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10+ Best iPad Games for Kids Aged 12-15

Here at Wiproo, we’ve decided to come up with three articles that cover three different age ranges that allow you to download some of the best games suitable for your kids of those age...

Most Trusted GPS Trackers To Keep Your Kids Safe

GPS trackers for children come in different shapes and have different features that can make one more suited to your needs than others. Take a look below at some of the best child GPS trackers to help keep your kids safe

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YouTube Launches Video Viewer App For Children

Soon to be available in the UK, YouTube’s video viewer app for children called YouTube Kids is already proving a hit with parents, despite only launching at the end of February. YouTube Kids is currently only available...

10 Life Making Books To Read To Your Kids

The books we read in childhood can stay with us for the rest of our lives, teaching us important skills and ideas as well as their stories. It’s never too early to start changing...