10 Awesome Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas For Your Girl

What to get the little girl in your life? Whether she favors cuddly bears over electronic games or likes nothing better than to paint and draw, our list of Christmas gift ideas for girls should give you some inspiration as to what to buy little girls for Christmas.

1. Disney Minnie’s music mat electronic piano, $25

Minnie Mouse has her own adorable electronic piano mat. There are eight pre-programmed tunes to learn and a memory game to aid upcoming music maestros. Stomp around and have fun on Minnie’s music mat. Requires 3 x AA batteries. Suitable for ages 3+.

Buy Disney Minnie’s music mat electronic piano

2. Disney Princess little kingdom magi-clip 7 doll set, $49.99

Including all the classic Disney princesses such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel, this gift set is perfect for little girls wanting to re-enact their favourite Disney princess moments. Each princess is dressed in her signature gown although the magiclip function makes it easy to swap gowns and dress each princess in something different.

Buy Disney Princess little kingdom magi-clip 7 doll set

3. Peter Rabbit book and toy, $14.39

Read Beatrix Potter’s most famous tale whilst cuddling the plush Peter Rabbit toy included in this gift set. Peter Rabbit comes in his trademark blue jacket and makes this classic gift set a must-have for any child who loves great storytelling and animals.

Buy Peter Rabbit book and toy

4. The Hunger Games: Training Days, $18.97

This imaginative board game is a must for any Hunger Games fan. The Training Days game lets players follow in the footsteps of their favourite tribute and see how they fare against other players in strength, ability, cunning and charm, amongst other things. Recommended for ages 14+: great for teenage girls who are mad about Katniss.

Buy The Hunger Games: Training Days

5. American Girls bear sew and craft set, $11.23

Who could resist these charming bears? Learn to sew and enjoy creating your own set of bears. Decorate each one with his/her own flower. Develop creativity skills whilst following the step-by-step instruction booklet. Adult supervision is required. Suitable for ages 8+.

Buy American Girls bear sew and craft set

6. John Adams chocolate lolly maker, $29

Satisfy the chocaholic in your life with this chocolate lolly maker. You’ll need to use your own chocolate to melt and put in the moulds. The set includes ribbons and packaging for you to wrap your chocolate lolly in and give to someone special. There are four different moulds for you to have fun with.

Buy John Adams chocolate lolly maker

7. Wilton pre-baked gingerbread house kit, $23.80

Create your own festive, edible house and decorate it with colourful sweets and chocolate. The hard part is already done; simply cement parts of the house to each other using the white icing and piping bag and have fun decorating.

Buy Wilton pre-baked gingerbread house kit

8. Funskool Mr Frosty playset, $44.99

Make your own slushy drinks with this snowman-shaped slush maker. You can create your own fruity ice shapes, lollies and slushy drinks and crush the ice yourself using the handle. All you need is some spare cordial to add and you can get making fruity, cold delights right away.

BuyFunskool Mr Frosty playset

9. Bop It!, $22.43

Bop It! Is the super-fast reaction game where a player must twist it, bop it, pull it or shout it according to what the electronic toy commands. You can now activate the microphone and use the “shout it” function or use various parts of your body when playing in party bop mode.

Buy Bop It Original Toy here

10. Melissa & Doug jumbo brown teddy bear, $57

Enjoy endless amounts of bear hugs with this huge, plush bear. This timeless, classic teddy is 30 inches in height when sat and 36 inches when standing. Go to sleep hugging this gentle giant. Soft, cuddly and well-made.

Buy Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Did you like this list of gifts to buy for your teenage daughter this Christmas. I am sure these Christmas gift ideas for girls would be ideal for all girls celebrating Christmas out there.

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