Marketing Yourself as a Hairstylist

Starting out on your own can be difficult. When first beginning your career as a hairstylist, building your clientele can be a challenge, but if done right, can be a great way to bring business. Whether you are starting your own business from your home, or joining a salon, new stylists must market themselves well in order to succeed. 

Know your Talents 

When it comes to cosmetology and other areas of beauty, there are many different paths that can be taken. Some offer less expensive services, spending less time and money on products they use. Other hairstylists use only the top products, take time to pamper their clients, and thus charge more.

Find out what type of clients you wish to have, what talents you have to give, and market those skills. If you try and stay in the exact middle of price and quality, you will have problems attracting clients. Most are looking for either a good deal or a high quality experience. Know beforehand which type of hairstylist you want to be.


Spread the Word 

The best way to first build clients is to spread the word. Use social media to your advantage sending out periodic messages on where you are and the services you are able to provide.

The best way to spread your name is through happy clients. Although at the beginning, your only clients may be family and friends, they can be the best tools to help you spread the word to their friends. A happy client is one of the best assets you can have.

In the begging stages of your career as a hairstylist, offer incentives to clients for spreading the word. If they refer a certain amount of friends, offer a discount on their next haircut or color. It will keep clients coming back to you, as well as bring more to your business.

Charity events are a great way to make your name known. Offer your services for certain events, put your services in an auction, or donate your time to helping those running the event look their best. Your name will be out there, and your work will be showcased.

Keep Contact with Clients 

If you have a client that hasn’t been in for an extra long time, send them a card, or use other means to let them know you’re thinking about them. Prepare birthday or Christmas cards for every client you have. This can be a friendly reminder that they are just about due for a trim, or keep you top of mind in their busy lives.

In some cases, offering discounts along with the birthday card can be productive for your career. This is a special gift that can be great from both of you. They will remember the gesture, and possibly tell their friends about your generosity as well.

Getting your name recognized in a harsh economy can be difficult. There are business tactics that can be used to help promote and market your abilities as a hairstylist no matter the situation. Spread your name to as many potential clients as you can. Be pleasant and know your skill set. This will push you way above all other competitors.

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