4 Easy Tips On How To Tie A Tie Step-By-Step Guide

So you have left the bow-tie and have decided to start wearing the proper tie. But here you are at a loss because you need to know how to knot it up and you end up confused and dazed between the knots. We have discussed in details step-by-step guide on how to tie a tie full windsor knot, half windsor knot and other with easy steps to walk you through.

1. How To Tie A Full Windsor

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(Cross the wide end over the narrow from left to right)

This is a classic knot and is worn by most of the style icons. It is worn with a more traditionally tailored, non-skinny suit. This knot also looks good with a spread collar.

3. How To Tie A Four In Hand

This knot is the most commonly used and looks quite slender. Its also a bit simple than the Windsor Knots. It looks good in all the situations where you are not wearing a tuxedo.

4. How To Tie A Simple Knot

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The simple knot is really very easy and its a really, small knot, the one that was the fashion of the 1940’s. This knot will go well with a skinny tie. Though we have to keep in mind that a skinny tie goes best with a skinny suit. And this can be judged best from the fact that the lapel of the suit should not be thicker than two inches.

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