Top Gadgets For Your Feet

When we think about beauty or health gadgets, we often think about the face, mouth and large areas of the body, but don’t give a lot of thought to the part that frequently does a lot of work each day- the feet. From reducing pain to improving the appearance of the skin, there is a range of cool gadgets available for the feet. Our list of the top gadgets for your feet shows off some of the best foot related devices that you can buy today.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Foot pain relieving excersiserFoot Gym Pain Relieving Exerciser $59.99
This unusual looking product aims to reduce foot pain with seven built in treatments that work to massage, strengthen and stretch the foot. There are resistance bands that help to build strength and stability, the platform reduces tension while the massaging ball reduces pain on the sole of the foot.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Emjoi nail polisherEmjoi Micro Nail Polisher $160.95
This great foot gadget buffs and shines the toenails to reveal healthy looking, smooth nails. The electric device has smoothing rollers to buff away ridges and shine rollers to give up to 2 weeks of sheen. This polisher is battery powered which makes it easy to maneuver around the foot and reduces the need for manual filing.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Kendal Foot spaKendal All in One Foot Spa $109
This wonderful foot spa and massager includes heat therapy with oxygen bubbles that massage the feet and improves blood circulation. The foot gadget also features high frequency vibration and infrared therapy to reduce foot pain and relax the muscles. This large size foot gadget can accommodate men’s feet up to size 14 and also has a handy self drainage system.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Clarisonic pedi smartClarisonic Pedi SMART Transformation Set $115
This great five piece pedicure set helps to transform the look of your feet by buffing and exfoliating the dry and hard skin. The buffing head and smoothing disk work together to reveal smooth and soft skin which is perfect for sandals and flip flops. The set also comes with included pedicure products to make sure your Clarisonic works perfectly for the feet.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Silkn pediSilk’n Pedi Callus Remover $29
This gadget for the feet works to remove the hard discomfort of calluses at home without expensive trips to a beauty therapist or chiropodist. The two rollers have different levels of roughness for treating hard skin and sensitive skin, plus the battery operated device is convenient and easy to use to reveal smooth feet.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Michael toddMichael Todd Soniclear Smoothing Brush Head $25
The smoothing brush head is the perfect accompaniment to the Michael Todd Soniclear $149. The sonic wave power helps to remove tough skin and calluses to keep feet smooth and supple. There are three power and speed settings to choose from according to the needs of your feet and the head is designed for use on dry skin so you no longer have to spend hours scrubbing or rubbing your feet.

Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Runpro insolesRunPro Insoles $49.99
These insoles are perfect for runners and walkers who would like to prevent injuries and improve performance. They bridge the gap between the arch of the foot and flat sole of the shoe to improve performance and provide the optimum transfer of force. They also reduce force on the joints and ligaments.


Top Gadgets For Your Feet- Emjoi micro pedi

Emjoi Micro-Pedi $19.95
The Micro-Pedi has a new design with an ergonomic body and more motor power to create even smoother feet. The mineral particles on the rotating roller help to pulverise and remove dead skin easily and quickly, leaving behind smooth and beautiful feet. If you have hard, dry areas and calluses then this great foot gadget will be perfect for you.

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