10 Best Christmas Gifts For Him – Unique Hand-picked Gift Ideas for Your Bro, Dad, Son or Hubby

Choosing a unique gift for your father, husband, brother or son could be a daunting task. But if you know what he likes, it can be easier to get him something that he would love to bits. Get him something he wants this year. Whether he’s a fitness fanatic, lover of literature or wine and ale connoisseur, peruse our list before making any impulsive purchases you’ll regret later on. These 10 gift ideas for him are a good place to start if you’re in need of a little inspiration.

1. Game of Thrones ruled notebook

These decorative journals come with a brief history of each of the four great houses that feature in Game of Thrones; Tagaryen, Lannister, Stark and Westeros Baratheon. Choose which house you like best and select the according notebook.

Buy Game of Thrones ruled notebook here

destiny playstation 4 - gifts for him

2. Destiny – Playstation 4

Is he crazy about Playstation and won’t leave his adventure for anything. Surprise your favorite brother, friend or husband by buying him Destiny for Playstation 4 so he can enjoy unlimited adventure in the best action packed adventure game.

Buy Destiny for Playstation 4 here

3. iGadgitz water resistant jogging armband for iPhone 6, 5s, 5c and 4

Stop running with an iPhone moving around your pockets and invest in a jogging armband. This gadget has somewhere to put your headphones when you’re not using them and makes running whilst listening to music problem-free and easy. A great problem solving piece.

Buy iGadgitz water resistant jogging armband for iPhone here

Metal Earth Star Wars R2D2 Model Kit

4. Metal Earth Star Wars: R2D2 Model

Is he a model making lover? Does he love star wars and is crazy about it? An ideal gift for him would be a Metal Earth Star Wars R2D2 model making kit. Fascinate him by giving him a gift he would enjoy for hours.

Buy Metal Earth Star Wars: R2D2 Model here

5. Fujifilm Instax polaroid camera

If you find yourself constantly forgetting to print off great photos, you might want to consider getting this Polaroid camera bundle. Access great photos in a flash. Operation is simple and images come out credit card-sized.

Buy Fujifilm Instax polaroid camera set here

grizzly bear shoes

6. Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Make a statement in these warm, grizzly bear paw slippers. The thick, faux-fur detailing is sure to keep your feet warm and cosy whilst the grizzly paws are bound to get a reaction out of all who see it.

Buy Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers 

Rubiks Cube Desk Light

7. Rubik’s Cube Desk Light

Do you have a person in your life who is very interested in complex things in life? Surprise that special person whether he be your dad, husband, son or brother by gifting him this interesting desk light that will keep him entertained when he is at his desk.

Buy Rubik’s Cube Desk Light here

8. Coca-Cola: The Cookbook

Make novelty dishes using your favourite fizzy drink. Check out the 30 mouth-watering recipes in this recipe book and become a whizz in the kitchen in no time at all. Recipes include Coca-Cola ham, alcohol-free eggnog and muffins. Makes for an interesting stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

Buy Coca-Cola: The Cookbook here

9. The Great Minds Range – Halley’s Comet puzzle

Is he a know-it-all? If so, put his mind to the test and see how he compares to some of our world’s greatest thinkers. The puzzle is simple; separate the pieces and rebuild the comet. See how long it takes him to figure out this classic puzzle.

Buy here

10. 4M brush robot

Build a robot that moves around on a brush. The robot vibrates and jumps and is easy to assemble and make. A perfect gift for anyone who has dreamt of having their own robot (although they probably didn’t imagine it would look like this). The robot requires two AA batteries that aren’t included.

Buy 4M brush robot here

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