What Are The Best Quality Bluetooth Speakers To Treble The Vibes With Amazing Sound

We have reviewed a good number of wireless speakers from different brands. After going through a long list of Bluetooth speakers to find the best cheapest and the most expensive wireless speaker. By the end of this post you will come to know about the best Bluetooth speakers or how to find the right one. 

How To Find The Best Quality Bluetooth Speakers?

 There are few things that you need to know and understand to find which wireless speaker is really the best of all. The important things that you need to see in a Bluetooth speaker are durability, water resistance, design, woofer quality, volume depth, Bluetooth pairing, media control, physical controls and wireless connectivity. All those Wireless speakers which have all these qualities could be said to be the best Bluetooth speakers. 

For example: Many Bluetooth speakers that we review perform 20% better when they are connected to an AC power source. Same should be taken into account for volume and physical controls etc. 

How To Make A Wireless Speaker Sound Better And Louder?

Even if you have purchased an ordinary Bluetooth speaker which comes under $10; still you can make it sounder 100% better with few hacks:

  1. Placing It Against A Corner – Many times speakers sound louder when played in closed areas or against corners. The sound waves strike to the walls and create an echo which doubles the sound for listeners. 
  2. Put It On The Floor When You Play It – When you play your Bluetooth speaker while putting it on the floor it performs remarkably better and louder. We tried it and it really worked for us. Let’s see how this simple hack turns out for you. 

There are many other ways which may help you make your simple speaker sound 10 times louder than its usual volume. But we are sure these two hacks will work wonders for you. 

Which One Is The Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker?

During reviewing we found plenty of fabulous sounding speakers; the sound quality, loudness and volume controls truly perform as the manufacturers claimed. Although you will find many Bluetooth speakers worth buying, according to us JBL and Marshall are two of the best brands of high quality Bluetooth speakers. Most of their wireless speakers speak for themselves. On the other hand, if you want us to pick just a single Bluetooth speaker then that is none other than Devialet Gold Phantom, it sounds amazing. You’d have never listened to such sound quality ever before. 

We are finally revealing these amazing Bluetooth speakers for their sound quality, durability, finesse and great many other features including the dramatic price variations.  This list contains world’s best cheapest and also the world’s most expensive Bluetooth speaker to evoke the thunder in parties of all type.

# 5 X6 TWS Bluetooth Speaker – Best Cheapest High Quality Wireless Speaker


X6 TWS Bluetooth speaker is probably the best cheapest wireless speaker on the planet. It comes with ergonomic design, useful accessories, cheap price and moderate sound quality. Let’s check its specs and find out how cool this thing is.

Physical Features

It’s neither too big nor too small. But a really beautiful looking speaker. On both of its sides you will see a gold-like rim surrounding the speaker. You should keep in mind that the speakers are not on both the sides but only on its right. The bass unit is at its center-front. While on its right side is a 2-inch tweeter which is pretty cool for the price it costs.

At its base you will see a resting design to set it where you want to put it on. On its top you have all the controls to regulate the volume, bass and pairing control with the other speaker. When you take off the white strip just right under the control system, you will see a USB slot, Micro SD slot, Audio Jack input and a small charging port etc.

Sound Quality

When we paired it with another X6 TWS speaker to create a sound surrounding, they just blew the room with an amazing sound. When the music is played, its woofer vibrates quickly forward and backward.
With its bass-woofer you will just feel the super cool vibes coming through it. For its price the audio quality is way better. An overall for a small price this is best of cheapest high quality Bluetooth speakers.

So if you don’t want to shell out bundles of bucks X6 TWS wireless speaker is the best bet you could possibly have.

4# Aomais Go Mini – Best Cheap Durable LED Speaker


Physical Specs.

Aomais Go Mini has a sleek black body in black coupled with LEDs. It’s a high quality built speaker and when we hold it in our hands its plastic body feels quite tough, durable and its speaker is not hollow.

Water Resistance 

It has IPX7 rating that means you can use it underwater just like other popular brands available on the market such as JBL and Sony. We tested it using it underwater and it works just perfectly fine even after some days and go on without affecting its quality. On the other hand, most of the speakers when fall under the water they just don’t perform as they used to be.

Other Features

The Pause and Play is on to your left and if you hold the button for a while the LED will turn off and on. On the right is power button that turns on and off the speaker.

Pairing is simple. When the Aomais Go Mini is turned on it automatically goes to the pairing mode. This speaker only supports one device at a time. So if you have paired your phone with it, you need to unpair it before pairing the speaker with any other gadget. To check on its battery level, you can notice the small lights and eventually they will tell you if the battery is low.


On its left side, there is a USB port for charging and a 3.5 mm port for inputs. It offers 12 hours of non-stop battery life which is quite good for the small Bluetooth devices. For wireless it has Bluetooth 4.2 which performs for a reasonable distance just fine.
For much better performance, if you want, you can pair two speakers at the same time for a better stereo results. So you need to pair both these speakers and then you can pair them to your device.

Bluetooth Testing

While testing it for Netflix and other streaming services, we noticed it works fine with the Bluetooth when the range is not too far. So if you are looking for a cool LED speaker that change colors with the change of beat, waterproof and sounds soothing, Aomais Go Mini is for you. It’s clean, durable and tough for a speaker with high sound quality that you will get from expensive speakers.

#3 Marshall Kilburn II – One Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers To-date


With its front big speaker, woofer and a small speaker at its back, you can enjoy the room filled with beautiful surrounding sound and music.
Physical Specs.

When we hold it in hands, it feels a lot like leather but it’s actually not. According to the company, no animal skin is used for its covering. It’s very portable, Its front features a very strong grill that seems pretty much like an old school microphone. Its whole body is wrapped in a leather like material. If you scratch your nail on it, the mark disappears quickly.

Top Buttons Slot

Its top front shows a Bluetooth pairing button, identical knobs seems like amps for volume, bass and treble. Marshall is known for adorable classy designed Bluetooth speakers. To its far right you can see the battery level indicator.

Marshall Kilburn II Water Resistance Test

This speaker is water resistant with an IPX2 rating. Although you cannot take it underwater with this rating but still for some water it’s good to go. For rainy days, outdoor parties, it’s just fine.
The power plug ports other settings are on its backside.

Power Cables

Most of the big speakers which fall under the pricing category of around 200 bucks come with thick large power bricks. Kilburn comes with a small cord that looks convenient to plugin. It recharges to 100 percent within 2 hours.


We tested its battery with 50% of volume and it lasted 14 hours of playback which is a big takeaway from this nicely done classy Bluetooth speaker. The company claims it can last up to 20 hours.


Kilburn II supports 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity which is another big take away as it’s the latest technology used devices for better connectivity while playing videos and streaming media. It can connect with the device easily from more than a 100 feet distance. Besides, it can connect to up to 2 devices at the same time.

Audio Quality of Kilburn II

The audio quality of this speaker has some of the best quality Bluetooth speakers. So if you are looking for a great Bluetooth speaker with amazing sound, this one’s for you. As you would have seen many Kilburn speakers in the concerts in huge sizes. They are there for some good and obvious reasons.

#2 JBL Xtreme 3 Vs JBL Xtreme 2 – One Of The Best Wireless Speakers


JBL is a household name when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. We are comparing two of its back-to-back popular speakers. JBL Xtreme 2 and 3 are few of those speakers that you can take with you wherever you go.

Physical Features Xtreme 3 Vs 2

The Xtreme 3 looks pretty much different from Xtreme 2. On a personal preference, to us, Xtreme 2 looks cooler than the new one.
Xtreme 3 has a modern nicely done body made from the fabric which can remain safe from bumps and scratches.
Xtreme 2, on the other hand, looks pretty decent for its low weight, sober design and cool colors.

Tech Features

The most noticeable moderation in Xtreme 3 is that now it can charge with a USB-C port and has a sleeker charging cable than Xtreme 2. All other JBL Xtreme models required an AC port for charging. Not only that, you can charge your own devices from Xtreme 3 USB port which is still a rare thing these days, despite there are tons of other speakers that come with a USB port. Both Xtreme 3 and 2 support 3.5 mm audio jack. As most of the new speakers are removing their audio jacks.

Battery Life

Xtreme 3 charges much faster than the Xtreme 2. When we count the number of hours the battery lasts, Xtreme 3 and 2 are not much different from one another. Both of these speakers claim to provide up to 15 hours of music play at 50% volume.

When we tested we found that these speakers provide up to 9 hours of playback at 50% of volume. But keep in mind the rise in volume is directly proportional to the battery consumption.


The Xtreme 3 comes with a 5.1 Bluetooth feature. These both models Xtreme 3 and 2 can connect to 2 devices at the same time. You can use a wireless or a SBC connection as well. You can pair Xtreme 3 to other speakers including JBL models.

The Quality of Audio Xtreme 3 Versus 2

The Xtreme 3 comes with a dual set of front woofers, dual tweeters and dual radiators that shoot great tunes from all of its sides. Xtreme 3 has been rated as a 50 RMS speaker while the Xtreme 2 is rated as 40 watt RMS.
While playing these both speakers sound very different from one another. Both these speakers have much more hitting bass than other speakers and even the predecessor.

Water Resistance

Xtreme 3 has a water resistance level of IP67 which is great for taking this speaker underwater or even dirt, in case it falls. As compared to previous JBL models, Xtreme 3 is a cool speaker that will stay with you wherever you go as it’s a pound lighter than the Xtreme 2.
Xtreme 2 weighs about 4.3 pounds and is slightly heavier than Xtreme 3 with less water resistance ratings.
These both have shoulder straps that help you carry them easily.

The Major Difference Between JBL Xtreme 3 and 2.

The biggest difference between Xtreme 3 and 2 is that Xtreme 3 has everything a little higher than the Xtreme 2, it’s even louder than the Xtreme 2. However, these both have the same bass. While the Xtreme 3 with most of its technicalities being high, Xtreme 2 plays a lot warmer comparatively. The Xtreme 3 is much louder than the Xtreme 2 and is a much better performer than the Xtreme 2 when connected with a power plug.

Price of JBL Xtreme 3 Vs 2

When it comes to prices of these Bluetooth speakers. The Xtreme 3 costs around $350 in retail just like its previous models as they were first released. However, as JBL Xtreme 3 out you can easily find JBL Xtreme on sale these days. We will mention the sources to buy them below.

JBL Xtreme 3


JBL Xtreme 2


#1 Devialet Gold Phantom – High-end And The World’s Most Expensive Wireless Speaker


There are tons of new Bluetooth speakers that will blow your mind. In every aspect this giant Devialet Gold Phantom speaker will surpass all others. Before beginning we must tell you this is the most expensive Bluetooth speaker you’d have ever seen. If you are willing to spend nearly $3000 then you can get this mind blowing Bluetooth speaker.

Physical Features

When you unwrap its classy cloth you will see 22 carat of real gold is used to craft its plate where the company name is engraved on it. It’s 13” from right to left, 16.9” from top to bottom and 22” from front to end. It comes with a powerful power cord in the small box along with it.

On the front you can see the main speaker right in the front. On its both sides 22 carat gold plate is used to engrave the company name. Right beside that you can see the subwoofers on both sides.

While playing the songs with the noticeable bass both the subwoofers actually move that you will feel the vibrations on your body. For example if you will keep a glass of wine or water by the subwoofer it will shake, spill or even fall.
On its back, there is only one button which can be used to power on the speaker or reset it. You can enter the power cable in a slot, there is another slot for ethernet etc. You can read the manufacturer names and other details from its side. They have used titanium all over this most expensive Bluetooth speaker which is one of its kind.

Ergonomic Design

This is the most beautiful wireless speaker, suitable for people who are crazy about music and sound systems and even suitable for those who like to see everything in a perfect shape across their houses. As it’s more of a piece of art than a speaker.

It requires 4500 watts and performs at 108 decibels. It’s the ultimate connected speaker which comes with a classy detailing and precision of great sound brought to life by Grade I Titanium speaker.

100% Sound Accuracy System
Its each spectacle such as Bass, Treble and volume are designed in such a precision that you will literally feel each thing coming to life through a different perspective. You can clearly describe each of them while listening through this speaker. It’s the only wireless speaker that never distorts when you change the levels of volume.

It creates amazing sound vibes, with each distinguishable vibration to simulate with the surrounding. The sound feels like you have speakers and woofers all across the room and you are resting your body onto them.

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