10 Best iPad Games For Kids Aged 3-6

Here at Wiproo, we’ve decided to come up with three articles that cover three different age ranges that allow you to download some of the best games suitable for your kids of those age ranges in 2020. These games will help them learn, improve their motor skills, but most importantly will have them having so much fun. You’ll see a lot of big name characters that you’ll recognise in some of these games which will be great for your kids to play with and will make it more enjoyable for them.

So these are the 10 best iPad games 2020 for kids aged 3-6 years old…

123 Kids Fun GAMES Free

popular kids games on itunesFree Download iTunes

123 Kids Fun GAMES Free is a great game to teach your kids all sorts of life-skills without them realising that they’re being taught them because they’ll be having too much fun. This is a game that comes with multiple games within it, making it a bargain at the price it is. In this game, your kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, sounds and words, shapes and animals. They’ll also enjoy some musical games along with a sticker book.

Bubly Draw – Creative drawing with music for kids

ipad kids games itunes 2020($2.99)

Bubly Draw is another fantastic game that develops your kids creativity by letting them having incredible fun with drawing. What sets Bubly Draw apart from a basic paintbrush application though is that the app cleverly dictates the drawings and creates music out of them via different shape, width and speed of the images drawn. Some adults may try and create masterpieces with this, but at the end of the day, it will keep the kids entertained to no ending, being able to literally draw music.

Nighty Night Circus – Bedtime story for kids

ipad games for babies 2020iTunes $2.99

Night Night Circus is the sequel to the most popular bedtime app of all time on the App Store. It’s a simply beautiful, interactive story app that allows you to not only read to yours kids, but they can move and play around with the app also, allowing them to slowly wind down for the end of the day. As I just mentioned, the design, illustrations and everything about this game are beautiful and make it really feel like a story book suitable for kids.

Peppa’s Paintbox

peppa pig ipad games 2020Download Free iTunes

The first in our Peppa Pig Games is Peppa’s Paintbox. Quick note, there are plenty of Peppa Pig games on the App Store, but we wanted to highlight the cheapest for you. Anyway, Peppa’s Paintbox is what it sounds like, it’s a cute little game that allows your kid to paint using their finger on the screen. The game comes with multiple colours, backgrounds, tin colours, characters and prop stickers, characters to colour in and more. It’s a fun little game to get your kids being creative.

Chuggington Traintastic Adventures Free – A Train Set Game for Kids

ipad activity games kids

Download Free From iTunes

One of the most fun and oldest hobbies ever is to own a train set. This is something that has gone back for generations that, as a result, this generation have the ability to do this on a large-screen tablet. Chuggington Trainstastic Adventures is a great game that allows you to build a train set, collect trains, set trains on their path, build a train and play through a storyline adventure. It’s a great game for those boys and girls that want a train set, but you can’t quite afford the potentially hundreds of dollars it takes to satisfy this desire.

Charlie & Lola: My Little Town 

best creative kids games 2019

Download from iTunes For $3.99

Charlie & Lola: My Little Town is the perfect game for those little tots who love to be creative, love design things and love to make little collages. This iPad game comes with 6 interactive games that will develop your child’s creative skills through a free-form and imaginative gameplay style. What is really nice to keep the kids interested and playing is that the more the place, the more rewards they will unlock which will allow them to build their ‘My Little Town’ even further.

Peppa’s Activity Maker

peppa pig game 2020

Free Download iTunes

Another Peppa Pig game right now with Peppa’s Activity Maker which is a remarkable game that is great for the money. Peppa’s Activity Maker features 32 activities for you and your little ones to play with each other. The game features some lovely illustrations and animations. obviously influenced by the incredibly popular Peppa Pig series on television.

Fireman Sam – Junior Cadet 

best games for small kids

Download from iTunes for $1.99

Fireman Sam may be one of the biggest children’s TV programmes of all times and there’s finally an official app for the App Store that allows you to not only play as Fireman Sam, but also with Fireman Sam. This game is feature-rich with 6 really fun games to play with three difficulties each. These games will enhance your child’s creativity skills, motor skills and more. In addition to these 6 games, the app comes with a sticker book in which you can put stickers you unlock as you play the games and a fun video for every 5 games played.

Elmo Loves 123s 

counting games for toddlers 2020

Download from iTunes for $2.99

This is one for the really young kids who are still looking to learn to count, write and progress their creativity skills. Elmo Loves 123s features some great games that will enhance your kid’s number identification, number tracing, counting groups of objects, addition and subtraction, problem-solving and arts and creativity. The game uses a lot of motions and gestures that the iPad supports too which will also make them better at future games for you dads out there!

Little Princess – I want to Play!creative ipad games for kids 2020

Download From iTunes For $2.99

Finally on our list we have Little Princess – I want to Play! This is a game that once again feature multiple games within its interface. The four game modes are Dress Up, Pairs, Bunny Bop and Bath Time. Dress Up is as suggests and is great for those kids that love to play dress up. Pairs is an image-matching game where you have to match pairs behind each card. Bunny Bop is a themed version of whack-a-mole which is great fun for high-energy kids. And Bath Time is a more relaxing game that allows you to clean two characters from the Little Princess cartoons and then pop the bubbles at the end.

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