Guess the GIF Cheat Codes and Answers: Levels 1-50

Looking for answers to the incredibly addictive game Guess the GIF? Well we have all answers to all 200 levels right here for you. Our first post will highlight levels 1-50 and then we shall the cover the remaining 150 in the next three posts. This makes it easier for you to break them up!

guess-the-gif-answersStuck on a level or just want to see how quickly you can breeze through the game? Then check out the list below for the answers to the first 50 Guess the GIF questions.

Level 1: Michael Jackson
Level 2: Et
Level 3: Friends
Level 4: Cookie Monster
Level 5: Red Bull
Level 6: Pac Man
Level 7: McDonalds
Level 8: Star Wars
Level 9: Bob Marley
Level 10: The Simpsons
Level 11: Indiana Jones
Level 12: The Price Is Right
Level 13: Michael Jordan
Level 14: Back To The Future
Level 15: Marilyn Monroe
Level 16: Big Bird
Level 17: The Addams Family
Level 18: Miley Cyrus
Level 19: Titanic
Level 20: Star Trek
Level 21: Superman
Level 22: Batman
Level 23: Albert Einstein
Level 24: Beavis And Butthead
Level 25: The Grinch
Level 26: Wizard Of Oz
Level 27: Scooby Doo
Level 28: Popeye
Level 29: Lady Gaga
Level 30: Doctor Who
Level 31: Jaws
Level 32: Richard Nixon
Level 33: Wheel Of Fortune
Level 34: Abraham Lincoln
Level 35: The Beatles
Level 36: Saved By The Bell
Level 37: The Matrix
Level 38: Elvis
Level 39: Bugs Bunny
Level 40: Twilight Zone
Level 41: Eminem
Level 42: King Kong
Level 43: King Of The Hill
Level 44: Jeopardy
Level 45: The Mask
Level 46: Dos Equis
Level 47: TMNT
Level 48: Kim Kardashian
Level 49: Jerry Maguire
Level 50: I Love Lucy

There you go! Hope this helps and we hope the answers don’t seem to obvious after seeing them here as that can be the most annoying thing about these games! Enjoy!

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