10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room To Try In 2020

If you’re in the process of updating your laundry room then now is the time to get rid of your old outdated gadgets and purchase some more modern accessories that will do the job even better. Take a look at our list of 10 futuristic gadgets for the laundry room to get some inspiration.

#1 SmartKlean Laundry Ball

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room smartklean
The futuristic looking SmartKlean laundry ball allows you to wash around 365 laundry loads without using any chemicals or detergents through the use of mineral ceramic beads and two magnets. This laundry room gadget works through a physical process which allows it to restructure water molecules to remove dirt from clothes effectively.

#2 Bosch Ascenta

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room BoschThe Bosch Ascenta reduces vibration and noise by 30% by using futuristic AntiVibration walls in its design which stabilise the drum. This washer has a teardrop shaped drum, ActiveWater technology which adjusts the amount of water it uses to the size of your load, and a fast 30 minute wash cycle too, making it an great laundry gadget.

#3 SteamFast Compact Fabric Steamer

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room SteamfastThis great compact steamer allows you to reduce wrinkles and creases using only water and it’s compact, lightweight and portable for convenience. The design features lint remover and fabric brush attachment as well as a 9.2ft power cord.

#4 Electrolux IQ Touch Dryer

HeroBlue_0001.tifThis Electrolux dryer has a number of great features that make it an awesome accessory for the laundry room. It has gentle tumble technology, a large capacity, a steam option to freshen and remove wrinkles, plus a super quick dry time meaning you can fast dry your clothes in just 18 minutes.

#5 Rowenta Eco-Intelligence Iron

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room RowentaThis laundry gadget has great efficiency and an auto-off feature so can save power while doing a great job. The unique soleplate design reduces steam loss and increases the distribution through the plate to ensure perfect heat. In addition, the Rowena Eco-Intelligence iron has anti-drip, anti-calc and ergonomic rotary trigger features.

#6 Laundry POD

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room Laundry podThe futuristic looking laundry pod is great for the laundry room or small apartments as it allows you to wash clothes on the countertop. The spinning, washing and draining system enables you to wash clothes in 10 minutes and its great for delicates too. This non electronic laundry gadget uses less than three gallons of water so is eco friendly.

#7 Eco Egg

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room Eco EggThe Eco Egg laundry egg is particularly great for baby clothes and those who suffer from eczema as it’s gentle and detergent free but helps get clothes clean. There are two types of pellets inside the egg which perform the cleaning and one egg can last for around three years, significantly saving on detergent costs. In addition you can skip the rinse cycle as the eggs leave no residue on clothes so you can save water and energy too.

#8 Sweater Dryer

10 Futuristic Gadgets For The Laundry Room Sweater dryerThis may not be an electronic gadget but it is definitely the most useful if you have a lot of sweaters or jumpers. The futuristic looking sweater dryer is an innovation in drying that will allow full air circulation of your sweaters without warping the shape or letting them drip onto the floor. No longer will you have to deal with sweaters that have shrunk in the tumble dryer or stretched by being hung when wet.

#9 White Elfa Utility Board Laundry Room Solution

White elfa utility Laundry & Cleaning Center ElfaThis Elfa utility board is a great laundry room gadget as all aspects of the storage are adjustable, so you can move the shelves, boxes and hooks to create the perfect customised solution for you. Buying and installing each part individually would be a hassle, but with this unit everything is already included for you.

#10 Handi-Press Electric Ironing Centre

Gadgets For The Laundry Room Hani-press ironing centreThe useful Electric Ironing Centre features a 42 inch swiveling ironing board, hot iron storage, electrical outlet and light so you can store all your ironing gear in one convenient and out of the way place. This is a great accessory for the laundry room that is particularly useful for small rooms and those without much storage space.

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