Africa’s Wildlife On Display – Bring Your Camera!

Wildlife photographers are constantly on the lookout for the most dramatic landscapes, and majestic sightings to capture. Africa, while not being the sole ideal destination for breathtaking photography, has plenty of both to offer. Across its vast deserts and pasture-like regions, millions of tourists travel, to observe some of the largest or rarest animals on the planet.

Among many of these travelers are photographers, relying on Africa’s dense forests, to shoot under cover. Different parts of Africa sport different types of animals, with some countries having much of everything. Where you go, will be determined by what pictures you want to take, and how much time you want to spend. Let’s take a look at some popular, and well suited destinations.

Competing with some of the other regions, for the top stop, is South Africa. All of South Africa’s vast natural habitats are home to hundreds of species, from endangered kinds, to Africa’s big five. Its differences over other areas in the continent include well planned and diverse reserves, and abundant travel services, making finding what you want easier. Local trackers and wildlife experts are easily found as well. A frequently visited place by nature and wildlife photographers is Cape Town.

Botswana is another excellent pick for a wildlife safari, and photo-trip. The country’s rich, savanna covered desert lands are prime areas for all sorts of wildlife. The Kalahari dessert is often enough to warrant a trip to this nation, as it spans most of the country, and is full of the largest, and the continent’s most coveted, wildlife. Shooting in Botswana means you can take advantage of the various means of transportation, most of which include river journeys. Botswana’s fauna are familiar sights in prestigious photography, and included the largest of African wild cats, elephants, and large mammals. Small, and exotic game are also common.

Another of Africa’s natural wildlife reserves is Tanzania, a land that teems with a variety of wildlife. Several species of large game are scattered in herds around the country. Antelope, and similar species are especially abundant and lead to a famous, massive migration. Lodging and camping safari trips provide excellent photography adventures here, as every morning dawns on a different sight.

If beautiful landscapes and unique backgrounds are as important to your photography as great wildlife, a scenic desert land, like Namibia, will interest you the most. Namibia is divided by red-sanded deserts that are home to extraordinary mammals. Birds and small game are most seen here, making it a very popular destination for photographers.

Africa tends to capture the hearts of many photographers, simply by its diverse ecosystems and refreshing scenes. It’s often no hard task to find conducive environments for a shooting, and Africa’s warm climates making all-day shooting possible. All parts of Africa feature some uniqueness, from gorillas to great herds of African elephants. Whichever region you choose for your photography, will let you bring back some of that uniqueness with you, in print.

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