6 Essential Fitness Tech Gadgets To Maintain A Summer Body All The Year

With beach days just around the corner and holidays on the horizon, it is time to start on those beach bodies. Sometimes maintaining the motivation, finding new fun exercises or even keeping up to date with calorie counting and step tracking, we have covered it all. Here we have put together a selection of what we think are essential fitness technology to help you on your way to that summer body.

fitbitFitbit Surge – $249.95

The Fitbit is high market, top of the range fitness tracker. This clever, minimal and good looking wrist band tracks your steps, stairs climbed, distance travelled and as a result calories burnt. These accurate wrist bands are a great way to track your day-to-day activity and from that you can set personal goals and excel in your fitness progress. The fitbit can last for upto 5 days without needing to be charged up. Not only this, but it is a well-known fact that sleep helps with weight loss and the Fitbit monitors your sleep also.

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Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS – $381.22

If you enjoy running and are looking for a simple to use gadget then this is for you. The Garmin Forerunner is a simple watch style wrist accessory that covers all the ground you will need to watch your progress and track your fitness. Within this gadget you can view your distance, have a timer, monitor your pace and count your burnt calories. This watch also has GPS and works to help you improve and push yourself when training.

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griffin armband

Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband – $17.00

If you use an application to track your exercise, like to listen to music whilst training or need your phone close by to check your messages then this is an essential for you. The Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband is designed to look simple and function effectively. This armband is designed for ease of access to be able to quickly change a song or answer a phone call. Overall, this is a product that is often overlooked but once you have it you will not know how you ever managed before. It is also very affordable and arguably one of the leading products in the field.

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fitbit scalFitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – $119.57

Gone are the days of a chunky plastic scale that is a few pounds out and has an arrow that wiggles, here is the modern alternative that will compliment any bathroom. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is not only extremely good looking but it is also very clever and does a lot more than your average home scale. These scales tell you your weight, track weight changes, monitor your BMI (body mass index) and can even calculate body fat percentage for up to seven different people. All this information is uploaded to the free iOS app, which makes it easy to see all the data in one easy to access place.

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Pioneer SE D10E HeadphonesPioneer SE D10E Headphones – $30.00

The Pioneer SE D10E Headphones tackle the age old problem of have ear phones that continuously slip out while jogging or headphones that slip off while doing reps. The frustration of this has been challenged by the Pioneer SE D10E Headphones as they are built to stay put! These headphones are a comfortable wear, a secure fit and are even sweat proof. Once more they look sporty and modern. It is important to have comfortable headwear when exercising and these are a great choice. Once more, these headphones are very affordable so anyone could buy them without breaking the bank.

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Slendertone Premium Abs Belt – $99.00

If you have a very busy life style and struggle to fit in time to do sit ups and crunches then this is a great solution. The Slendertone abs belt send electric shocks to stimulate muscle contractions, which in time will help towards getting a toned abdomen. Although there is no alternative to good old fashioned exercise, this is a great alternative. Once more, you can wear this whilst doing your day-to-day activities like the house work or online browsing. There is a huge Slendertone range so if it is arm, face or buttocks toning you are looking for then they have aids for those areas too.

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