Xbox Series S Vs Xbox Series X – Which Xbox Series Is The Newest & The Cheapest To Buy

Xbox Series S Vs Xbox Series X which Xbox series is the newest and the cheapest to buy? The gamers are divided over which Xbox to buy. More new consoles are coming out very soon. Most of the consoles appear similar to common users and they keep asking about two Xbox similar products which are different for obvious reasons but look similar. If you are thinking about purchasing a new Next Generation Xbox read this review. 

Read below to find out about differences between Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X features. We have discussed the major differences between the two super Xboxes. 

1.The Price Difference Between Xbox Series S And Xbox Series X

The price of Xbox Series S makes you buy your favourite console for $299 which sounds way cheaper. 

How Much Expensive is the Xbox Series S Console?


Let’s see whether the Xbox Series is more expensive or cheaper than other consoles. It’s an incredible price for a console. Microsoft is playing a big game here over pricing different products. They are trying to level with Nintendo kind of pricing level. Overall the pricing of Xbox Series S is a very impressive pricing point which still makes it affordable to buy. You don’t have to pay all upfront if you want to do that, you can. If you want to pay it in installments you can choose that option. If you choose all access you can choose to pay $25 a month for 24 months.

As a part of that you also get game pass ultimate which now includes EA play. You can play all those games on PC or Xbox. Plenty of great games like Jedi Fall and Star Wars and all of it. With no real upfront cost you can get a very impressive suite. So if you choose All Access you can save $60 rather than pay for everything separately.

Is The Xbox Series X is More Expensive Than The Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series X is a very traditional console which costs around $500, which we even were guessing when Microsoft had announced that you are going to get upgraded specs with the next generation console. 

Xbox series is a very traditional one in many ways usually a console of that repute costs about $500. There is nothing surprising as we see the price of Xbox Series X Next-Gen console but this kind of pricing puts it in the slot of Nintendo level of pricing.

Those gamers who use Xbox as their primary gaming machine would love Xbox X who want to put all of their money in it. All Access is available for the Series X2 and as we compared the price of Xbox Series X to Series S’s console we are paying $200 more Series X. 

2.The CPU Difference Between Xbox S And Xbox X

The CPUs for Xbox S and X are slightly different. The difference does not appear as a major one as both have nearly the same operating power. The difference of both CPUs is mainly of resolutions. It also shows us that the developers are not creating a real next-gen game console which may impact on the performance. 

Xbox Series S Xbox Series X
8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU 3.6 GHz
3.4 GHz w/SMT Enabled
8-Core AMD Zen 2 CPU 3.8 GHz
3.6 GHz w/SMT Enabled


3.The Resolution Difference Between Xbox Series S And X

. The performance of both the consoles has a slight difference of resolution which, for some gamers, may impact the gaming experience. 

Xbox Series S Xbos Series X
1440p, 60 FPS upto 120 FPS 4K, 60 FPS upto 120 FPS


You can notice the major difference is between the resolutions. As with Xbox Series X you are getting a native 4K resolution which will obviously shift from a traditional gaming console. As most of the new games are coming will require 4K resolution. 

4.The Major Difference Between The GPU Power of The Xbox Series S And Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S Xbox Series X


The teraflops of Xbox Series X are three times more than the S’. 

5.How Much Xbox Series X Console Size Is Different From Xbox Series S’?


The size of both the consoles are very different from one another. The Xbox Series S console is 60 percent smaller than X’s. But then you can place it anywhere even in a small drawer or a showcase. It’s a very sleek looking machine. 


While the new Xbox Series X console is a big chunky boy and pretty thick almost three times bigger than Series S like three Xboxes stacked on top of each other. You will need a separate entertainment unit to put it in. However, the exact dimensions are 15.1cm X 15.1 cm X 30.1 cm. 

6.The Storage Difference Between Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X


Xbox Series S

Xbox Series X



2.4GB/sec Uncompressed 

2.4GB/sec Uncompressed 

4.8GB/sec Compressed

4.8GB/sec Compressed

Expandable Storage: 1TB Extension Card
(Matches internal storage exactly)

Expandable Storage: 1TB Extension Card
(Matches internal storage exactly)

Xbox Series S


A cool 512GB solid state hard drive memory is just nice for Xbox Series S with its expandable 1TB expandable storage which is also SSD which means it’s not just expansion but rather a core feature just like 512GBs. But it’s not a lot of storage space considering games like Call of Duty: Warzone space requirement. For such games having Xbox Series X is much better with its 1TB storage you can literally enjoy any game that requires quite a space to store. 

Keeping in mind the storage providence, technically, rather the size of games should shrink. The reasons that games are bigger today is because the game developers take assets and double or triple up them. The games basically should require less loading time and with loads of storage requirements it’s nearly impossible. 

Besides, there is a USB 3.0 slot which makes you able to play old Xbox games which is a nice development in case you want to play old games as well. But you should note that for old games you need to put them on your main drive they won’t work directly from the USBs. 

Xbox Series X


1TB of Series X is a wonderful development from Series S’ 512GBs. As games these days are way massive and require tons of storage to install in. So 1TB is ideal for pro gamers. You can install almost 12 to 16 big games on it which is huge. You can go forth and back to play these games as Xbox has that pausing feature which gives you opportunity to begin where you left your missions. 

When the Xbox Series S with 512GBs came out we were happy with the enough space. But after the introduction of modern developments in the gaming industry the more storage we get even far more we need. 

7.Disc Tray 

Does Xbox Series S Have A Disk Drive?

No Xbox Series is a complete digital console. You cannot insert a disc to play your game. We still have physical games. So having a disc tray to play a game from your CD is a necessity. All gamers want their consoles to have disk drives but Xbox Series S does not have one. This is a big limit on gaming. So the people who want to buy Xbox Series S must bear this thing in mind if you are buying it make sure you know that Xbox Series S comes without a disc tray. 

So you can retail, trade or buy physical games. Like most of the time family and friends trade games. Maybe Microsoft should allow trading digital games so that people can actually enjoy each game even if they cannot afford them to. But that’s not going to happen any sooner. 

Does Xbox Series X Has A Disk Drive?

Yes, it does have a disk drive which allows you to play physical games as well. For many game veterans have loads of old games from Xbox One and others which they can play or trade with others. The Xbox One era was kind of pretty much about physical gaming. Many have those games which they purchased previously for Xbox One, they can play on Xbox X. 

8.Old Accessories Compatibility 

The old accessories of the Xbox Series are compatible with the new Xbox Series. So if you have an elite series two controller it will work with the new ones on Series S and Series X. 

9.Xbox Series S Versus Xbox Series X Which One Is The Newest And Cheapest to Buy?

All other features of the Series S and X are the same including RAM, GPU, SoC (System on a Chip), Backward Compatibility and even Display Out. These both support game pass so you can enjoy all the games with a game pass. There are tons of new games out recently including Assassin’s Creed- Valhalla released on 10th November 2020 and many others that you can enjoy on both. The other exciting new Xbox Series S and X games are Marvel’s Avengers, Yakuza’s Like A Dragon, WatchDogs Legion, Fortnite, FIFA 21, NBA2K21, DIRT5, Gears Tactics, TETER’S Effect and The Falconeer etc. 

So those were the key differences between Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. So if you want to buy one of these two Microsoft’s consoles make sure you know the key differences in the aesthetics and the price. The price is big off for most of the gamers who can just upgrade manually their previous consoles as there are not many aesthetically differences except few basic ones. 

If you want to buy the Xbox on a budget you better choose Xbox Series S which is cheaper, smaller and competitive. If you want to have the Next-Gen Xbox console then Series X is for you but remember the big price difference. Xbox Series X is a more powerful version of Xboxes. 

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