10 Best DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog

If you have a dog then you’re probably very passionate about him, treating him as one of the family and giving him all the love and care that he needs. While it may seem strange to others, you’ll probably also include him in occasions such as Christmas and may even celebrate his birthday too. Giving your dog a gift every now and then is nothing to feel embarrassed about and your furry friend probably appreciates it much more than you think. DIY dog gifts are such rewarding little projects to work on even if you’re not into crafts and we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best to give you some ideas for an upcoming holiday or doggy birthday. Although your dog may not realise just how much effort you’ve put into DIY gifts, they are sure to strengthen your bond with your furry family member.

Carob Pupcakes Dog Treat Tutorial

For a special occasion or just to spoil your dog, these carob, coconut oil and peanut butter treats will be irresistible. Although these treats look naughty they’re actually healthy for a dog’s digestion so you don’t need to feel guilty about feeding cakes to your furry friend. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- carob cakes

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DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

If your dog’s bed is in need of sprucing up or replacing then this vintage themed DIY would be the perfect replacement. You just need to source a suitable suitcase and some fabric, then your dog will have a wonderful new place to sleep. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- dog suitcase bed

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DIY Paw Wax And Snout Care

What better way to show your dog you care than with this sweet and useful DIY dog gift. The paw wax is easy to make and will protect paws from cold weather and rough ground, plus it also works to condition a dry or cracked snout. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- paw snout wax

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Bow Tie Dog Collar Tutorial

For a trendy accessory that’s great for your dog to wear at parties, check out this DIY dog bow tie tutorial. You’ll need a bit of sewing know-how in order to make this sweet DIY dog gift but your dog is sure to love the attention that such an unusual collar will bring him. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- bow tie collars

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Banana Carrot Dog Treats

This DIY dog treat recipe is great to follow if it’s your dog’s birthday as they make a nice sweet treat but aren’t bad for your dog’s health. The recipe also allows for a gluten free version and you can bake them hard so that they help your dog’s teeth, or soft depending on what he likes. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- banana carrot treats

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Easy Dog Sweater

This super cute dog sweater is easy to make and will keep him warm in the colder months of the year. Make a simple pattern from newspaper which you can reuse, then create the sweater out of old or thrifted sweaters that you have on hand for a cute gift for your doggy friend. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- sweater

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Rope Ball Toy Tutorial

All you’ll need to create this great dog toy is a length of thick rope and the instructions for tying a monkey’s fist. This DIY rope ball is a wonderful gift for dogs as its hardwearing and you can place a treat inside which will keep him entertained for hours! DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- rope ball

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Flirt Pole Dog Toy

This easy dog toy is great for those that love to run and chase toys but sometimes aren’t great at bringing them back. A flirt pole is like a teaser toy for dogs, so you hold a stick while pulling on the toy which is suspended from rope for your dog to run after and catch. This is a quick and easy DIY dog project but one that your dog will love! DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- flirt pole

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DIY Dog First Aid Kit

This DIY dog gift is one that your dog may not immediately appreciate, but it will come in very useful for injuries or ailments that they may pick up. For the times that your dog gets a tick, contracts fleas, has a cut on his paw or maybe something in his eye, this DIY first aid kit will be the only thing you need to reach for, and your dog will thank you for it. The tutorial contains ideas for all the materials you’ll need to start your kit as well as some very helpful advice. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- first aid

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DIY Dog Steps Tutorial

If you have a small dog or one with joint problems, they may find it hard to jump up onto the sofa or your bed when they want some attention and a comfy place to sleep. These steps will help to ease any movement problems your dog has plus they’ll last for years! Paint them a neutral colour so that they blend with any décor or upholstery changes you make in your room. DIY Gift Tutorials For Your Dog- steps

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Did you enjoy these easy to follow dog DIY tutorials you can easily try at home. Why not get set now?

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