How To Choose The Right Humidifier In 2021- Best Humidifier Buying Guide

A humidifier is a device that releases mist in the room to regulate humidity which keeps your family breathing easy and prevents hands, feet, throat and nose from getting dry in the winter. Humidifiers are considered good for asthma patients. They are highly recommended for people with sinus and breathing problems. If this rings the right bells then read below what steps you should take to get the right humidifier for your family. 

Types of Humidifiers 

There are two basic types of humidifiers- warm mist and cool mist. You can choose the one according to your needs. For example the humidifiers with warm mist are not suitable for children rooms etc. 

Humidifiers with filters and filterless. The humidifiers with filters clean the water with it while the filterless humidifiers have a built-in purifying system they are called ultrasonic. The filterless humidifiers come a little pricey. But if you would compare it with humidifiers with filters that require filter changing frequently, so filterless is the best option. 

The filterless humidifiers use an ultrasonic system which vibrates to clean the liquids inside. They are also quieter ones. 

Why to choose a good humidifier for baby rooms?

Our babies are very sensitive to certain environments and their system reacts differently to each change of weather. When they wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose or scratchy throat you would realize you need to keep the humidity in the room moderate. Since there are not many options left when the baby gets cold or gets infected with a virus. It’s better to have a humidifier specially for children’s rooms. 

The mist that a humidifier releases soothes your baby’s respiratory system and comforts his throat. 

How To Choose A Humidifier?

There are few things that you must consider before buying a humidifier. We have discussed those in detail below. 

Size And Power: Make sure the size of the tank and power of the humidifier is appropriate for the size of your space. If it’s too large for the room the condensation can begin to form which can result in bacteria and mold buildup.

If it’s too small it would not produce enough vapor to keep the right humidity in the room. You need to check the sq. ft of your room and the coverage the humidifier offers which you are going to buy. 

Customization: You should also check the customization feature which might not be as effective as they should be in the most humidifiers. 

Type: Consider which type of humidifier you need– warm or cool mist one; with filter or filterless. We have already mentioned the difference above. 

Display: You should go for the humidifiers with LED display which is easy to monitor at night. 

Running Time: You should also consider the running time of a humidifier. As each humidifier gives different running time. 

Auto Mode: You should also consider whether or not a humidifier shuts off automatically or regulates humidity level automatically. It’s a small thing but can impact the overall performance of the humidifier. Those humidifiers which do not shut off when the water runs out they overheat and malfunction during the next run. 

Safety And Regulation: It’s necessary to keep in mind the safety of your family. If someone from your household specially a baby wakes up with a stuffy nose or dry skin you should regulate the level. That feature also needs to be checked while buying a humidifier. It’s hard to find, but you need to figure it out. 

Oil Diffuser: You should also check if the humidifier you are buying also diffuse essential oils or not. As some may not. Each humidifier is different from the other one depending on the brand and model you are buying. 

Custom Night Lights: This is not a necessary thing but since the options available you can choose a humidifier with a color changing night light. These lights are very soothing and comforting. 

We have mentioned some of the high quality humidifiers that you can choose from which have received positive reviews. 

Everlasting Humidifier – Best For Large Rooms 

“This humidifier is best for large rooms because it can contain a six-liter water tank and covers an area of 500 square feet.”

This Everlasting cool mist humidifier is highly preferable for large rooms due to its coverage and performance. For all your choices of humidifiers in 2021 this one should top the list. 

Some of its features are mentioned below:

  • It can reserve 1.6 gallons of water and has a comparatively highest mist output. 
  • It can emit water vapor or steam to increase moisture levels in the air (humidity) across the 500-square feet rooms 
  • Since it can reserve a higher quantity of water or steam it lasts for 50 hours easily. 
  • Very ideal for offices, apartments and college dormitories. 
  • There is an essential oil tray which can be used to diffuse essential oils in the room. 
  • Ideal for small babies rooms 
  • Has a blue LED night light
  • Auto shuts down when the minimal water level is reached
  • It’s a silent one with sound less than 30dbs 
  • It does not require a filter replacements since it’s a filterless humidifier 
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years and you can replace the unit easily 


  • Available Colors: Black and White 
  • Brand Name: Everlasting Comfort
  • Material used: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight : 3.1 Pounds

TaoTronics -Best for small rooms humidifier

We consider TaoTronics humidifier best for small rooms for two reasons; we actually found it very reliable and the customers are very happy with its low noise level, sleep mode, easy to clean, durability and simple usability. Let’s dig deep and see why this one can be considered the best humidifier for small rooms in 2021. 

Some of its great features:

  • It can contain over a 1 gallon of water 
  • It lasts 12 to 30 hours depending on the settings you tweak 
  • Ideal for rooms 10-30 m² 
  • This TaoTronics humidifier is very silent and quiet the total sound it produces is less than 38dbs
  • Ideal for children rooms, small offices and gaming rooms 
  • Eye-soothing LED display to display RH 
  • Three mist levels to choose from
  • Settings for humidity level
  • Different modes for different intervals. For example you can choose night and sleep mode which is ideal for night


  • Available Colors: Blue, Black, Grey and White
  • Manufactured by:TaoTronics
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • LED Display: Humidistat
  • Total Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Total Dimensions: LxWxH


  • It’s not ideal for essential oils, which may harm it 

LEVOIT Humidifiers – Best Controls & Highly Suitable for Large Rooms 

Although most of the humidifiers come with good controls but sadly best control is something else. LEVOIT has two great features; amazing controls and suitability for even larger rooms. This humidifier was manufactured in California.  Let’s read its review below to find out more:

Some of its great features:

  • Its water tank can hold 1.5 gallons of water so it can last about 60 hrs. 
  • Ideal for spacious rooms of about 753 ft2 / 70 m2 as it is about 500ml/hr. 
  • What makes LEVOIT different from the crowd is its cool and warm mist feature. You can choose one of the two features which is great 
  • It’s good for people with congestion, dry skin, allergies, nosebleed, cold and sinus problems. The fresh air would keep oozing out from this one. 
  • Its auto mode automatically adjusts the mist level to regulate humidity in the room. Which is even better if you are asleep or you have installed it in your kids’ room. Even when you are out and the water runs out, it will shut down automatically. 
  • Its remote control is probably the best feature as it really lets you control everything easily and you can regulate settings at will. 
  • Its silence makes it ideal as well which lets you sleep calmly. 
  • Cleaning is also very easy as compared to other humidifiers 


  • Available Colors:  White
  • Manufactured by: LEVOIT
  • Material Used: Abs
  • Total Weight: 4.9 Pounds
  • Contents: The package contains, remote, aroma and absorption pads and cleaning brush. 


  •  Make sure the water does not enter the air-vent while cleaning 

Homech Cool Mist Humidifier – The Quietest Humidifier

What makes Homech humidifier superior to its contemporaries is its lowest noise level and great value for money. Possibly the best gift for older parents and very suitable for nurseries. 

Some of its great features:

  •  It can contain 1.06 gallons of water. 
  • It can easily humidify rooms of 20-40 m² / 215-430 ft².
  • It runs well on ideal settings up to 50 hrs on a full tank 
  • It’s the quietest humidifier ever as the highest noise level is as low as 26 dBs. 
  • Its wide in-let lets you clean and fill the water in easily. 
  • Rotating nozzle to humidify rooms in 260 degrees. 
  • It’s the smart humidifier 
  • It automatically regulates the temperature if water runs out and the device starts heating 


  • Available Colors:    Black
  • Manufactured by: Homech
  • Power Supply : Corded Electric
  • Total Dimensions:       10.16 x 6.46 x 13.31 inches
  • Nozzle :        360 Degrees 

Honeywell Designer Series HUL 430 – Most soothing humidifier 

This honeywell humidifier is rated to be the most soothing humidifier due to the quality of humidity in the room and the soothing environment it creates in the room. Honeywell is known for its high quality products for great value, its humidifiers and filters also fall in the same category. 

Some of its great features: 

  • Its water tank can contain 1.25 gallons of water 
  • It’s ideal for people with congestion, cough and other sinus problems 
  • It maintains humidity levels in the room between 40-60%. 
  • Comes with a separate essential oil tray which lets you add your favorite oil 
  • Ideal for small and spacious rooms at the same time
  • It can regulate and maintain the humidity level in the room which is comfortable for children and elders. 
  • Since Henywell is a popular brand for all the home products you can definitely count on this one too. 


  • Available Color: Black, White 
  • Manufactured by: Honeywell Cool Mist Designer Series 
  • Power Supply Source: Corded Electric
  • Total Dimensions       : LxWxH   8.8 x 8.8 x 13.2 inches

How to Clean a humidifier?

Cleanliness of a humidifier is very important to prevent it from mold and bacteria buildup in it. Generally cleaning a humidifier is simple. Just take the parts out and clean them with scrubbing or use a liquid cleaner. 

There are others which need some expertise to clean them as some parts are hard to take apart. You may hate it. But it is necessary to clean them. 

We hope this guide will help you choose the right humidifier for your home. Although there are different models for different purposes but this guide has everything that you need for buying the right one.

Is a humidifier good for asthma patients?

Humidity control in a home is definitely good for many lung related issues. As the humidity inside a room remains controlled, you will breathe easily. If you or your child has asthma you should consult the doctor about the type of humidifier you need. But generally, humidity level always helps breathing easily. 

Do humidifiers kill germs?

Any humidifier cool or hot mist cannot kill germs or any bacteria. Technically, they regulate humidity in the air by adding water vapors which reduces the number of germs in the air. 

Do humidifiers cause diseases like Pneumonia?

No humidifier would cause any disease. Only germs and bacteria would. However, humidifiers may reduce them significantly by keeping the air in your room moist. 

Can I use tape water for my humidifier? 

Since you have paid for getting a humidifier you also need to take necessary precautions to make a proper use of it. You must not use tape water or make sure that the water you use in your humidifier is demineralized, distilled and purified. So always use water which is mineral and bacteria free. 

Is too much humidity good for health?

Absolutely not. The humidity in your room where you have installed a humidifier should be regulated to a necessary level. Too much humidity can also result in a negative impact on your health while too much dry air can also trigger allergies. 

How much humidity level is good for asthmatic patients?

The ideal humidity level should be between 30%-50% which ensures easy breathing for asthma patients. So if your humidifier is not keeping the humidity level between these ranges in your house you should consult a specialist or probably replace it with a better one. 

Can I use salty water in my Humidifier?

You must not put salt in your humidifier. It will clog it and its lifespan would be reduced. 

What are the health benefits of a Humidifier? 

A humidifier can help you get rid of nosebleed, dry lips and dry sinuses. All health hazards which dry air causes a humidifier eases them out by keeping the air moist. The cool mist humidifiers can also cure cold and respiratory problems. 

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