12 Best Gadgets For Cool Kids – Tech Toys Your Kids Would Love!

It’s never easy to know what to buy for a child when it seems like they already own everything, but you can never go wrong with fun gadgets! Take a look at the list below of 12 cool gadgets for your kids that will give you some great new inspiration for exciting toys and games that children will love.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Innotab V3VTech Innotab 3S $86.12

The VTech Innotab is a brilliant wi-fi enabled learning tablet for kids that has 4GB of memory, an SD card slot and a 2.0 megapixel camera. The tablet comes pre-loaded with 20 apps but new apps and games can be purchased and downloaded wirelessly by a parent to keep kids entertained.

Remote Controlled Lightsaber Room Light $39.95

This cool kids gadget not only helps to light their room at night but also teaches them about technology as the lamp needs to be constructed before use. The great Star Wars inspired toy is over 25 inches long and features lightsaber sounds that can be triggered with the remote control.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Speaker Blanket

Battery Powered Speaker Blanket $29.95

This speaker blanket is perfect for kids to take to a picnic and listen to their own music with their friends while the grown ups chat. The blanket is battery powered and has a waterproof underside for convenience.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Lilgadgets Untangle Pro

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $49.95

These Bluetooth headphones make a great gadget for kids as they have no wires to get tangled or caught and they can be used for 10 hours straight, making them perfect for long journeys.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- National Geographic Goggles

National Geographic UV Night Vision Goggles $29.99

These cool goggles are great for would-be spies as they have a night vision mode for exploration in the dark. The goggles include a UV stamp, allowing the child to make animal tracks that can be viewed with the UV mode on the authentic looking googles.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- OWI Robot

OWI 14 in 1 Solar Robot $25.30

This robot kit is a great way to get kids interested in technology as they can build and rebuild the robot into 14 different modes. The OWI robot is solar powered so no batteries are needed and there are two building skill levels to ensure children won’t get bored with this clever robot gadget.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Electronics Kit

Electronics and Circuitry Activity Kit $23.95

This activity kit is a great gadget for children who like science and physics experiments as there are eight easy activity projects included. They’ll learn how to make an alarm, reading lamp, loudspeaker and more while getting to grips with electronics.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Mini Quadcopter

AFUNTA GPTOYS Mini Quadcopter $19.99

This tiny quadcopter is great for children to fly indoors or outside and has a 360 degree roll function, plus it’s able to fly in all directions so kids can learn to perform simple stunts and tricks. The quadcopter can be flown at the same time as other copters without interference so kids can get together with their friends.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Perplexus Epic


Perplexus Epic $23.76

For an awesome children’s gadget that will keep them entertained for hours you need to take a look at the Perplexus Epic. This toy is great for travelling as there are no loose parts to the puzzle maze ball. It can be played easily by many ages but is difficult to complete as it requires great hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Smartphone Spy Lens $12.80

This simple but exciting kids gadget turns any smartphone into a periscope so they can peek round corners and pretend to be a spy for the day. The lens requires no extra software but will allow kids to take some cool photos from crazy angles or just wander around finding out what they can see.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Maisto RC

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle $29.97

The Rock Crawler remote controlled car is great for heading out on uneven terrain and testing off-road skills. Children will love the rugged design of the car which has articulated suspension, two motors and low gearing.

Cool Gadgets For Your Kids- Osmo

Osmo Gaming System For iPad $79.99

The Osmo system is great for children of all ages and includes a clever iPad reflector and stand to bring the virtual games to life. This cool gadget for kids uses shape recognition to allow children to play physical games using virtual apps from an expanding library that includes word, shape and drawing games.

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