25 Best Gadgets For Photographers – Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our list of 25 brilliant gadgets for photographers. You’re sure to find something you’ve never seen before in the list below and you’ll get some great ideas for new photography gadgets to add to your current gear.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Lensbaby

Lensbaby Spark $89

The Lensbaby Spark is an affordable tilt shift lens for your DSLR that bends to help you create cool selective focus that you choose by squishing and moving the lens with your hands.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- LuxiLuxi Phone Light Meter  $29.95

If you can’t afford a light meter or are always forgetting to bring it with you then this cool smartphone photography accessory will be your best friend as it allows you to use your phone as an incident light meter along with the free app.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Iron On Cleanse

Iron On Lens Cleanse Patches $12

These iron on patches are awesome for photographers but they’re something you probably never knew were available. Iron them onto your clothes, coat or bag to make sure you have a smudge-free lens wherever you go.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- EzeecubeEzeeCube $399

The Ezeecube automatically syncs your photos and videos on its 1tb hard drive then sorts through them and makes them available to you through your own cloud. You can also stack the cubes to easily expand your storage.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Liquid Image

Liquid Image 304 XSC Explorer Series 8.0 MP Underwater Video Camera $332

These underwater goggles have a video camera embedded into them, meaning you can shoot video and photos while up to 5m under the water. The battery powered goggles use an 8mp camera and have the option to expand the memory through a micro SD card.

Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case With Hard Lens $54.95

Great for underwater shots or use in sandy environments, this case has a hard lens to ensure your photos are their best even through the plastic. The supple material allows you to hold and control the camera easily, making this a brilliant gadget for photographers.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Rover revolution

Rover Revolution App-Controlled Wireless Vehicle $200

For those who like to explore when taking photos, this little vehicle has a built in camera with night vision mode to help you get some great shots. In addition, the Rover Revolution has remote controlled headlights, off road wheels, rotating camera and more, making it a brilliant photography gadget.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Impossible

Impossibe Instant Lab $199.99

Print smartphone photos in seconds with the Impossible Instant Lab which uses any image on your phones screen and prints it on paper.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- LytroLytro Light Field Camera $219.95

The Lytro lets you shoot an image and select your focus later as well as creating interactive moving photos to share. This is made possible as this clever photography camera records the entire light field of rays moving in all directions in a scene, allowing you to refocus after you’re taken a picture. It’s almost guaranteed that none of your friends have a camera as cool as this!

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Supercharged bag divider

Super Charged Camera Bag Divider $39

This is a great little accessory for photographers and will enable you to sort and organize your bag contents to keep your camera gear in place. The divider also has an integrated 3,000mAh battery for on-the-go charging.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Holdfast

Holdfast Gear Monkeymaker Camera Harness $199.95

If you’re got more than one camera that you want to keep on hand then this fancy harness is just what you need. The harness has an X design across the bag and holds the cameras at your hips, enabling you to grab one and shoot without unclipping it as the Speed Clutch mechanism slides each camera up and down the straps.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Spinpod

Spinpod $59.99

You can easily take seamless panoramic and time-lapse photos with this thin, small photography gadget that rotates smoothly and easily to allow you to get the best shots.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Phone SLR

iPhone SLR Mount $180

Use this adapter to turn your iPhone into a DSLR using real Nikon SLR lenses with the kit made up of a phone case, UV filter and SLR lens adapter. You’ll get great new manual focus and aperture settings on your phone with this awesome photographers gadget!

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