10 Of The Weirdest Ever iOS Games

The App Store is the biggest place in the world to find applications. There’s an incredible amount of varied applications from action games to photo editors and from apps that pilots that can use to navigate the skies to train station apps for kids. There’s literally an application for everything on the App Store and as a result you often find a few odd or weird ones. Apple recently released a little fun list of the weirdest games on iOS. We found these quite interesting and would like to share them with you today. So here are 10 of the weirdest ever iOS games.

The Executive ($4.99)

screen520x924 (3)The Executive is a story about a simple man in an office who ends up losing the plot and has to defend his office from many different creatures from werewolves to large warthogs and more. The Executive has you kicking, punching, round housing and all sorts of different fighting techniques against some great enemies. It’s one of those games that sounds weird when described but actually results in really fun gameplay. With 120+ levels, an upgradable character with new moves to learn, over 50 enemy types, 12 bosses, 12 challenging achievements and retina graphics this game definitely offers a bang for it’s buck.

Mr Crab (Free)

screen480x480 (3)Mr Crab is a game that utilises a fairly simple ethos of one-fingered gameplay that has you tapping the screen at certain times to try and jump and navigate up trees and circuits as you go along. The game offers up rather beautiful graphics, but never forget, you are playing as a crab throughout the game. Being free-to-play, Mr Crab offers up 14 free levels and then more to unlock via purchases if you’re enjoying yourself.

Fallman – Trampoline Action ($1.99)

screen480x480 (2)Fallman – Trampoline Action is a game that has you jumping on a trampoline trying to do as many different and odd tricks as you can without “dying” (failing a trick.) There are different outfits and hats for you to unlock as you progress. Also, the character you play with as the most pretentious face which makes it a little more fun when you purposefully make him fail.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land (Free)

screen520x924 (2)Silly Sausage in Meat Land is the modern day version of Snake. Silly Sausage has you travelling and navigating through different levels as you body grows longer as you progress through. The game has you stretching out your sausage dog’s body to try and get different achievements on over 50 different levels throughout the game. It IS silly but it is also rather addictive and fun too.

Goat Simulator GoatZ ($2.99)

screen520x924 (1)One of the biggest hit games on PC came to mobile and then so did its Zombie equivalent. Goat Simulator GoatZ has you running around killing zombies as a goat. Yes, you heard that right, a game about zombies and goats. The game features some RPG elements in that you can create weapons to attack the zombies with and you can explore the lands finding new materials and weapons to combine with one another. Great fun. Odd fun.

Incredipede ($3.99)

screen640x640 (1)Incredipede is a game that suggests that it offers you the ability to be Dr Frankenstein for a day. Incredipede has you creating a monster with a wide array of different limbs and heads and sorts and then attempting to navigate different puzzles. On top of this you can create your own puzzles as well. There’s over 120 levels for you to navigate and a surprisingly large array of different limbs and extensions to create the weirdest monster you can.

Shoot The Moon (Free)

screen480x480 (1)The title in itself suggests this isn’t going to be a game that suggests normality if it has you shooting the moon. This game has you journeying through the oddest areas of space whilst trying to aim your rocket towards the moon. Want to know why you want to destroy the moon in this game? Apparently it keeps singing and that’s really annoying you. The game also features milestones for you to achieve and reach for boosts and such.

Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey ($2.99)

screen480x480Another odd game here in Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey. This game has you delivering Pizza…in Space. It has you create a lovely pizza to deliver to a customer and then to try and dodge the very abnormal traffic in the sky to get the pizza there on time. There are over 75 “outlandish” toppings for you to top your pizza with and endless levels for you to keep performing on.

8-Bit Waterslide ($0.99)

screen640x6408-Bit Waterslide has you sliding a character down a waterslide. The game’s description includes this description “Take control of a screaming coward, TIPLER as he hurtles along this awesome pixel death slide. But before his gruesome demise… Why not set him on fire? Kick him in the nuts? Shove fruit up his butt or shower him in acid?” If that’s not a game that offers up a bit of weirdness and oddness then we don’t know many better.

Sunburn ($2.99)

screen520x924Sunburn is one of those games that takes an idea that could be quite tame and makes it a little odd. The game offers up 8-bit pixel graphics and has you navigating planets, asteroids and different objects, trying to collect your crashed fellow spaceship mates in space. The game has you navigating around objects whilst dragging other characters and basically and if you crash into one planet, everyone dies. It’s an odd game but actually quite a lot of fun.

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