Exceptional Party Ideas for Kids’ Birthdays That Are Surprisingly Cost-Effective

Birthdays are invariably the best days of our lives and every person who has grown a year old has the right to celebrate. For children, it is the responsibility of the adults in the house to make the day special. While a blast with friends and family is the first and most obvious idea to make the day big, monetary considerations shrink the prospects and scopes, constantly. Here are some great birthday celebration ideas for children minus the bulk expenditure that can make the day unforgettably special for your child.

The Surprise Setting


One of the best surprises you can arrange for your children is to lay the free floor space of their room with multi-colored balloons and streamers. When your kid is fast asleep, tiptoe into their room and quietly spread it with inflated balloons. Top them with wriggly ribbons and glitter sprinkles. Wait for them to wake up to the delightful sight.

Treasure in the Yard

treasure in the yard

Create a trail from the door of their room to your backyard where you’ve set up a big bouncy castle the night before. An inflatable castle is simply irreplaceable in a child’s toy inventory because of their fun potential. So, let your child follow the confetti clue and find their jumbo gift waiting for them in the garden.

The Mirror Magic

Scrawl “Happy Birthday” on the small mirror in the bathroom with a snow spray. Use of pastels or paints can make the looking glass unsuitable for future use. However, do this minutes before the little one discovers it as the foam starts to slather off the glassy surface pretty fast.

The Little Throne

If your birthday child has a favorite seat at the dining table then transform it into a pretty throne for the day. Use cloth slips to cover or marble paper cut-outs to stick along the chair back to create a beautiful birthday throne for the little one. Couple it with a crown and a scepter for the special one. Make the crown with birthday hats and decorate it with a lot of colored papers, polystyrene balls and glitter particles.

A Fruity Breakfast

Happy Birthday

Surprise your birthday child further by making a goofy face on the plate with their favorite fruits cut into pieces for breakfast. Add fresh cream to enrich the dish in taste and looks.

The Generous Feast

Treat your child and his/her friends with a big meal consisting of homemade delicacies that do not require too many ingredients, but still taste great. Jelly sandwiches, home-baked cookies, chicken hotdogs, Pepperoni and cheese pizzas, trail mixes, spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce, vegetable tacos, cream topped muffins, popsicles, and much more are simple recipes that are both budget-friendly and yummy.

Cakes and Desserts

kids cakes

Since cakes are the very soul of kids’ birthday parties, you have to save a considerable share of your budget in the preparation. Bake a mouthwatering cheese cake at home following the cooking instructions available online. You can use sugar icings, sprinkles, apple slices, jellybeans, etc. to garnish the cake. Serve frozen strawberry jellies, apple pies, lemon pies, etc. at the end to conclude the meal.

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