SmsFromBrowser is A Great Chrome Extension To Get You Sending SMS’ From Your Browser

Sending texts from your browser is something we’d all love to be able to do. Say your phone is in the other room and you’ve just got a notification come through on your computer and you need to text someone quickly. Or you’re doing some work and you realise you need to quickly remind someone about something or ask them something, then we’ve got the answer for you!

SMSFromBrowser is a brilliant little Toolbar that you can download here that will allow you to quickly and easily text from your browser with incredible ease. When you get on the website, you’ll see this easy to use and easy on the eyes landing page! Want to know how to get this great SMSFromBrowser toolbar onto your browser for easy texting? Follow these steps:

1. Click on the image below (Go on click on the image, don’t worry it’ll open in a new tab) you’ll then be taken to the page itself. If you’re scared of clicking pictures, here’s the link.

whole screen

2. Now you’re on the landing page, you can have a little read of what it is exactly you’re getting yourself into.


This offers up a great choice for SMS texting from your browser, that’s basically what the text is saying. You can utilise things such as Voice to Text tools, Skype and other great things as well as having access to multiple SMS to Text clients.

3. Once you’ve done your reading and feel like this is what you’d want then go ahead and hit the ‘Click To Install’ button.


This step is quite important! If you don’t click the ‘Click To Install’ button, it won’t…umm…install!

4. That’ll bring you this page which allows you to have more of a research and look at downloading it.

Chrome addon
This is the Chrome Web Store which we all know and trust! Here you can have a look at some research and an image of the toolbar that you’ll be getting!

5. Hit ‘Add to Chrome’ in the top right and then click on ‘Add extension’ to complete the process


This will take you through the usual step where it will temporarily download the extension and then automatically open up a new tab with the following image.

6. Then you must be sure you have the toolbar at the top of your page and a new search bar like this…

Must be sure

So what exactly can you now do with this toolbar?


“But what specifically?”

Well, you can obviously send SMS using different text clients with this button…

send texts

You can go to the websites of some Voice Over IP clients with this button…

voice over ip

And many other things with the rest of buttons such as find websites for Good Night texts, find free ringtones, link back to your Facebook, view the weather where you are and listen to the radio. It has a little of everything!

many things

And finally, there are some great links below the search bar that allow you to easily jump to your favourite places on the web that we all know and love!

links search


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