Running Linux on Android Device

Linux is an operating system which is used in computer systems but can as well be used with android phones by those who would like to enjoy its functionalities. One of the solutions which you can use so that you can get to install Linux operating system is the complete installer for Linux. This is facilitated by the Linux on android phone project which developed the complete installer for Linux. The good thing about this installer is that it is easy to use and is less involving as well. It is designed such that you will be able to get Linux operating system into your android device without involving the android installation kit. However in order for you to be able to enjoy this application, you need to make sure that your phone is rooted. The kernel on your device should support looping and should have an Armv7 processor. If Armv7 is used there would be unsatisfactory results since it is not compatible with Debian. The following screenshot shows how the complete android installer looks like

running linux on android

Modifications of the complete Linux installer

There is a lot that one gets to enjoy from the complete Linux installer for instance updated translation. Therefore from this you are sure that you will not encounter problems relating to language translation of any sort. This is not all that this application has to offer but one also gets to enjoy improved abilities to fix a horde of bugs. This is a problem that was users get to encounter in day to day uses of their mobile application and for that problem it has been taken care of. It also has improved adbanner features which is all an advantage that you as the user gets to enjoy. At the same time a library is provided for you and it plays the role of ensuring that all the menus do not get crashed as you are trying to use them.

Ease of access

The complete installer for android application is one that you can download for free from the internet. However, when you download this installer you are also required to download file transfer protocol server application to be used along with this application. This can be accessed from Google play store where there are also plenty of other applications that you can use in an android device. Alternatively you can be able to download the image of Linux embedded inside this application. There are times that you may find that it is difficult to unzip the image of Linux within the complete Linux installation. In such cases you can download this application directly to avoid the complications of image retrieval. For convenience purposes three different image sizes for Linux are provided which you. Therefore depending on the size that you deem useful in term of the space that it will use in your phone you have a choice to make. From here it should be easy for you to carry on with the installation since you already have the application you need. This is how you will be able to view this application from the internet when you want to download it.

linux on android

What to do next

The next important step to follow is the starting of the FTP server on your android phone or device which involves the uploading of the Ubuntu image file. This whole process should take a couple of minutes to complete. It is after starting of the FTP server that you should then proceed to launch the complete Linux installation application on your device. When you click the button labeled start you will see a terminal message saying that the integrity of the Ubuntu image is being verified.  You will then be required to set up a password as an Ubuntu user which you will verify by retyping it. This is something that you will find easy to complete since it does not take a lot to come up with a password that you can be able to remember. The next procedure is starting up the VNC and SSH servers by typing the letter ‘Y’. After this process is complete you should then go on to set the kind of resolution that you will comfortably work with when using the complete Linux installer application. After you have successfully done all this you can now use you Linux on your android device.

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