18 Reindeer Inspired Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas 2019 is knocking at our doors. Everyone seems busy and buying ornaments to decorate homes and Christmas trees. We can’t forget few major things for decorating our homes on every holiday season-Santa Claus his Sleigh, Reindeers and Christmas trees. Kids seem so obsessed with dear Santa that they would happily accept everything in his name. Besides, everything else gets green, snowy and decorated. All the home owners wish their best to friends and family apart from decorating each section of their houses separately. For all those enthusiast even on a budget to decorate their homes this Christmas 2019 here at wiproo we have collected 18 gems of the reindeer inspired Christmas decoration ideas to give you home a refreshing festive look.

#1 Santa Claus Sleigh and Reindeer on A Holiday Burlap Banner

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We want some typical banners on most of the festive holidays seasons but this one isn’t. Burlap material is very popular to be seen everywhere on holidays. This Burlap banner is very detailed if you look closely. This 25 inches long banner has been made from jute and burlap. You can see the sleigh is stenciled with hand-painted reindeer design sparkling with snow that makes the bottoms shine on each burlap piece excellent for fireplace mantles.

#2 Reindeer Letter Decoration Crafted With Hand

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It could be seen clearly that this piece is decorated with natural twine contains personalized letters along with jingling bells; seems to be one of the finest custom crafted standing woody letter decoration. This simplistic reindeer decoration idea seems best fitting for this Christmas 2019. The wooden antlers are used with attached bells for keeping each twined piece identifiable. You can choose from different colors such as silver, cream, black or even red and white.

#3 Reindeer Christmas Decor For Incredible Wooden Firewood

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We love to see a holiday figurine in our yards or inside our homes. However, in either case, this wooden reindeer fits the definition perfectly. The old tree branches and twigs used for crafting this reindeer and it can stand the harsh outside elements and weather wearing. Each of the piece stands 18 inches tall without considering the height of antlers.

#4 Miniature Christmas Decoration – Clay-made Reindeer

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This completely personalized clay reindeer decoration is totally cute to have. These 5cm-7cm tall reindeer attract kids a lot. This is a marvelous decorator to hang in the trees. The kids of all ages get blown with their names written on a clay reindeer during the Christmas. The strings is crafted from jute looks rusty beautiful for hanging it.

#5 Crystal Holiday Wreath With Reindeer Theme For Christmas 2019

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Several sparkling ornaments are used while keeping the reindeer in the center of it with tiny poinsettias, white picks and greenish snow. The bottom center of the wreath need to be noticed to have a beautiful white bow as the last feather to this beautifying home decor. The reindeer in the center is clearly stealing the show off this festive wreath with the antlers seen all across it.

#6 Wooden Sign Holiday Christmas Decoration With Reindeer On It

Holiday decoration ideas 2020

This creatively crafted wooden piece with reindeer silhouette and different names of other reindeer pieces cut out. A sawtooth hook is used to not only hang them but to put them beautiful way this Christmas season. The rust has a beautifying effect on, the pieces measures 11/20 inches with reddish round accent clearly seen as a tip of nose. This piece is the ultimate decoration piece that could be gifted too as well.

#7 Dramatic Santa Hat With A Reindeer in it

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This collection of reindeer decor designs for Christmas is really superlative. This one particularly is a hand crafted vintage piece with a reindeer feeling at home in a Santa Claus hat hanging upside-down. There nine embroidered reindeer in total with one particular that has a red nose on it. These reindeer look phenomenal in this primitive setting. Whilst the Twine used around the fabric for reign is cleanly done. The decorative greenery with red beads is used on each of them. Sticks are cleverly used for antlers. The whole site seems from the North Pole.

#8 Cotton Sack Presents With Canvas Reindeer Santa

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We organize presents under the tree but what if there is a right way to do it? Yes here it is. Check these Santa sacks cutely crafted to be given for presents to friends. Very thick canvas material is used for crafting these bags with capacity to hold up 200lbs. They are reusable as well.

#9 Amazing Wall Decal For Christmas 2019

best reindeer christmas decors

This awesome merry Christmas Santa with Reindeer wall decal is fit to be used for many Christmas seasons to come. This Christmas season decorate your walls featuring Santa with sleigh and reindeer driving him with twinkling stars. Christmas decorative pieces don’t require to be unnecessarily long and tall or huge. Even a simple wall decal featuring Christmas atmosphere with Santa Claus and reindeer makes it more worthwhile.

#10 Fantastic Christmas Inspired Throw-Pillow Cases

reindeer pillows christmas

Get the spirit of holiday season at peak with these stylishly created reindeer canvas throw pillow covers and decorate your home with it. These cases are simply beautiful and at par with holiday season. If you have already ones just replace them with these for Christmas and decorate the home according to the eve.

#11 Embroidered Christmas Themed Personalized Burlap

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Take a look at this meticulously done masterpiece which can be personalized. This personalized Burlap reindeer embroidered stocking is fit for a festive Christmas Season. Burlap stocking are always right for a holiday decor altogether. As the Burlap is used during the holiday season for several things such as wreaths, tablerunners and garland so using it for this holiday season is the best bet. Each of the piece is made with hand and beautified with red plaid, lace and several other ornaments.

#12 Amazing Metal Tree Topper For Christmas

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This highly creative metal reindeer is a handmade and is crafted from Aluminium. As our Christmas Trees are important part of the event its decoration means a lot. The most part of decorating it is its top. As most of the folks are happy with only stars what about a little switch over. This highly creative reindeer metal tree topper is a worth trying.

#13 Reindeer Themed Topping For Desserts And Cakes

reindeer christmas cake topping

This reindeer themed topping for cakes during the Christmas seems a show-stealer when you are supposed to host a Christmas party. It even doubles the fun when someone’s birthday falls on a festive holiday season like Christmas. This cute reindeer cake topper is fit for all those holiday parties.

#14 A Beautiful Silhouette Christmas Decoration For This Christmas With Reindeer Theme

reindeer themes for christmas

This wooden reindeer is done geometrically and great for a silhouette Christmas decoration. This will certainly make your home give a great feel about festive season. An ivory ribbon of smooth and sleek kind is also available for hanging it from the tree. This geometrical method is fantastic for home decor. It can raise the bar to a greater level.

#15 Sparkling Decorative Piece of Reindeer Crafted From Wood

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What attracts everyone during the Christmas days the most– is a shimmery very personalized wooden reindeer decoration piece. It feels a one’s own. It is the best token to keep safe for memorizing the beautiful times you had with friends and family. For this wooden reindeer a shimmering glitter is used with a chosen color and personal note along with name. Such a small but very meaningful Christmas decoration is a gem.

#16 Fine Holiday Prints For Presents


These Silkscreens are printed beautifully with the holiday tags and are fit for Christmas gifts. They are of different shapes, varied sizes and magnificent colors carefully adorned with small additions to make a perfect holiday gift package. Their both sides are printed as the Silkscreen is their base. You can decorate a tree with tags.

#17 Rustic Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Ornaments with Burlap

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This beautifully made rustic buffalo plaid reindeer is instrumentally used with Burlap. These cute ornaments do not look creatively crafted but very versatile as well. For the detailing you can see how the wooden reindeer and final touch has been done with the red and green buffalo plaid fabric. The amazing feel is visible from the Burlap twine and the reindeer.

#18 Amazing Printable Christmas Art Piece of Rednosed Baby Reindeer

baby reindeer christmas prints

This perfectly crafted baby reindeer with red nose is printable piece of art to decorate home on a Christmas eve. This can be used for a living room, a kid’s bedroom or even for the nursery’s wall. Any recently added Christmas decorations will fit rightly with it if you see closely this subtly used red nose. You can get the print of any size you want. It can be framed and the little reindeer with red nose is bound to look super cute.

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