8 Top Portable Speakers for the Summer

The weather is warming up and the sun is starting to show every now and then which only means one thing: summer is coming! With summer coming, you’ll definitely want to have portable music for when you’re chilling in the garden, or at the beach or down the park with your friends. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 8 top portable speakers for summer for your listening delight.

Our offerings range from $200 speakers from one of the biggest brands in music history so some incredibly affordable speakers that you likely won’t have heard of. You’re almost certain to find the perfect speaker for you hear with such a diverse choice and such a great selection of the top bluetooth speakers on the market.

Bose Soundlink Mini ($199.00)



Bose are a company that are incredibly well respected within the audio department are for deserved reasons. They not only offer beautiful design with their products but they offer incredible audio also and there’s no exception from that with the Bose Soundlink mini, one of the leading portable Bluetooth speakers for a few years now. With a battery life of 7 hours, it’s not got the greatest battery life, but still very respectable for such great sound quality.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ ($35.99)


Cambridge Audio are a company who in recent years have been making amazing strides in their audio technology with some truly impressive devices coming out including the Cambridge SoundWorkz OontZ which offers other features on top of it’s great sound quality. The device is splash and dust-proof, offers a 15 hours battery life (over double the Soundlink Mini) and has the option of a an auxiliary port for laptops.

DKnight Magicbox ($28.99)



DKnight MagicBox is a fairly unheard-of and unknown portable speaker, but one of the best selling on Amazon as it offers up an affordable speaker that has some great quality. It has a respectable 10 hour battery life, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and it even includes a built-in mp3 player f you wish to store your songs on the device itself. Some impressive features for one of the cheapest devices on this list.

Bose SoundLink Color ($129.00)81Hi8jxvyNL._SL1500_

Back up in the high-end Bluetooth speakers we have another great offering from Bose with the Bose Soundlink color which is intended to be a more fun and playful version of the Soundlink mini coming in multiple colours to suit your style. As expected, it offers simply incredible sound in an attractive package, the price point is obviously heightened a little but the four letters on the front, but it still offers up 8 hours of battery life, voice prompting for connectivity and many more great features.

UE BOOM ($189.99)


The UE Boom is described as arguably the best bluetooth speaker you can buy right now by many with some incredible features that truly warrant it’s price tag along with a truly amazing array of different colour choices. The UE Boom is the only 360 speaker on this list meaning it shoots out sound around the whole device resulting in really high-quality and diverse sound. Along with this, the UE has great sound, great build quality and isn’t a bad looker too. In addition, it offers a mic-in to take calls if you so wish!

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99)


Anker are making quite a name for themselves for their hardware as of late, also featuring in our iPad keyboards post. The Anker Portable speaker offers an incredible 20 hours of battery life along with some other great features such as 33-feet connection allowing for long-range music playing and auto-connection so as soon as you turn the device on, it auto-connects to the previous device you were using for instant music streaming once again.

SoundBot SB10 Shower Speaker ($12.98)


We simply had to include the SoundBot SB10 on our list because it truly takes audio into an area that almost everyone would enjoy… your shower. The SoundBot is a really affordable speaker that is waterproof and has a suction cup making it perfect for pools, showers, baths and more water-based places. Don’t expect incredibly loud audio from this device and with a battery life of only 6 hours, it’s one of the worst on our list. But for water-based listening, there’s no better device on the market within this price range.

JBL Flip 2 ($79.99)


The original JBL Flip was one of the best portable speakers you could buy and the JBL Flip 2 only expands upon that with better battery life, Micro-USB charging support and improve audio quality all at a price tat is even more affordable. JBL are an incredibly well respected company in the audio world and the JBL Flip 2 shows why with great audio, up to 8 hours of battery life and beautiful built quality.

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