The 10 Most Awesome Gadgets For Camping

When heading out into the great outdoors it can be tempting to pack all manner of unneeded technology just in case you have the chance to use it, meaning you often forget the things that are most useful when it comes to camping. Thankfully there are gadgets and devices created purposefully for camping and expedition trips which are so useful they’re practically impossible to forget! Take a look at the list below to see the 10 most awesome gadgets for camping that you need to take with you.

Camping Gadgets Victorinox expedition kitVictorinox Expedition Kit $189

This amazing portable knife has 41 useful tools but is still compact and lightweight enough to take camping with you when you don’t have much room in your backpack. The knife has features such as a metal saw, can opener, screw driver, sharpening stone and punch as well as digital tools like an clock and alarm, barometer and thermometer. This is a great piece of kit for expeditions and travelling but also an awesome gadget for camping too.

Camping Gadgets Pharos task lightPharos Light $49.99

This awesome camping light has flexible magnetic feet, a diffused lens and both a lantern and flashlight mode. In addition, the legs can be removed and used as a tripod for small electricals like cameras and smartphones. The light is USB chargeable so you can charge it from your laptop before you head off on your trip. It would make a brilliant tent light and can also be used around the campsite so you can find your way.

Camping Gadgets flameless cook boxTrekmates Flamless Cook Box $34

If you’re going to a campsite where fires aren’t allowed or you want to minimise the amount of equipment you’re taking, the Trekmates Flameless Cook Box is one of the best camping gadgets you can take with you. The box allows you to heat and cook food without a flame by using the water activated heat packs. This amazing camping gadget is far lighter and safer than a gas stove, barbeque or wood fire and you can buy additional heat packs so you’ll never be left with cold food.

Camping Gadgets readyfuel fire gelReadyFuel Fire Gel $9.50

Alternatively if you do want to start a fire while out in the great outdoors, the ReadyFuel Fire Gel packs use an odourless nontoxic gel that is easily ignited with a flame and burns at a high temperature for quick food cooking and heat. It’s great to use to start a fire or as a fuel source and is non explosive plus it doesn’t freeze so can be stored easily. In addition the pouches have a 30 year shelf life and burn to leave just a white sand material which makes for easy cleaning.

Camping Gadgets handpresso coffee pumpHandpresso Pump $113

If you’re the type of person that needs their morning cup of coffee, even while camping in the wilderness, then the Handpresso pump was made for you. It uses pods or espresso grounds to create a warm cup of coffee when pumped and filled with boiling water. There’s no battery or electricity needed which is what makes this camping gadget one of the greatest!

Camping Gadgets Celestron digital compassTrekGuide Digital Compass $29.95

This wonderful digital compass by Celestron shows heading and degrees, altitude, barometric air pressure, weather forecast and time and date. This makes it brilliant for hiking and walking or going on a camping expedition so you never lose your way or get caught unawares. It also has an alarm, bubble level and is water resistant so proves incredibly useful!

Camping Gadgets Campingaz quick pumpCampingaz 4D Quick Pump $15.60

This battery operated pump makes it easy to quickly inflate and deflate air beds while travelling or camping. The pump works for 30 minutes solid with new batteries fitted and includes adapters for air beds with double lock and Boston valves too. The quick pump is a great camping gadget that’s perfect for use when you don’t have a power supply.

Camping Gadgets colleman telleride sleeping bagColeman Telleride 200 Sleeping Bag $48.50

This mummy sleeping bag has Coletherm insulation and an inner pocket for snacks or valuables. It reduces heat loss through the zipper and also has a 3D foot area to keep you warm and allow you to move about. This is a great value for money sleeping bag that will keep you warm while camping.

Camping Gadgets collapsible washing up bowlCollapsible Washing Up Bowl $38.60

It’s easy to forget the simple things when you’re going camping but a washing up bowl is useful not just for washing dishes, but clothes, equipment and all manner of other things too. This handy collapsible bowl has a 7.5 litre capacity, is available in a range of colours and collapses flat for easy storage and travel.

Camping Gadgets Steripen classic 3SteriPen Classic 3 $69.95

If you’re camping or sleeping outdoors in an area with no running water then the SteriPen is the perfect camping gadget for you. The battery powered SteriPen uses UV light to kill bacteria in water and can treat a whole litre of water in just 90 seconds. This can be used with cups or bottles and is an amazing gadget that definitely shouldn’t be left at home when visiting the great outdoors for an extended period of time.

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