Best Programmable Robotic Kits For Kids And Adults

Automation has taken over everything in our life these days. Giant industries are turning to artificial intelligence and human capital is getting replaced with robots. Robotics is playing crucial roles and finishing things more quickly than humans. Programming these robots is equally important to get jobs done smartly and make them operative. 

Nowadays, robotics kits are available on the market which you can program easily and do not require any premium training. Not only adults, but these robot kits are designed for kids to learn and interest them as well. 

The best programmable robot kits for adults vs. kids

The new robot kits are easy to learn for new users. There is a need for understanding the difference between kits for adults and kids. 

The new robotics kits for kids help them understand programming and robotics technology. Although they require assembling, any tools and kits must not come with accessories that contain hardware. The programming done for these kits does not have difficult coding. The visual aids are used to help the new beginners. 

The robotic kits manufactured and programmed for adults use the Arduino platform come with template projects controlled by commands that can be used as learning aids. There are tons of jobs that can be performed by programming as such. 

Robot kits designed for adults require assembling. These kits come with various settings each of that is focused on a definite engineering idea. Each idea’s design works on a principle and challenges their wisdom that makes it workable for adults. 

However, in different cases such robot kits for kids and adults pave way for them to understand simple programming. They introduce creative thinking to their minds during assembling and do not come pre-assembled. 

Checkout the list of the 5 best programmable robot kits for adults

1. Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit


Ultimate Robot Kit from Makeblock is one of the finest robot kits for adults. This 10-in-1 robot kit provides you with a variety of options to learn from. This kit offers a range of robots that you can build. These robots move on its legs and act as camera dolly, mount for 3D scanning and self balancing. 

The movable parts of this robot kit are crafted from anodized 6061 aluminium which look appealing. MegaPi microcontroller is the chief control board which connects 10 servo motors and many others. 

A perfect graphical block-based programming interface is used for this kit. Those skilled adults who like mind-blowing challenging kits can and love programming, they can use their skills on this kit with the help of mBlock software and PC. 

2. Official Arduino Starter Kit


 Official Arduino Starter kit is so important that this list would not have been possible without adding it. It’s very versatile but not quite flashy. It offers a great learning experience. 

The Arduino starter kit has a breadboard with different parts that makes them interact with each other. Not only the common LEDs but all other important components like capacitors, resistors and many others make this list complete. The software that programs it does not come with a kit. If you are new to Arduino the website lets you download it for free. There is a detailed guide that contains tutorials to get you started. 

3. OWI Robotic Arm Edge


It may seem off the record for a robotic arm to be so famous but OWI Robotic Arm Edge is the finest kit for adults. The limited scope of different functions works like OWI Robotic Arm that aims at keeping the pricing down for the beginners. 

All the OWI Robotic Arm parts can be fixed with screws which do not require soldering at all. It has great rotation whose base can rotate about 270 degrees forward and 180 degrees backward. There is a gripper added at the end which helps to open and close it. 

To make the OWI Robotic Arm work no professional coding is needed. You have to assemble and connect the kit with a controller. The wiring helps to looking into its mechanism and find out how it works. 

4. Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi Smart Robotic Kit


This kit from Yahboom has Raspberry Pi technology involved and has a wide range of parts. We have mentioned simple kits before this one but this one particular is altogether a complex kit. It has transistors, motors and resistors that make this kit a complete one with an HD camera and a controller. 

This does not have a basic graphical coding or user interface but C or Python programming language is used. It’s quite simple to work like a professional and you don’t have to worry about it. 

5. SunFounder Raspberry Pi Car DIY Robot Kit


We discussed the most complex kit above this kit from SunFounder is another big surprise that comes with Raspberry Pi technology. It is made more accessible for the beginners and is fully supported by visual programming. It has three basic sensors, one for obstacle detection, another one for following the light while the last one for following a line of action. 

Once completed this robotic kit appears like a truck with massive wheels and a plate. The wiring is done to perform a specific function so chances of failing are negligible. Not only that, you can program it with a visual editor by dragging and dropping a block. 

This kit can give adults the best exercise for their brains, while their board is controlled by Raspberry Pi programming. We have found out that the SunFounder robot kit provides great challenges. You can use your knowledge and experience of different levels. 

Check out the list of the 5 best programmable robot kits for kids

1.ArcBotics Sparki Robot – Programmable Arduino STEM Robot Kit for Kids


ArcBotics Sparki Robot – Programmable Arduino STEM Robot kit for kids is the best starter robot kit which can change into different robots. With so many different settings this kit can transform into a variety of robots. The kids can keep playing with it for hours and learn the mechanics of it. There are ports for easy wiring. The best part is that the kids won’t need any soldering for building it. 

Those different robots from these kits can interconvert into any amazing design. For example the kids can transform it into a remote controlled truck that they can drive or a robot that can freely move around. While, there are still explorable designs for kids like bugs do. 

Each model amazes kids in its own way with its sensors and motors. It means you can design differently. There are hundreds of other models that your kid can turn into not only 11 models that we have talked about.  They can come up with some of the creative ideas on their own. 

ArcBotics Sparki Robot – Programmable Arduino STEM Robot Kit for Kids is one of the finest learning centers for kids and Rokit robot is a liked learning tool. Every month hundreds of Rokit are sold and kids are learning from these high-paced kits.

2. Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit


Mindstorms EV3 is a Lego product and kids find it exciting putting together 600 pieces made from bricks, wires, sensors and motors. The kids even don’t have to restrict themselves to Lego Bricks. 

EV3 has an instructional manual to craft 17 robotic designs out of it. When you got all the motors in one place. When syncing the robot EV3 you can adjust the parameters for controls. The best form of robot built with this kid is named SPIK3R, a 16-inch creature of 6 legs which move. 

The assembling of its different models is basically a lego which does not require any soldering; it can be simply put by dragging and dropping into the pre-built functional models. This kit is purchased in a great number despite the fact it comes a bit more expensive. There are tons of possibilities with which you can make amazing lego sets. 

3. Makeblock Programmable mBot Ranger Robot Kit


The mBot Ranger comes as a powerful alternative and a fun thing for kids. It contains essential parts for the kids to make their first mBot in less than an hour. When you see mBot options limited then you can select pieces from the hundred of add-ons that your child has already paired.

When the kid has built a robot  adding their functionality with programmable blocks is simple with Makeblock app. The app uses Scratch graphical language to code which is very simple for kids and simplifies difficult codes. 

This kit allows children to build various mBot robots with different functions. The child can build hundreds of different designs of tanks, rovers or any vehicle.

4. LAFVIN Ibot Programmable Education Robot Car Kit STEM Education


The assembling of this LAFVIN Ibot Programmable Education Robot Car STEM Education Kit is easy and once done it appears like a cute toy jeep. It could appeal a great deal and has two robots. One with a line follower and a module with a remote. It’s the best robot kit for beginners but comes with a little less diversity.

This kit does not come pre-built but the assembling is simple and easy. There is no need for soldering, there is a guide-book that teaches you to wire properly. You can replace the small microchip and the control lets kids control the truck.

The LAFVIN Ibot Programmable Education Robot Car mobile app helps to program it. Its whole programming is done on Arduino and Scratch and many functions are performed by dragging and dropping platform. The concept is simple to understand and its movement around is a fun load for kids.

5. UBTECH Mythical Series Unicornbot Kit-App-Enabled Building & Coding Stem Learning Kit


When your kid has solved all the previous models on the list and it is becoming a monotonous process, then we recommend this UBTECH Mythical Series Unicornbot Coding Stem Learning Kit which is buildable and codable. You can easily build this unicorn with codable blocks.

It looks simple from the appearance but is quite easy to solve. Its programming uses BASIC logic and the robot can use sensors. There is a breadboard panel which helps to add parts with the simple wiring.


Robotics is designed by the experts and big companies use them to enhance their proficiency through artificial intelligence. These kits that we have listed above are the ones you can program with your kids from your homes. These robotics are specifically designed for adults and children separately to enhance their mental capacity. Though they are like toys and the programming is divided according to different stages of learning. These kits are very addictive. You need to take care of your kids and your own time. 

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