The Top Five Tips For Exhibition Project Management Revealed!

Exhibitions offer a unique marketing opportunity. You are presented with the chance to actually meet your clients face to face. And many would agree that this as a result gives you the strongest form of marketing and the greatest attempt to try and get their business. After all, nothing is more powerful than the human touch. It is very easy for people to walk past a billboard without giving it a second glance. Yet it is not as easy to ignore a business’s exhibition stand when those who work there are in presence. Nonetheless, in order to reap full gains of this fantastic opportunity you need to have your exhibition project management planned to perfection. This article is here to give you a helping hand with that. Read on to discover the top tips for managing your exhibition properly…

1. Exhibition Stand Design

The most important aspect of any exhibition is of course your stand design. You need to make sure you hire a top company to take care of this. They need to get every aspect of the design right; from the lights, to the material used, to the shape of the stand. They also need to make sure they get your brand image across as effectively as possible. They need to create the right atmosphere and entice people to come to your stand. Make no mistakes; this is not an easy job. Which is exactly why you need to choose the company with care.

2. Never Go Alone

Running an exhibition stand is definitely not something you can do alone. If you do so then you will miss out on a wealth of different potential clients because you cannot give everyone your attention at once. Thus, even if you are a sole trader, you need to rope some other people in to help out.

3. Prepare a Checklist

You should never go to an exhibition without a carefully planned checklist at hand. What should this include? Enquiry sheets, a record book, contact details, action to follow, and even invoices if you are selling products directly from your stand.

4. Don’t Pounce on People

There is nothing more annoying that going to an exhibition and having the individuals at each stand try and entice you with every move you make. It is not a marketplace. You shouldn’t go searching for people. Instead, let people come to you. Most people in attendance know what they are looking for and thus if you can supply it then you can be sure they will come to your stand at their own free will.

5. Marketing

Make sure you market your event effectively beforehand. Thanks to the age of digital technology you have lots of opportunities to do this e.g. Facebook and Twitter are always good sources of promoting an event. Obviously you want to get as many people in attendance as possible.

If you take these five tips into account then you will be certain of exhibition project management success. It is all in the organisation and the implementation, if you can get these right then you are in for a great day.


After reading this article you will have all the information needed in order to ace your exhibition project management. This is pivotal, after all; once the trade show has taken place there is no going back.

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