The Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands

Arthritis can make it difficult to use the hands, wrists and arms without pain, especially when something requires a strong grip or lots of movement. Luckily there are a number of gadgets that can make life easier for those with arthritis and help them to perform activities that they would struggle with. Take a look at our list of the best gadgets for arthritic hands to find some helpful new tools for you or someone you love.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - 3M mouse3M Ergonomic Mouse $54
An ergonomic mouse can help greatly when using a computer with arthritic hands as it reduces strain and keeps the hand at a natural angle. This mouse has a thumb button for left and right clicking which helps to make using a mouse easier. It aids those with hand and wrist pain while working on a number of different surfaces.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands- Oster wine bottle openerOster Electric Wine Bottle Opener $15.99
This electric wine bottle opener is a great gadget for arthritic hands and arms that helps to remove corks easier and quicker at the touch of a button. Included is a foil cutter so you don’t have to fiddle with other tools or small packaging. The bottle opener can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge and comes with a stylish charging base.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Easy grip forkEasy Grip Gardening Fork $17.49
Gardening can be difficult with arthritis and getting the correct angle can make things harder. This easy grip gardening fork has a soft grip which is easy to hold and had a right angled design that keeps the hand and arm a neutral angle.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Push down scissorsPush Down Scissors $21.50
Even simple tools such as scissors can pose a problem for those with arthritic joints so these table top scissors make a great gadget for arthritic hands. Instead of picking up the scissors, they are pressed down against the table in order to use them for cutting. They can also be ‘scooted’ across the table and re-open automatically after cutting.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Aerobie ringAerobie Pro Ring $8.90
These rings allow for easy activity without the difficulty of having to catch a ball or heavy object. The rings are lightweight and easy to grip and can fly long distances with little effort needed from the thrower. These are great for people with arthritis who would find it difficult to use a regular frisbee or other throwing equipment.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Tek Pal controlTek Pal Large Button TV Remote $18.99
This gadget is great for those with poor vision but also people with arthritic hands as the buttons are large and easy to press. The Tek Pal is palm sized and the buttons light up so there is no confusion about which has been pressed. This lightweight gadget works with almost any television and makes it much easier to use with only the necessary buttons included.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Chopping boardETAC Food Prep Board $65
This Swedish style chopping board is perfect for those who have hand pain and issues with their joints. With suction cups on the feet to keep the board stable, it can be used for a variety of things- one handed chopping, peeling and grating, opening boxes or jars and gripping bowls for stirring. There is a vice to hold a variety of items securely while using one hand as well as metal prongs that can be used for vegetables or meat when using a knife, peeler or grater.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Mighty HandleMighty Handle $9.99
The mighty handle makes holding one or more shopping bags easy with its ergonomic grip handle. You can easily carry up to 50lb per handle and each handle is comfortable to hold without the feeling that the bag is cutting into your hand or difficult to grip. In addition, a built in twist lock feature allows you to keep bags together and prevent spills when transporting them.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - Black and DeckerBlack and Decker Jar Opener $174
This brilliant jar opener releases and removes vacuum sealed lids, a difficult task for those with arthritic hands. The height can be adjusted to accommodate many sizes of jar and the jar opener has large buttons to make the process easier for all. This electrical gadget loosen lids in seconds, and also collapses for easy storage in the kitchen.

Best Gadgets For Arthritic Hands - RobostirRoboStir $13.99
The RoboStir is a wonderful gadget that makes it easy to stir pots and pans on the hob, even when the contents are very hot. The RoboStir has silicone feet that stir right to the bottom of the pan and the tool is waterproof so can be submerged. In addition, the RoboStir will stir for up to four hours, so those with arthritic hands don’t need to be stood over the stove causing more pain by stirring.

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