Reasons Why a Ghost Writer is The Best Choice When You Can’t Write Your Own Content

I need to write content for my website… I don’t have the time!

Here’s the situation – your business is getting a new website. You’ve found the web designer/developer and you’re happy with what they’re doing.  The problem is – they’re hassling you for the content to put on the website.  You’re too busy – doing what you do best – running your business.  Does this sound familiar to you?

This is a major frustration I hear from business owners all the time.  They know they need to produce content for their new website. They don’t know what to write about. They don’t know how to write for the web. Their website project ends up getting delayed whilst they sit there late at night pulling their hair out in frustration.

Now, you could entrust the writing of the content to your web development team, but is that really their strength? I’ve seen websites with content written by techies and it’s not usually focused on capturing the interest of the reader and generating new business.  Putting together that kind of content takes the skill and experience of a professional writer.  You wouldn’t expect a chef to clean your car, so why expect a web designer to write your content?

The ideal solution to this problem is to call in a ghost-writer.  You will need to give them some time, but the best ones will be proactive, conducting research on your business so you have to explain less about what you do.  The most flexible content writers will work around your busy schedule, so you don’t have to adjust your diary too much.  I tend to recommend a series of short telephone “interviews” with my clients whilst they are on their way to meetings – making use of that dead time when you’re travelling.

Once you’ve spoken to your writer about your business and what it does, it’s up to the ghost author to write your content for you. If you choose the right author, they will also perform some keyword research to ensure that they use the right words in your text to help your website appear for relevant searches.  Getting a balance between writing for your audience and making it easy for search engines to understand is a fine art.

Once your pages are finished, you will need to cast your eye over them to make sure that the facts are correct. Perhaps you could ask someone else in your business or a family member to do that for you?

Once the content is ready for your website, your ghost-writer can send it directly to the web developers.

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