10 Hacks For Your Old iPhone – Don’t Dump it

Reuse old iPhone

If you haven’t yet sold or traded in your old iPhone you may have thought about just putting it in the bin, especially if it’s quite worn or scratched. However, even though your old iPhone is no longer connected to a network and may not even contain a sim anymore, it can still connect to wi-fi so there are some cool ways you can reuse it to make it useful.

Using Old iPhone as a Flash Drive

If you’re in need of some external memory you can use your old iPhone as a flash drive to store your photos, videos and documents and move them between your computers.

Use your iPhone As aa MP3 Player

Instead of loading your whole music collection onto your nice new phone, you could re-use your old iPhone as a dedicated MP3 player. You could connect it to bluetooth speakers at a party to make sure the tunes are playing all night long, or keep your old phone in your car to connect to the car stereo so you always have your favourite music when you’re on the road.

Jailbreak Your Old iPhone

If you like to play around with your phone and try out new apps then jailbreaking your old iPhone will mean you can do some cool things and download new apps that otherwise wouldn’t be available, so you can use your second phone as a variety of useful and fun tools. Search online for the software to download for your phone’s iOS but bear in mind that jailbreaking will void your old phone’s warranty.

Reuse old iPhone Alarm clock

Clock and Alarm

Set your phone up in a dock or stand and download a clock app such as the free FaceClock Analogue to recycle your old iPhone into a dedicated personalised clock and alarm. Alarm Clock Free is also a great app if you prefer to look at a digital display and it will also show you local weather and temperature information as soon as you wake up.

Using Your iPhone As a Remote Control

Instead of filling your new phone with apps that control the gadgets in your home such as your heating or stereo, re-use your old iPhone and turn it into a dedicated remote control for your house by keeping all the apps on there instead. You’ll be able to control your gadgets from a single device without using up valuable space and power on your new phone.

Reuse old iPhone baby monitorWhy Not Use Old iPhone As a Baby Monitor

Turning your previous iPhone into a baby monitor is easy with the Cloud Baby Monitor $3.99 app which allows for audio and video streaming with night vision mode and the ability for you to talk to your baby through the app. Instead of paying for an expensive monitor, use your old iPhone on a wi-fi network instead.

Use your Old iPhone As a Voice Recorder

If you like to take voice notes, keep track of conversations or record voiceovers for videos then you can recycle your old iPhone into a dedicated voice recorder using the inbuilt app or a free app like Voice Record Pro. Voice Record Pro will allow you to record in MP3 and MP4 plus export and import your files from services on the web.

Ebook Reader

If you like reading ebooks then turning your old phone into an ebook reader is the obvious choice. You can download apps such as the Kindle app, read books on the built in iBooks app on your phone or download i2Reader for $4.99 which will give you a larger choice of readable formats as well as helpful options.

Re-use old iPhone with Skype

Dedicated Skype Centre

If you’re always on Skype to your friends, colleagues or clients then it makes sense to set up a dedicated Skype dialler so you can call and answer calls quickly and easily. This is simple when you have an old iPhone to reuse as you can set the phone up in a stand on your desk so it’s always in position.

Use Your iPhone As a Scanner

Using your iPhone as a scanner to keep track of receipts and documents is easy as all you need is the phone’s built in camera. Mount the iPhone above a well lit area so that you can fit a page of A4 on the screen then just snap a photo any time you need to copy a document. You can then use email or a service like Dropbox over wi-fi to send the images to your computer if you need to.

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