Top 5 Fitness Trackers you can Buy Right Now

Fitness trackers and fitness technology in general is becoming a very big thing lately with new watches coming out, fitness bands and the big names such as FitBit, Jawbone and Garmin bringing out new fitness trackers that all claim to have the latest technology everyday. However, we have narrowed all the potential fitness trackers down to a small list of five options for your consideration.

All these fitness trackers can do the basics of tracking your steps and such, however we want to highlight those options within the market that can go the extra mile (no pun intended) when it comes to giving you the most accurate and detailed statistics about your activity levels.

best fitness trackers to buyFitBit Charge HR ($216.99)

FitBit are arguably the most recognisable name when it comes to fitness trackers being one of the first on the market to mainstream the idea. The FitBit Charge HR probably their best offering in the high-end market right now. However, you are definitely getting your money’s worth for the price with some really clever and high-end features.

The FitBit Charge HR’s highlight feature is it’s ability to show you your heart-rate instantly whenever you are exercising and look at it, this is a handy feature for those that love to exercse regularly. However, another premium feature that sets this fitness tracker apart is it’s ability to show you basic phone notifications on it’s screen which is a handy feature. Along with this, you can track exercises, walking distance, runs, your sleep patterns, set a vibration alarm on the band and more.

The FitBit Charge HR works best with the mobile app which you can access on all major mobile platforms and allows you to view all your activity statistics in a clear and easy manor. With the heart-rate monitor, caller ID notifications and the usual fitness tracking features you expect from other activity trackers, the FitBit Charge HR is without a doubt, one of the best on the market.

best fitness trackers to buy

Jawbone Up24 ($75)

The biggest competitor to the FitBit series in the ever-expanding fitness tracker world is the Jawbone series of fitness trackers. The Up24 is their best product yet and despite being released nearly 2 years ago now, still offers one of the best-looking and more robust experiences on the market.

The reason the Jawbone series rivals the FitBit is that they offer many of the same features for often a very similar price but in arguably a better looking form factor. FitBit has the advertising but Jawbone has the looks and when rivalled to it’s closest competitor the FitBit Flex, it has the features to boot too.

The Jawbone UP24 offers the simplest of features such as step-tracking and such. However, it goes the extra mile by offering a couple more key features too. One key feature is the smart coach that cleverly suggests training ideas if it can see your work out regularly, vibrates your wrist when you’ve been sitting down too long and offers up food choices too. The second key feature is the service’s ability to synchronise with key apps such as MyFitnessPal, RunTracker, IFTT and more to make it incorporate more data and to take the tracker to the next level.

best fitness trackers to buy

Garmin VivoFit 2 ($129.99)

Garmin are a well-known GPS tracking company who have earned respect by making some brilliant sports watches and being the closest rivals to Tom-Tom when it comes to in-care satellite navigation. However, recently Garmin have been making incredible strides in the fitness tracking market and have produced one of the best devices and most impressive battery-lives we’ll likely ever see on a fitness tracker.

The Garmin VivoFit 2 is this exact device, it offers a display which shows the time unlike other fitness trackers on our list but also does all the other simple features such as track your steps, sleep, gives you daily goals and more. However, the Garmin VivoFit 2’s highlight feature is that it apparently offers over a year of battery life. Now if you compared this to a normal watch, that’s not impressive but when you compare it to the two weeks you get from the Jawbone up24 and the week you get with the FitBit Charge HR, then it’s simple astounding!

best fitness trackers to buy

FitBit Flex ($95)

The FitBit Flex is probably the most recognisable fitness tracker and was arguably the first mainstream option on the market. It offers simple features that we’ve all come to expect from our fitness bands but in a good-looking form-factor and with some interesting takes.

The FitBit Flex was the first fitness tracker to offer wireless bluetooth synching with your phone so you can view your activity statistics on your phone. It also offered a neat touch-band that allowed you to control the modes by tapping on the device as opposed to playing with different buttons.

The FitBit Flex is still one of the best basic offerings out there with great support for nearly all the tracking you could need along with a mobile phone app and great support for synchronising with other services to make the Flex even more powerful.

best fitness trackers to buy

MisFit Shine ($74.70)

One of the lesser known makers of fitness trackers is MisFit. However, with the Shone they’ve attempted to make a fitness tracker look minimalistic and fashionable, similar to what Jawbone are attempting to do. However, the difference here is that the Shine is a circular device which is attempting to be more of a fashion accessory that a device in itself.

It’s arguable whether the MisFit Shine is fashionable or not, but it’s not arguable that it offers a solid set of fitness tracking features. Shine tracks cycling, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming and more in addition to steps, calories, distance and sleep. Along with this, it’s 50m waterproof which is a nice feature for those maybe looking to use this in the shower, pool or some shallow diving. The MisFit Shine also offers a battery life of up to 6 month before it needs replacing. It’s a brilliant little fitness tracker that offers something a bit different and therefore deserves a place on our list.

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