The 10 Best Laptop Stands To Prevent Overheating In 2022

Overheating is a problem that should be avoided in laptops because not only can the heat hurt your legs when the computer is on your lap, laptop performance can be slowed and excessive heat can cause battery troubles too. The easiest way to keep your laptop cool when you’re sitting down or at your desk is through the use of a laptop stand that can encourage cooling by letting air circulate around the laptop, sometimes using handy built in fans. We’ve put together a list of the best laptop stands to prevent overheating, so you can curb performance problems and avoid burnt legs!

iLap Laptop Stand

Price: $49.90-$59.90 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- iLapiLap stand helps to keep your laptop cool but also raises the screen by 2.5″and provides a more comfortable angle for typing with the keyboard. This laptop stand comes in a range of sizes and features a velvet cushion, aluminium stand and swivel base for lap comfort and ease of use.

Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand

Price: $229.99 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Logitech AltoThis laptop stand that prevents overheating raises the laptop to an almost vertical position which makes it easy to see the screen without bending but also allows air to circulate, cooling the device down. The stand comes with a full size cordless keyboard and also has three USB ports, volume controls and an easy to use design.

Griffin Elevator

Price: $39.99 

Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Griffin ElavatorThe Elevator lifts your laptop to the same height as other monitors, meaning you get less neck ache but also allowing your laptop to cool itself with free flowing air surrounding it. The Elevator has a minimal aluminium design which looks modern and attractive, but allows 360 degree air flow for a cool laptop.

Targus Chill Mat

Price: $32 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Targus Chill MatThe Targus Chill Mat protects your lap or work surface from heat from your laptop and has two fans that help to disperse the heat and prevent overheating. This cooling laptop stand has soft fabric and a slanted design to help improve ergonomics when used on your lap.

Puzzle Laptop Stand

Price: $68 

Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Puzzle Green Tuna DesignsThis clever eco design is made from bamboo and fits together practically and neatly when not in use. The Puzzle fits almost all laptops and allows air to circulate right the way round, making the internal fans more effective at cooling. The design can also be used to hold a laptop vertically for functional storage.

iSkelter Slate

Price: $98 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- iSkelter SlateThe Slate LapDesk ventilates the laptop to cool it down and then absorbs left over heat to stop it causing the laptop or your lap to overheat. This laptop stand is designed to function as a desk on the lap, with a mouse pad and device dock built in.

Belkin Cushdesk

Price: $15 

Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Belkin CushdeskThe Belkin Cushdesk has a soft cushioned underside and a gentle slope that helps to improve comfort when typing. This laptop stand also has grip pads to prevent the laptop from slipping while stopping heat build up on your desk or lap and absorbing any heat produced.

Cooler Master NotePal

Price: $19.99 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Cooler Master NotepalThis great laptop cooling stand has a meshed surface and a 160mm silent fan with a slim and lightweight design that makes it perfect for use on your lap on or on a desk. This is a great stand to prevent overheating that fits laptops of 7-17 inches and has two height settings for ergonomic operation.

Rolodex Laptop Stand

Price: $30  Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- RolodexThis is a simple laptop stand that will raise the height and angle of your laptop allowing you to use it more comfortably as well as allowing the air to circulate in order to cool it. The stand features a ventilated mesh platform that allows the laptop’s fan to work more efficiently.

Xpad Slim

Price: $24.95 Laptop Stands to Prevent Overheating- Xpad SlimThis stand cools your laptop without using fans and also shields your lap from the heat that a computer can create when it’s been in use for a while. The non slip surface secures your laptop to the stand and the Xpad is compatible with laptops up to 17″. This a great cooling laptop stand that is simple in design but works well to remove heat.

Hope with these awesome laptop stands and pads you will be able to prevent from laptops from overheating.


  1. Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling PadLooking for the
    most classy design in cooling pads? Go with this without any second
    thoughts. This comes in a contoured shape that smartly ensures that the
    air is dispersed evenly, and there is no one specific point where the
    air is coming out. So it ensures that the laptop’s hardware is being
    cooled down continuously.

  2. The Coler Master can create more problems than it can solve. The surface is a good looking slippery metal with no way to contain and prevent the computer from sliding off onto the floor and damaging a laptop. Apparently no one in Quality Control used one to find that out for themselves, or if they did. it didn’t seem to be a design flaw Unfortunately is was a gift and it didn’t get used within a timeframe to return it for a refund.

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