A Comprehensive List of Free Chia Blockchain Tools For Plotting And Farming Chia XCH or Developing Chia Apps

A complete list of useful free Chia blockchain tools for every Chia coin miner and developer. It will make your plotting and farming job very easy. These are basically Chia scripts and apps to help you plan, execute, organize, simplify and automate tons of Chia jobs. 

Table of Contents

  1. Helpful Chia blockchain resources for developers 
  2. List of tools and app for Chia plotting 
  3. List of tools and apps for Chia farming 
  4. Useful tools and software for Chia blockchain statistics 
  5. Conclusion 

1. Helpful Chia blockchain resources for developers 

Chia Network API

The Chia Network API is CORS enabled, a free to use API that enables the developers to access programmatic Chia data for their apps.

Chia Rest API

A REST-API for developers to build Chia apps. This API uses curl commands to get data from the Chia blockchain RPC api.

2. List of tools and app for Chia plotting 

Chia Plot Manager

Chia Plot Manager is a Python based app that helps you monitor your plotting process. You can check them and move after completion and queue the next ones. You can also check your XCH with its coin monitor.

Chia Plot Plan

If you want to check the ideal split-size of your Chia plots use Chia plot plan. It’s the best for space maximization.

Chia Plot Planner

Chi Plot Planner helps you plan your plots the best way possible, determining the best k-size plot combinations to save disk space.

Chia Log Analysis

If you have plots you can use Chia Log Analysis to parse all existing Chia plotter log files and build a .csv file that contains all the details.

Chia Plot Graph

Chia Plot Graph is a very useful tool that helps you graph your plotting in a Linux terminal. You should use a 24-bit colour-scheme terminal such as xterm or gnome-terminal

Chia Plot Status

Chia Plot Status works on all OS and lets you analyse your Plotting log files. You can check the completion time, health and progress of plots in progress.

Swar’s Chia Plot Manager 

Swar’s Chia Plot Manager is a cross platform Python based plotting manager that miners need and is very simple to use.

Chia Plotting Calculator

This plotting calculator will show you the best plotting settings based on your system specifications, optimized based on the latest information from the official Chia Network’s blog and your desired plotting speed.


Ploto is a very simple to use Chia plotting manager for Windows PowerShell


PSChiaPlotter is a Windows PowerShell plot manager with a GUI comes with tons of useful features every Chia miner needs.

Excel Chia plot log importer

Microsoft Excel VBA to help you import necessary information from the default chia log location into excel. It’s very useful for small time farmers and noobs (works only with the plot logs in English)


It’s an easy-to-use, pure-Docker image solution, for both plotting and farming the Chia cryptocurrency.

Mad Max Chia Plotter 

Mad Max Plotter helps in plotting efficiency by multi-threaded implementation to maximize temporary storage bandwidth to a greater level.

Harry Plotter

Harry Plotter works on Linux, Windows and Mac and is the best Chia plot manager.

Plot Everywhere Tool

Plot Everywhere Tool is a batch file plot launcher for Chia CLI Windows 10.


Plotman is a tool for managing all Chia plotting operations

Robbie’s Chia Plot Calculator

This program helps Chia miners to figure out most suitable plot settings according to your hardware.

3. List of tools and apps for Chia farming 

Chia Address Widget for Android

This Android widget is awesome that lets miners always check their address balance. You can see how well your farm did in the last couple of hours. It uses the API of chiaExplorer.

Chia Calculator 

Chia calculator helps farmers estimate earnings based on certain parameters. Like if you insert the number of plots and it would estimate how much you can earn with tons of helpful information about Chia.

Chia Profitability Calculator

This works like the previous Chia calculator that we mentioned and helps you calculate estimated profits based on the hardware input you insert.

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Chia Calculator

If you are looking for how to convert XCH into the US dollar and Euros, Chia Calculator is the best online resource available that shows estimated profits in XCH and its conversion into US dollar and Euro.
Note: This is not an official Chia Network resource and the values shown are totally estimated.

Chia Harvest Graph

This awesome grapher is for Linux to determine and graph the Chia Harvester activity.

Chia Report API

A that reports your farming summary to an API endpoint to get notifications on Slack. Chia Report is one of the best handy Chia tools for farmers as it sends the farmer’s report to an API endpoint to get instant updates on Slack or any other endpoint you use. Check its simple to use manual on its website.

Chia Dashboard

This awesome dashboard app helps the farmer to monitor Chia services and report to a web service so that it can be remotely accessible from anywhere.

Chia Log Analyzer

This tool is a Real-time log analyzer for Chia farming and the statistics are displayed.

Chia Node List

A complete list of active nodes available on the Chia network that a farmer can use at his own risk.

Chia Public Nodes List

It shows the list of available 8444 peers every hour to be used by the farmers.

Chia Telegram Bot

Windows Powershell script to monitor log files and trigger a Telegram notification. 

This Windows-only script allows a Chia farmer to send the log details through the Telegram bot directly to his chat and monitor the farm remotely with any device.

Chia Wallet Monitor

Chia Wallet Monitor immediately notifies the farmer about his new earnings.

Chia Monitor

A handy Chia monitoring tool that collects all the necessary information from nodes and harvesters and sends instant notifications to the farmer if something goes wrong or just any status change.

Farmr – Chiabot

It’s a web-based dashboard that sends instant notifications to the farmer about completed plots and new blocks through a discord bot. It can also link different harvesters to a single account.

Chia Garden Win probability calculator

It shows the probability of how many Chia coins a farmer can win over a period of time if the netspace remains unchanged.

XCHScan Chia Farming Calculator

It’s a basic Chia farming calculator that predicts a farmer’s winning difficulty on the basis of specifications.


A python based notifier that monitors your farm/harvesters 24/7 without any stoppage.

Prometheus Chia Exporter

Prometheus shows the full node statistics of Chia farms in a Grafana dashboard.


It tracks HDD prices on the different digital markets.

4. Useful tools and software for Chia blockchain statistics 

Chia Explorer 

A very handy Blockchain resource that demonstrates Chia blockchain data in visual charts and graphs about tons of important Chia developments including:

  • Netspace
  • Total addresses that have received Chia
  • Top farmers 
  • Top pools

Chia Netspace

Chia Netspace shows statistics and graphs of Chia (XCH) along with Proof of Space and

Time overtime and price changes.

Chia Status

Chia’s blockchain status at a glance. Chia Status shows the performance of Chia blockchain overtime.


XCHscan shows Chia Network analytics about latest blocks, transactions, XCH price and difficulty etc.


Whether you want to build Chia blockchain apps to help others, or farm or plot XCH, these resources will prove handy tools for everyone. These Chia apps and tools would not only help you to farm and plot Chia easily but would save you tons of time by simplifying tasks. 

Please note that we do not endorse any of the third party software or scripts. At the time of testng we did not find any malicious code nested in them. Still if you want to use them make sure that they do not have any malicious code and test them before using. 

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