Top 10 Free and Premium Mac Writing Apps for Writers

So you’re looking to write your next novel, finish this term’s assignment or write the next best movie script. But you’ll need some brilliant application to do that and that’s exactly why we here at Wiproo have compiled a list of ten of the best apps to help writers get their work done efficiently, without distractions and to their full potential. We have free and premium Mac writing apps that all warrant their price tag and allow you to take your writing and productivity to the next level.

Pages (Free)

Pages offers by far one of the best word processing experiences on any computer operating system in the world. Not only does it offer a simple and beautiful interface that allows you to easily edit your content to your heart’s desire, but it also makes everything feel just that little bit easier than it’s main competitor Microsoft Word.screen800x500 (2)

Day One ($9.99)

Day One is the perfect application for those that love to keep a personal journal or diary. Maybe you’re going on a trip and want to keep an account of what happens, maybe you like to write what happedn in your day or maybe you just need somewhere to blow off steam. Day One is the perfect Mac app for you.

screen800x500 (1)Day One also has an iOS supported application that synchronise across and allows for more precise data such as whether you’re moving or not when to add to your diary. It adds portability and ease of sue when editing your diary or adding to your diary on the go.

iA Writer Pro ($19.99)

iA Writer Pro advertises itself as the perfect text editor for distraction-free writing. It offers up a very minimal interface to a point where it is literally you, the text and the white page in front of you which allows for brilliant writing without any distractions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.25.23iA Writer Pro would be perfect for those that often find themselves procrastination when writing on their Macs. It would also be good for coders as it would allow for you to just get on with the coding as we all know, coding is often repeating the same text and so to be able to not have anything to distract you would be really beneficiary. Like Day One, there are also compatible apps for mobile devices for iA Writer Pro.

Blogo ($29.99)

Blogo, as the name suggests, is a Mac application for Bloggers. It allows you to insert multiple WordPress sites and edit them all on the fly at the same time! It offers some brilliant features for those bloggers who are looking for a more clean interface than WordPress offers.

screen800x500It offers such as features: a live preview that allows you to see your site as you edit, an image editor that allows you to more precisely define your image, smart sync with Evernote to synchronise your drafts and an offline mode that allows you to edit your page without an internet connection and then save and update your site when you come back online.

Evernote (Free)

If you’re a note taker of any form when it comes to keeping your notes digital, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Evernote. Evernote has been around for over half a decade now and as a result has built up an incredible reputation for reliance, cross-platform work and some really killer features that make it one of the best, if not THE best note-taking application on digital devices.


If you’ve somehow not heard of Evernote, some of it’s killer features are: the ability to create separate Notebooks to manage and categorise your notes, share notes and notebooks with colleagues/partners/friends, chat with others about specific notes or notebooks in-app and finally the bonus that Evernote is on pretty much every device with a keyboard known to man

Ember ($49.99)

If you’re a writer who often finds themselves writing about digital topics then Ember is the perfect Mac application for you. It offers a steep price point but one that is definitely worth every penny being one of the most powerful annotation applications on the App Store.


Not only does Ember offer a really modern and simple user interface that will be easy to use for anybody first coming to the application but it also offers some really powerful features. It has: the ability to drag images from your Mac directly and organise into collections for easier organisation; subscribe to websites and view them directly in the app; save websites to Ember via the powerful Safari and Chrome extensions; the ability to view pages from different device points of view with a simple device selection tool; draw, write and manipulate on the image and so many more incredible features.

iBooks Author (Free)

If you’re a writer in the old-fashioned form in which you’re writing for a book but are looking to publish your book to the iBooks store then this is the perfect application. Along with Apple’s other offerings, it is a free option but that doesn’t stop it from being a great one.

screen800x500 (1)

It offers a UI that is a mix between Pages and Keynote as it offers you the word editing experience of Pages but the ability to view each page like a slide from Keynote. There’s some great image editing options and it feels really fluid and easy to use, as is the case with most Apple-made applications and as a result is a great application for anyone looking to write and then publish a book to the iBooks store.

Scrivener ($44.99)

Scrivener is for those writers that often find themselves distracted easily or needing a new way to write. It offers up a great set of features with rich alternatives to the way you plan long-form essays/scripts/assignments or whatever text it is you may be writing.

screen800x500 (2)Scrivener offers up some great features for those that like to be able to look at something else whilst they right, usually what they are referring to in their text. To help you with this, Scrivener allows you to import many different types of text files and image files, it offers the ability to select text and split that into a separate windows to view, you can add sticky notes, view images in separate windows, mark certain works of text with tags and categorise them into separate folders. It’s got many features specified in helping those looking to write long-form text.

Wunderlist (Free)

Wunderlist is one of the best to-do applications on the market with some really advanced features allowing you to share, collaborate, organise and create your lists in a really simple but useful way. It’s great for those Writer that like to list down what they’re going to write about.

screen800x500 (3)


Some of the key features that Wunderlist offers: easily share lists of to-dos, start conversation about your to-dos, attach photos, PDFs and more, get reminders about to-dos, access your to-dos on your phone, desktop, tablet, laptop and now your watch and many more intriguing features that makes this arguably the best to-do list for Mac right now.

Scapple ($14.99)

Scapple is our final Mac application on this list, however it may deserve to be near the top due to the fact it’s for those Writers looking to plan out what they’re going to write about. Scapple is a really freeform and easy-to-use mind-mapping application that offers plenty of fun fonts, backdrops and appearance themes.

screen800x500 (4)

However Scapple is more than just looks, it also offers the ability to write out notes anywhere on the page and then to simple drag and drop them to connect them; it offers MathType support to automatically work out sums and the ability to group projects together for related selections.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the best free and premium Mac writing apps and software that will take your production level to the peak! Enjoy.

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