7 Best Hot Air Styler Brush For All Types Of Hair

To become instagramable and relate to trendy parties, we all need a good hairstyle. We all cannot afford expensive saloons. So buying the best hot air styler brushes can get you the ideal hairstyle. Getting the most stylish curls is a matter of minutes now. This review will answer your queries “Do Hot Air Brushes Really Work,” “Are Hot Air Brush Bad For Your Hair” and “Which Is The Best Hot Air Styler.”

A hot air brush not only dries hair but also helps you style the locks. It is a time saving and cheap method to get it done with a couple of tries.

The market has become full of hot curling brushes from popular manufacturers. Each of these brushes comes with different features. Don’t forget to review the list, considering the type of hair and also the style that you need it for.

This piece of information will guide you through the hectic process with ease to choose a hot air brush worthy of your consideration. You will also come to know the difference between a regular hair dryer and brush. This informative guide is written after reading the reviews by the users to get you the best deal.

Major Features of Hot Air Brushes

There are several models available on the market these days to choose one from. One of the important reasons that people love hot air brushes is because of their convenience. The drying helps you style ends, straighten locks and make the hair appear more shiny and healthy.

However, you can get the latest rotating hot air brush that changes directions. It will let you hold your hands still and make a good angle to style the hair.

The Types of Hot Air Brushes

There are many blow dryers that can curl hair that lack rotating features. The user has to do everything by him. Most of the users find such dryers rather safe and the hair don’t usually get tangled.

There are Paddle hot brushes which are uncommon and fail to curl hair. Those who have straight hair and can’t spend much time may choose this one.

The hot air brushes come with several styling accessories and kits like round brushes and styling equipment etc. They are very popular. Many people who use them after watching tutorials love them.

The many uses of Hot Air Brushes

The hot air brushes were supposed to replace blow dryers and wooden hair brushes which do not require efforts to operate. The best hot air brush works best for curly, shiny or even short hair. They are lightweight and don’t require two hands to hold and operate with. You can watch tutorials on social media and learn to style hair as you want.

Generally, rotating brushes come with two distinct features– cool and hot. You cannot only dry hair easily but also style your hair perfectly. These trendy hot brush stylers come in different designs and styles. The women with long hair who want to have curly locks with turned ends can choose big, round and rotating hot air brushes.

However, for straight hair flat pads are right solutions but round brush blow dryers are not suitable for women with short hair. While small brushes can easily dry and style hair well.

#1 Ghd Glide Hot Brush – Professional Hot Air Brush


The ceramic technology gives this brush extra edge for styling. The ionizer can protect the hair from any harm and the brush can easily style your hair. GHD created this the first of its kind GHD hot air brush which has become a bestseller.

The ionizer works better on all types of hair. The heating temperature is around 365F, which is highest for any hot brush. This will help you save from any damage. GHD the manufacturer claims that the hair appear even healthier on the second day.


The ion with ceramic coating can make the hair locks very shiny and healthy. The bristles on the brush can help turn hair in different styles. The experts recommend it for getting the light airy effect by using short bristles. Not only that, it comes with many other features including a 2 year guarantee.

#2 Hot Tools Professional Blowout and Styler


This brush is the personal favorite that comes with a fine design. It has an oval shaped comb which helps to straighten and wave hair to get glossy and frizzy locks with smoothness.

It is designed in such a way that the flow of heat and airflow become even at a point. You can get desired results. It is the safest way to decrease the hair harm that high temperature may cause to the hair.

It has three settings for different types of hair, no matter if they are wavy, curly or straight. It locks the moisture in strands to give a smooth look to hair. You can select the desired settings for your hair type and style you want.

The brush comes with a safe styler which does not burn fingers during the use. The styling can be done with more control over the process and create the perfect wavy and vivid curls. The volume at the end can help you get a nice look.

Its double bristle system helps to tame locks and get a nice look. Its comb is not heavier to handle so you can use it easily. Its soft handle gives a good grip. By using this you can get good celebrity-like hair style at home.

#3 Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush — One Of The Best Budget Hot Air Brushes


Ladies simply love this Brand for a number of reasons as it comes with a styling tool with nice effect. This comb is truly valuable and you can recommend it to others for stylish hair styling. There are different colors and designs. Its grasp is firm and can ease your way to style the hair.

You can use its bristles to untangle the hair while the oval shape will get you the volume needed for a nice hair look. This comb has a good power to give your hair a good amount of heat without burning the hair. Anyone can have straight hair with it and style the strands.

This brush is also coated with ceramic that spreads the air equally and protects hair from harm. The edges of your hair can dry for styling. The styler can help you ease the process. You can style your hair well with the swiveling cord.

This tool is the best replacement for any of the handheld old fashioned brushes to get natural moisture and keep the hair safe from any harm. You can create beautiful styles and looks however you want.

#4 BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium – Best Rotating Hot Air Brush


For styling and delicacy people love to have a more convenient tool. The BaByliss hair brush blow dryer is the tool that can help you create amazing stylish hair. It’s very easy to use with the Nano Titanium technology that makes it durable and decreases its heating. If you are searching for a highly reliable rotating hot air brush this one is the best. Three temperature settings such as high, low and cool with its traditional button layout and a slider to turn it on makes it very easy to use. While its blue color makes it unique in the row of its competitors. It comes with a protective bag that keeps the bristle safe.

While reading several reviews on Amazon about BaByliss hot air brush we learnt that the consumers are satisfied because it can rotate in different directions while the bristles protects it from damage because it does not bend.

To use the brush you should air dry your hair before, brush the hair and use any oil. Create a bun or distribute the hair into sections. Use the brush on each strand for about 20-30 seconds. You should keep this thing in mind that this kind of brush would not turn your hair into thick curls.

#5 Revlon Amazing Dryer & Styler


This is a highly sophisticated hair dryer and styler product by a popular brand. You can get the best tool for a reasonable price and get the best look. You can comb your hair and get quick results in a few minutes.

Your hair strands and locks will be very sleek without using much force. It will also help you remove frizz so you can untangle your strands. Many reviews on Amazon recommend this tool which is fast, effective and very professional.

The ion technology uses the heat and the airflow can be used to keep the hair moist, glossy and very lustrous; just like they seem after conditioning. This tool is perfectly designed for keeping hair healthy and stylish. For example two power options and you can pick the suitable option for type of hair.

#6 MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush


MiroPure is a hair straightener solely designed to give the user ease of operating it. While the modern technology will help you keep the locks wavy and shiny without splitting ends. You can choose this tool and get a refined look.

Use this tool to straighten up the hair and take this straightener with you on the go. It will let you know that getting silky and lustrous hair is possible these days. The built-in swiveling cord is firm while you can use the styler for as many years as you want.

You can use the glove to protect hands, the price is affordable and the rotating cord is very functional.

#7 Infiniti Pro by Conair Rotating Brush Hair Dryer — Best Rotating Hot Air Brush


For creating voluminous hair styles the ladies will love this brush. As it comes with three different temperature options that you can use easily and change the temperature accordingly, Infiniti Pro by Conair Rotating Brush can give hair a real glossy appearance. As it spins in two different directions, gripping the hair and styling it is easy. However, it does not rotate in cool mode.

There are two colors used in its design— silver and black with a wide handle. So for a small hand it might be an issue to handle it while the Infiniti Pro hot fusion brush reviews show that it’s not a big deal anyway.

The good side of it is it easily rotates into two directions and comes with a protector.


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