Facebook Ads VS Google AdWords: Which One Is Better For Business?

So you’ve started up a small business and want to know which service is the best to use if you’re looking to advertise your company/services to others. Technically, you should try and use both as they both have their positives and that way you’ll be reaching the widest audience possible. However, we are going to compare the two and see which is the best. While there are some similarities between advertising on Facebook and advertising with Google AdWords, there’s quite some differences too.

Facebook Positives

Sessions last longer

So one thing you want is for your brand to be on the screen for as long as possible to give the user more chance to see it. With Facebook, people often spend longer on the website and as a result there’s more chance for them to see the advertisement. Whereas Google adwords search sessions often don’t last as long and therefore there’s less time to capture the audience with an ad.

Specific Audiences based on Interests

Another positive that Facebook specialises in is having a lot of personal data on everybody, including their personal interests, hobbies and more. Therefore, they can aim their advertisements as the people who are more likely to be interested on them based on what pages they like on Facebook, what they often share to Facebook and more. It’s all a bit more personal than Google adwords.

Google Positives

Google’s beginning to be a big part of people’s digital lives

We mentioned that Facebook offers a more personal set of data based on movie, book, tv show interests and more however Google are beginning to simply own the most popular pages that people visit on the web.

When you search something, it’s with Google Search so they have that data. When you watch videos, it’s more likely than not linked to YouTube and so they have that data too. Google+ is still a growing social network despite their recent announcement that they were separating Photos from it, so any pages you like on that becomes part of your Google information too.

Users Know what they’re looking for

When users come to Google Search to look for something, more often than not they know what they are looking for and as a result google the direct search word or term. This results in a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) due to users often finding your ads based on what they are actually looking for rather than Facebook’s use case of finding things they THINK they might be interested in based on the pages they’ve liked.


Huge Audiences

Both Have Massive Audiences with Google receiving about 1,100,000,000 unique monthly users and Facebook getting around 900,000,000 unique monthly users. That’s an incredibly large amount of users that these two giants are reaching and suggests that despite which one you choose, both will reach an audience plenty big enough for any business to feel the benefits of using their advertisement services.

Primarily PPC Advertising

Another similarity between the two is that they are both PPC (Pay Per Click) services that mean they both work in the same way in that you pay for each click that comes to your website as a simple form of return. With both of them using this technique, it eliminates the question of which would be more financially sensible as they both offer the same technique.


So as we’ve seen there are positives to using both Facebook advertising and Google adwords. In addition, they both offer up incredibly large audiences and both use a PPC service that will result in a lot of businesses hugely benefiting from using either brand as they both offer a great audience to pose your content to.

We believe that after all the analysis of the two services, these are our conclusions. If you’re looking to sell a specific product or service then Google adwords would be your better choice as users use Google to search more specifically for products and as a result you’re more likely to get direct results that way. In addition, with Google’s ever-expanding web domination you’re becoming more and more able to see what they’re Googling, searching in YouTube and more to see if they’re searching either for your product or one like yours.

However, if you’re looking to advertise your company or business then Facebook is the advertisement choice for you. It not only offers an incredibly large audience that will be spending a lot more of their time on the pages they visit and as a result will more likely stay and read your ad, but it also still offers an incredibly large audience for your business or company to reach.

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