Coronavirus Quarantine Homeschooling Ideas – 12 Of The Most Adorable School Lunches Parents Can Make

While we are homeschooling kids during this coronavirus self isolation time. Most of the parents are teaching kids just like the school and give them lunch boxes when the time is right. Kids can get bored of packed lunches during COVID 19 pretty quickly and parents around the world give their kids something to look forward to at lunchtime by taking time to decorate their lunches. Parents have lots of fun creating these exciting lunches using healthy food and their kids’ favourite treats. It’s a fun way to spice up lunchtimes and here are 12 of the most adorable school lunches parents can make that we have found online. We bet parents spent a lot of time making these but it was worth it during this pandemic time!

#1 A great way to encourage kids to work hard at school

homeschooling ideas for parents -1

#2 You’re bound to love this one if you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse

tips homeschool during covid 19

#3 Whoever created this Mario-themed lunch deserves a medal

homeschool parenting 2020

#4 Simple, but effective

ideas for parents during covid 19

#5 We think this one’s meant to be the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

covid19 parentings tips 2020

#6 A great effort at creating Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket out of food

schooling at home quarantine coronavirus

#7 A really awesome lunch inspired by Angry Birds

angry birds kids luncheon ideas

#8 Someone spent a lot of time decorating the food to look like Kermit and Elmo

coronavirus homeschooling ideas 2020

#9 A cute little owl with huge eyes

homeschooling food ideas coronavirus

#10 They even have hats on!

lunch tips during homeschooling 2020

#11 It must have taken a lot of effort to cut the cheese slices into the shape of Cinderella’s head…

best parenting tips 2020

12. This one’s so cute you wouldn’t want to eat it

covid 19 homeschool food

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