6 Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter: Rank Up Faster and Get More Caps and Dwellers

So Fallout Shelter has become a massive hit on iOS since its release, quickly shooting into one of the top grossing games on the App Store. It’s been hailed for being something a bit different, offering a whole new set of mechanics and not just asking you to build a city and attack your friends or shoot gems at things. Fallout Shelter has you accumulating enough Dwellers to work for you to keep your food, energy and water efficient enough for everyone to survive. You get more and more Dwellers as you go, obviously requiring them to work harder and harder. Each Dweller has a unique S.P.E.C.I.A.L rating, meaning they’re better at one thing than others.

We wanted to give you a little rundown of some tips and tricks to help you improve your Fallout Shelter game. These tips and tricks will help you rank up faster on the game, get more caps to spend within the game faster and get Dwellers quicker too. These tips will help you enjoy the game more and stop having to worry about what you’re doing wrong and why a certain resource isn’t building quick enough.

FalloutShelter_Announce_Large_Vault_1434320365Build Same Buildings Next To Each Other

When placing your different rooms in Fallout Shelter, you have the clever option of placing them next to one another to create enlargened rooms. Now, creating three different rooms of the same type doesn’t equate to the same level of production as creating three rooms of the same type in a row to create one large room.

fallout-shelter-ios-game-1024x768Always Have A Single Line of Elevators Down The Middle

When it comes to designing and building your Shelter, it would also make a lot of sense to have a single line of elevators down your Shelter rather than having them dotted around the place to make it easier to access your rooms. With a single line of the elevators, you have more space to build our your enlargened rooms to created a much cleaner and easier to manage Shelter. This is just a little tip to save space, make your Shelter easier to view and also create efficiency underground.

Fallout-Shelter-Pic-6Place Your Dwellers In The Appropriate Rooms

This may seem a little obvious and the objective of the game, but it’s definitely worth taking some time out to ensure that each Dweller is in a room that will truly benefit from your S.P.E.C.I.A.L strengths. For example, if someone specialises in Agility, you wan them in a Diner, if someone specialises in Endurance, you want them in the Storage Room. If you click on each Dweller, you can see which they specialise in and if you go into the Build section, you can see what each building requires, making it easier to match the two of them up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 16.20.56Send Your Dwellers Out Well Equipped

The ability to send certain Dwellers out to fight for you and hopefully bring back loot is one of the more exciting parts of Fallout Shelter and really keeps it fresh and exciting to be able to watch the text stream as your Dweller goes out and fights for you. Not only is this a fairly decent way of collecting loot and such, but it just adds something a bit different to the game. If you do send our Dwellers, ensure that they are well equipped however. The better armour and weapons they have, the more loot and higher level the equipment they will bring back, along with the survival length you’ll see from them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 16.59.44RUSH Rooms Lower Than 30% Only

When you RUSH rooms in Fallout Shelter, it allows you to not only get the resource from that room quicker but also recieve caps and potential loot if you’re really lucky. However, when’s the right time to do it and when is the percentage level too risky? Well from the subtitle, you could probably guess we were going to say we wouldn’t recommend RUSHing a room unless it’s below 30%. There’s a lot more chances of getting better production levels and caps when you RUSH and we recommend doing it every time you see a risk percentage under 30%.

FalloutShelter_ObjectivesDon’t Forget The Objectives

This one may seem like a bit of another obvious one but definitely something you should be constantly checking and workign towards. We’d recommend that whenever you first pop in to the game and when you then exit the game to check your objectives to see what you need to achieve next. Objectives not only earn you caps but can also earn you lunhcboxes which are essentially loot crates that can get you even more caps or rare Dwellers or rare Weapons. It’s definitely a great way to ensure you have the most caps and weapons you can get.

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