10 Most Awesome Gadgets For Camping You Can’t Ignore

Whether you’re going on your first camping trip this Easter break, have a camping trip of a life time lined up or even if it’s your first time, technology can always help and make things run a little smoother. Here we have found 10 best gadgets for camping to combine your love of tech with your hobby, to help make things easier and have something new  to play with on your holiday.


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven Stove – $224.49

This gadget is perfect for long trips, for families or big groups that do not want to live off beans and pasta! This portable camp oven stove has two powerful matchless burners and an oven with two racks. This incredible stove can cook for up to 5 hours on a mere one pound can of propane. With a 4.5 Amazon star rating from nearly 300 customers, this stove speaks for itself.



X-1 Surge Contact Waterproof Headset – $69.99

These amazing headphones have been awarding best headphone of the year awards by big names such as iLounge and boasts a strong four star customer review. These incredible headphones are perfect for camping and camping related activites such as water sports as they are fully water proof with new technology supporting a waterproof microphone and speaker. Additionally, these headphones were built to be secure and super comfy, so if keeping moving is your style these are sure to stay in place comfortably. With all these great features, the X-1 surge has not scrimped on sound quality as these have awesome base amplified sound.



JakPak Waterproof Jacket, Sleeping Bag and Tent – $199.99

The JakPak Waterproof Jacket, Sleeping Bag and Tent does exactly what it says on the label! If you’re someone that prefers to travel light then this gadget is great for you. The JakPak works as a waterproof jacket for when your chilly, a sleeping bag to keep you warm and protected at night and a tent to sleep under.


Lumix TS5 Tough Camera – $399.99

The Lumix TS5 really does live up to its name as it is a very tough camera. If you want to be able to reliably capture your trip and be able to take your camera anywhere without worrying about dropping it, getting it wet or even frozen, then this is the camera for you. The Lumix TS5 Touch Camera is waterproof, dustproof, freezproof, shockproof and can work to be wireless to transfer photos or even be connected to your smartphone.


Meet Earl Survival Tablet – $299.00

The Meet Earl Survival Tablet is not only great looking and well themed to a camping style but is a really clever and useful device that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This Android 4.1 running tablet includes a barometer, weather sensor, GPS, an AM/FM/SW/LW radio, compass, solar charging system, a built in walkie talkie (that works up to 20 miles) and Bluetooth! The jam packed tablet contains every feature you would need and could play a very important role in your trip.


pocket shower

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower – $20.99

This super affordable pocket shower is a great small but essential gadget to take on your camping adventures. The Sea To Summit Pocket Shower works to recreate a strong shower anywhere, it comes with a 6 metre cord and heat resistant fabric for when you’re taking a shower on summer camping trips. The shower comes in a neat pouch that makes it so easy to pack and use on the go.


Portable Mosquito Repeller – $21.98

This affordable device works to protect those of us that are prone to being bitten! This gadget does not require being spayed anywhere and works for up to 18 hours per refill. Once more the fan based diffusion technology that gives off smells of lemon grass, cinnamon and other pleasant smells makes this repellent an enjoyable one.



PowerPot – $99-149.00

The PowerPot is a really useful and realistic gadget. This clever energy converter does not rely on solar panels and sun because they know that weather can be unpredictable and not everyone goes camping in sunny places. Therefore, instead of relying on sun rays this device uses heat from boiling water with thermoelectric generator technology to convert the heat to enable you to charge your USB devices.


Nemo Helio Pressure Shower – $99.95

If you don’t want to miss out on your homely luxuries while camping such as a fresh, power shower then this device is perfect for you. This is the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower and it does exactly what the title says. This simple shower gadget works by filling it up with water, pressing the pump a few times and there you have it, a portable pressure shower!


Timberland Radler Trail Camper Flat – $18.93-$64.99

Saving space is essential when going on a camping trip so having multiple pairs of shoes and clothes isn’t always possible. However, these great Timberland shoes are a brilliant way to wear sturdy shoes but also be able to easily pack them away.

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