So don’t forget to add them in your eCommerce store. 

  1. Ice Cream Makers 


What sounds like a perfect summer treat at home? An ice cream maker. And, that is exactly what you are going to promote this summer. The home ice cream maker is perfect for making your days more cool and fresh.

These ice cream makers don’t cost much either. Use the right type of features and create stunning ads to promote these ice cream machines to your audience and you are set for success.

Like other quick cookers, ice cream makers are also needed for every home. People love to make ice cream at home and during summer ice cream makers sell like hot cakes. 

  1. Towels 


It may sound odd to add towels in your online store. But summer invites great towel sales as people start going to the beaches they also buy beach towels. Show beach towels to your followers and they will start buying them when the right time comes. 

Our recommended products are rare but they can help you make a good deal of money in 2021.

You need to add beach and drying towels to your store. Sometimes buyers choose towels for different things such as pools, beaches or just for drying.  

  1. Water Sports Kits For Kids 


Kids love water sports. When we take them there they keep playing in water for hours. There are different types of water sports kits available online for kids. The trends can be seen to monitor which water play kits for kids are getting spiking. 

Of all the water play kits for kids, water play mats for kids are easy to get noticed. These mats can help kids build strong neck, head and muscles. The kids can take exercise to reduce their tummies. Don’t forget to add these water play mats in your store. 

  1. Scarves


The market for scarves is so huge that you can start an online store solely for scarves. They come in different sizes, designs and styles. Since there is not much fabric needed they are crafted from high quality clothes. If there is anything that would not go out of fashion, they are scarves. Now small scarves come with zips that people wear during the cold snow season. 

  1. Fancy Coats


If you lived in New York during the Christmas season you would have noticed not a single soul without some kind of coat. All types of fur coats are very popular. They not only make people feel warm during the winter but they also provide great style to them. 

If you could choose sophisticated stylish coats during the winter season you can make record sales. Start a fashion store and add different types of coats and you will find it your best bet. 

These coats are manufactured from a delicate fabric. The users will like to add these coats to their wardrobe and these coats never go out of style. 

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