New Updated iOS 14 iPhone Features And How To Use Them – Hidden iOS 14 Features

iOS 14 has been released recently and now we can finally check out all its features. Apparently there are 250 new changes introduced into iOS 14 which is a leap from the last iOS 13’s. There are tons of hidden features in iOS 14 that the users will take time to make use of.

iOS 14 comes with a lot of new exciting features like widgets, picture-in-picture, call interface and also the App Library. Not only has that but for third party apps there is a great browser support and default email system. There are many more performance improvements that make iOS 14 a real deal.  

We read many reviews and speculations about iOS 14 since the news about iOS 14 came out for the first time. But it’s finally out now read this post to find out the hidden iOS 14 secrets. 

Check out new updated iOS 14 features in iPhone and how to makes most of them

Home screen widgets – how to use the new screen widgets in iOS 14

Apple has promoted this feature for iOS 14 for quite some time. It shows the development in iOS since its first release. Most of the iOS users are excited over it as everyone wants experience in his own way with all the apps. 

One of its prime features is creating its own stack to swipe through along with Smart Stacks that moves smoothly. One of iOS 14’s major differences is its selective widgets for iPads. 

  1. Press Home Screen in iPhone iOS 14 for a while unless you see apps or press the app for a while to edit Home Screen
  2. From the top left click on the “+ sign”
  3. You will see all the widgets 
  4. Choose the size click on Add Widget or drag it to add
  5. You can change its position by dragging it
  6. Click “Done” from the right corner at the top
  7. You can create smart stack style of widgets as well if you want to 

Picture in Picture iOS 14 feature – How to use picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14 iPhone 

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Apple made available picture in picture for quite a few years for iPad users. It’s after the release of iOS 14 that we can use this feature on our iPhone. Its multitasking feature works on iOS 14 the same as it does on iPad. However, to make its proper use developer support is required. Still, it requires some time to be available for all users. 

  1. Go to a live-streaming video or movie app like Apple TV or Twitch 
  2. Play a video. Click to play any video
  3. Tap the home button or swipe to return to home screen
  4. You will see on your home screen the video will appear in a separate window  
  5. The video will start playing in a separate floating window, on top of your home screen. You can move your fingers around the phone while your video will keep playing without any hassle

Back tap custom shortcuts – How to use iPhone iOS 14 back tap controls 

In iOS 14 iPhone Back Tap controls are known as Accessibility setting. They are good in number and range from basic commands to a variety of access tools. You need to tap a few times to activate them. All the app workflows, HomeKit controls are accessed through these shortcuts. 

Here is how the whole back tap customization can be done

For double or even triple tap in iOS 14 see the pictures below or follow the steps to do it immediately.

  1. In your new iOS 14 iPhone go to Settings>Accessibility 
  2. Click on “Touch”
  3.  Select Back Tap by swiping to the end of the screen 
  4. Pick an action by clicking twice or thrice 
  5. For automating shortcuts use Double/Triple Tap 

Orange and green status bar icons – What does orange/green status bar dots mean in iOS 14

You will see new symbols in the status bar ‘Orange and Green’ in your new iOS 14 which is a complete new privacy feature. It helps you know how different apps are accessing your camera or microphone. 

This dot will turn green when someone or an app will access your camera to take a picture or use your microphone with it. On the other hand, if that app uses just the microphone the orange dot will appear as you may use Siri or Dictation it will appear then as well. 

App Library – How to use App Library in iPhone iOS 14

With other new changes which are introduced in iOS 14 likes of shortcuts and other settings, there is a new iPhone App Library. This new iPhone feature gives us a way to manage most of the apps that come with auto-generated categories like Hide Pages, downloads and Alphabetical views etc. This App Library is not available for iPadOS 14 which is quite strange. 

iOS 14 lets us organize and manage all our apps and folders. 

1- Go to last visited apps

2- Swipe from left-to-right

3- You will see new app generated categories 

4- Tap on each app to open

5- Use search bar in iPhone to search app that you want to access

6- You can tap on the small four app bundles to see all the apps in that folder

Email and browser defaults default apps – How to access iOS 14 default third party browser and email apps in iPhone

With all the new changes introduced in iOS 14, changing default app settings is possible now. You can use this iPhone feature for email and browser only. To access this feature there is a need for updates from third-party developers and which works on an app-by-app basis. All the major browsers including Chrome and Firefox are worth it. While for email Outlook and Spark support it.

To access it follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iOS 14 gadget 
  • You can find the third party apps by swiping down
  • You can select either of the Browser or Email app

The compact call interface in iOS 14 – How to use compact call feature in IOS 14 iPhone 

This is an exciting update as it’s been a highly requested feature for many years. While using the new compact call interface is intuitive, there are a few tips and tricks to make the experience as smooth and flexible as possible. It’s also available on iPad.

Compact call interface is one of the most requested features of the new iOS 14 for iPhone and iPad. There are few tips to follow to use it smoothly. 

  • For iPad and iPhone powered by iOS 14 compact call interface is in default settings 
  • Use green or red button to receive or decline call from any number
  • You can use this feature without disturbing the phone app after answering 
  • You can also swipe to silence the phone 
  • Later on if you decide to answer the call you can tap on the left corner 
  • If you want to make it fullscreen just tap/swipe down
  • If your iPhone screen is off you can still see a full screen alert for such calls

Latest iPhone Alarm System – How to set new alarm in iOS 14

Most of the iPhone and iPad users use the alarm regularly. The old well-known wheel picker for alarm is replaced with a hidden wheel picker which has latest number pad. 

  • Click on the clock app
  • Click on Alarm icon at very bottom 
  • Click on the orange “+”icon to the top left or click “Edit” to change it
  • To add full alarm time use number available on keypad 
  • Leave 0 for hours from 1-to-9. Type 430 instead of 0430
  • For using it as a wheel picker just swipe it up or down 
  • Change the AM/PM if you want to

Pinning text messages in iOS 14 – How to pin text messages in iOS 14

Text messaging in the new iOS iPhone comes with a lot of exciting features such as replying inline, photo albums in groups and ease of pinning favorite text messages which appear on top of it. This feature shows up with Big Sur in all the Apple devices. 

  1. Open the messaging feature
  2. Press on the conversation for a while that you want to pin messages from
  3. Click on Pin 
  4. The pinned message will appear on the top messages 
  5. You can reverse the procedure to unpin messages 

App Clips – How to use App Clips in New iPhone 

Even if you don’t get to try it out for yourself for a bit, follow along for what the experience will be like:

There is one more very exciting iOS 14 new feature– App Clips. It will take some time to reach all the iOS users as it requires support to reach every single iOS 14 user in the world. The developers are trying to give ease to businesses to enjoy the complete phenomenon which does not require app downloads.

Different apps have different distinct reasons to exist. See below how you can toggle app clips in iOS 14 

  • You can activate app clips through App Clip Codes in iOS 14
  • Through using the NFC Tags
  • Through using the QR Codes
  • By using Banners in Safari App
  • Toggling message links 
  • Through Map Cards 

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