Top Ways To Get Organic Traffic With Simple SEO

SEO is an important tool used to generate traffic to your webpage. Not all SEO is the same, if it is used properly, you can easily generate targeted traffic that will bring in the type of visitor to your site that you want.

To have a properly functioning site that will become successful, you need to make sure that all links in your page are in proper functioning condition. There is nothing more annoying than visiting a site and clicking on a link that takes you to a page error. Check the placement of your tags and send your sitemap.xml directly to Google. This will allow your site to show up in the engines and help you acquire the targeted website traffic you are seeking. Google offers a tool that checks your site for broken links and misplaced tags, the tool is free and the report is given to you in only a few minutes.

The Strength of Words

Of course, I keep stressing the need for good content. If you are able to create mass amounts of content yourself, while still managing the site, you are a step ahead of the rest. If not, think about outsourcing your content creation. Most writers with SEO training know how to create content that will generate targeted website traffic.  Good content is not always cheap; most rates will start at $15 per page of 500-750 words. If that’s above your budget, then start out with writing content yourself for more personalized and targeted traffic. You are the best person to talk about your project or website, if you are new to writing, there are several easy to follow guides that can be found on the internet. Never underestimate your visitor’s attraction to what you have to say about what it is important to you about your products and services.

How About Add a Video To Make Contents More Interesting?

Content is one of the most important parts of growing your website popularity and visitor base, but keep in mind that some people don’t want to take the time to read through articles, this is where adding a video to your landing page will come in handy. The videos don’t have to be created by you; they can come from YouTube or other free content sites. Make sure the videos are non-offensive and relevant to the content already on your site. Similar to articles, the video should be helpful, entertaining and fill a need. There are studies that prove videos generate more organic traffic on a web site than simple images or SEO based articles alone.

Hosting Contests on Your Site

Hosting a contest on your site is an effective and easy way to generate web traffic.  People love to compete for the chance to win something, even if it doesn’t have a high monetary value. If you sell a product, have a contest for coupons or even for the chance to win a buy one get one free offers. There are also a lot of free sponsor programs that allow you to host contest with other companies products, but your site will benefit due to the increased traffic generated by the contest.

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