What Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming

Streaming games has become so popular in 2021 that not a single player is unaware of it. It is drawing more attention and even more people are getting attached to it. Did you ever hear that you could make a living by just gaming?
Years ago–of course not, but as of now, in the year 2021, it is becoming a norm. Many people would even pay you to continue playing and living your dream. You can begin with just using your ordinary PC or a laptop. But having a quality gaming setup is the only way to raise you as a player above average. This is also a beginner’s guide to start streaming and gaming online just Ninja and other popular streamers.

How can you become a pro gaming streamer?

To become a pro gamer you need to have a set up of high performing hardware including a powerful PC, gaming mouse and a mechanical keyboard. Since we discussed what mice do popular streamers like Ninja use, we are going to discuss the keyboard that one needs to become a pro full-time streamer. Many popular gamers use one of the following keyboards that we have discussed below.

Why having the best quality keyboard matters while streaming?

Having the best quality keyboard for streaming or just plainly gaming is essential. No one likes to have a keyboard that makes a lot of noise and disturbs others, especially when you are streaming and the viewers can clearly hear irritating keystrokes. Besides, to take quick actions a quality keyboard is essential. The keys could be lighter, heavier or smoother, what intended here by saying all this is your own comfort to avoid unnecessary loudness and discomfort. You can use our listed top of the line keyboards to stream Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG and many other games like pro-streamers.

We are going to take into account the best flagship keyboards that you can use to become a popular streamer. We are going to discuss the major goods of popular keyboard brands such as Logitech, Steel Series, Corsair and Razer and their different models which you can buy and all of them perform incredibly well as compared to others.

List Of The Most Popular Best Keyboards For Gaming And Streaming Online

#1 Razer Huntsman Elite

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -7

Razer’s Huntsman Elite is one of the best looking keyboards. It is a mechanical keyboard that is designed over a finger-print resistant metal backplate with an underglow board under it and also has a leather wrist-rest that provides you comfort while streaming for hours.
Razer’s wrist-rest is comfortable for short and long hands at the same time which was a lacking feature in many big brands. This keyboard feels very nicely built with minimum flex.

It’s main feature is a new opti-mechanical switch. The keys are based on purple optical switches. So the combination of mechanical and optical technology can get registered keystrokes much faster with a small flex and the CPU gets information faster as it is through the beam of light due to optical integration. You will find opti-mechanical switches only in the Razer Huntsman line of keyboards which makes them unique as well.
The stabilizers are used to perfect each key press and the distance between the keys and board is also reduced which serves many ways. All this simple flexing can give you an edge while gaming over the competitors.
Their very crisp font is what Razer’s line of keyboards is popular for. The chroma lighting makes these keyboards even more desirable. So not just the functionality there are tons of more reasons to prefer Razer’s Huntsman Elite over others.

#2 Razer Huntsman TE Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -5Razer Huntsman TE has tons of unique features which will not be found on other gaming keyboards. It’s new aluminium top matte finish which is nice and finger-print-resistant. It has a very clean minimalistic design that marks the recognition for Razer Huntsman’s original brand.

This is known to be the first ever Razer keyboard that features the bottom row. This lets you fit any keycaps that you want to replace being overused or just in any case to change the layout.

There is double-shot keycap stock on the keys. Razer created their own keycap PBT which is another great feature. The other more noticeable feature is now the font shines more appropriately due to PBT caps. Their spacing is reduced and they all look as a whole with continuous lighting and all. The PBT feature also makes this keyboard produce less-noise as compared to ABS keyboards.

This is a tournament edition keyboard so you can save all your custom lighting and macros on your keyboard. Later, when you take your keyboard to a tournament you can use all your settings that you normally use at home.

The durability is 100 million keystrokes so this keyboard is definitely going to last you a lifetime. Look no further if you are looking for a cool gaming keyboard for your streaming spree that Razer Huntsman TE. There are tons of other cool features which make this keyboard very desirable.

#3 Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -55343DD

The Huntsman is the best line of streaming and gaming keyboards that Razer has produced. Razer Huntsman Mini is a customer-based keyboard which was solely developed by putting up questionnaires to the people on Reddit and other social media platforms that ‘what features do you want your gaming keyboard to have.’
The Huntsman Mini is available in absolute white and pitch black colors. One of the features which makes this keyboard different from other Razer Huntsman keyboards is it used 60% of Razer’s original line of features. This keyboard is very light, solidly built and has matte texture that makes the plastic finger-print resistant.
It’s what actually a smaller form-factor Huntsman has to look like. It has rubber-pads with two extendable legs, removable USB-C cable port and is available in both clicky and linear optical versions of switches. Its keys are given more lube to ensure smoothness. The silicon is used at the bottom to mute the clicking sound.
There are tons of other features which make this consumer-based gaming keyboard a hot-shot for its affordability, design and unique features.

#4 Corsair K100

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -2

The Corsair’s latest keyboard edition is K100. K100 does not look much different from its previous editions from its appearance. But the truth is this keyboard has been reinvented and redesigned for the sake of new and pro gamers who are starting at streaming. It has classy aluminum top-plate, the board looks very modern, the sides of it have molded accents that add a little bit extra-support and stylishness. The Corsair is available in two different models right now that you can buy.
It also comes with a magnetic detach wrist-rest which is wrapped in leather texture. This wrist-rest has the best gaming wrist-rest that has ever been produced. It has logos on top and left side which illuminate while using the keyboard. It has extendable legs and a six-way cable channel.
The lighting produced is the most-lit RGB that has ever been used on a Corsair keyboard not just on the main keys but macros and all other buttons as well. So when you are streaming the whole keyboard becomes lit. The edge lighting specially produces a super cool effect.

The Axon processor is used in Corsair K100 which allows the keyboard to provide 4-hundred times lighting fast connectivity over USB 2.0 with a thousand Hertz pulling rate. It also provides you a chance to save about 200 profiles no matter how difficult and intricate they are.
This is a much faster response than humans can perceive a response time anyway.

While typing the switch feels nice while the game’s on as they use typical optical technology that Corsair uses and they require a small actuation speed to register them. Making them faster, responsive and also easy to operate. For sound control the cool aluminum roller is used.

The nice simple font looks smooth which means they truly understand the criticism they received previously. The space-bar has also no-longer that irritating diamond plate texture. They have also used comfortable key stabilizers which was the complaint by the pro gamers previously.
The IQ controlview is a highly functional feature used in this keyboard. You can use it to control the brightness, app-switching, zooming, controlling media rewind-forward or select tracks and onboard macros recording etc. There are many other functions of IQ button that lets you control the whole gaming setup.

#5 Logitech G915 Lightspeed Gaming And Streaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -1

This a low-profile mechanical keyboard which will definitely surprise you being a big flagship model. Just read this review you might grow to like it for your next streaming session. It has got a pretty minimalistic design and is quite an ultra-thin gaming keyboard. Ergonomically this keyboard looks really sharp.

It’s a wireless keyboard by Logitech. It’s what lightspeed suggests. It comes with a USB Dongle and it connects super-fast and super-easy. The special buttons on the top can be used to connect Bluetooth to connect your streaming gaming PC and your regular gaming PC. You can toggle between the two PCs without creating a chaos to connect the separate PC. There are 3 different keys on the left-hand that you can toggle the three different profiles.It uses G-Hub software which is pretty much a user-friendly software which lets you connect Logitech devices, create macros and custom lighting etc.

Even though you are going low-profile you are not sacrificing on your gaming and streaming prowess as the actuation keypress and flexes are as same as previously mentioned keyboards on this list.

It has tons of extra specially the 5 extra-macro keys and with wireless features this is a big a yes for new gamers who can easily connect their laptops as well.

The keycaps are really nice to use, they have great feel and ease with a single press and finish is super-smooth which makes this keyboard stand out from the rest and be available at an affordable price.

#6 Logitech K840

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -98

Logitech’s K840 is a mechanical keyboard which features a rugged aluminium built with highly engineered mechanical switches. You can elevate it with extendable legs, tactile keypad and silent keypresses. The aluminium keycase is durable and designed to carry out the heavy typing jobs.
It looks modern, ergonomic and classic to fit anywhere. It comes with a 1.8 mm cable. You can choose from Logitech’s option keys to customize controls and use shortcuts which are reprogrammable.
So if you are more of a Logitech mechanical keyboard guy who is starting over streaming and gaming this keyboard comes, affordable and with a pretty great looking design.

#7 Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -876

The next big gaming keyboard on our list is Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT mechanical gaming keyboard. The perky lighting effect on the edges makes this keyboard a hot-shot with numerous customization options.

It comes with a leatherette palm rest provides great comfort during peak gaming hours.

There are 6 different macro keys which are fully programmable for macros. You can use Elgato Stream Software to revamp the keys and program special commands to use while streaming. The Cherry Max RGB Key switches are used to provide super fast actuation of 1.2 mm. It can sustain the keystrokes of about 100 millions which ensure durability.

#8 Corsair K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming -088755

You can game and stream all night long with Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard. This unique gaming keyboard is built with aircraft grade brushed aluminum and comes with highlighted brown switches which give you great typing experience.
You can literally feel complete comfort and ease while typing without creating any noise combined with corsair utility engine software Q. It helps you change speed and customize everything you want. You can customize each key separately to perform special tasks.

It also comes with FPS, MOBA keycaps and a detachable wrist-rest for comfort during the peak and long hours of extensive gaming. The keycaps are molded and textured to provide great grip during the typing process.
All these features help you build a strong fanbase while performing at the top of the gaming no matter whether you are streaming Fortnite or any other big game. So if you are up for gaming and streaming in 2021 as a career be smart and choose peripherals wisely.

#9 SteelSeries Apex Pro

Gaming Keyboards To Use In 2021 For Streaming

While talking about gaming and streaming online, it’s mandatory to mention SteelSeries and its peripherals. SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard is preferred by many big names for gaming and streaming.
It has Omni Point adjustable switches that give you a chance to customize controls, actuation distance from 0.4 mm to 3.6 mm. This keyboard is built with aircraft grade aluminum alloy that can last a lifetime for durability and stability. With the help of magnetic sensors the faster response can be adjusted as low as 0.4 mm to achieve fastest actuation.
You can insert a flash drive, a USB device or even a wireless transmitter directly into the keyboard and use it. The LED smart display makes the keys amazingly lit. There is an adjustable command settings center to track the information directly from your games, spotify or other services.

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