7 Amazing Interactive Android Apps for Kids

Someone has rightly said that, ‘Nothing you do for children is ever wasted’. Valuing the words of this famous quotation, we have designed and developed interactive Android applications for your kids. Kids love doing things by their own, if you make them learn they might not appreciate but if you show some innovative way of learning; they would love to do it. Lets Nurture offers wide range of android applications that proves as a hallmark of learning and exercising the brain for kids.

How important it is to educate your kid?

Children are great imitators so we give them something great to imitate by the means of our applications. We provide with different application themes that proves as a platform of versatile learning for your kids. Your tiny little kids must know and learn about planet, living beings, plants, birds, animals, God, mantras, vehicles, colors, fruits, vegetables, etc. By educating and acknowledging your kids about these particular things at right age makes him/her more mature and advanced. The pile of books can make your kids either agony or bored, hence we have brought up a creative way of learning for your growing little kids.

Lets Nurture brings the most creative learning Android applications for Kids

1: Animal Book

This amazing android application aids your kid’s brain by helping them know the identity of different animals with the help of images and sound. Your kids can even learn the proper pronunciation of the animals by downloading this app.

2: Learning Birds

Learning Birds is an educational application for teaching your kids about the aviary world. The app is a carousel of myriad birds. Your young ones can learn amazing fact about various birds including their diet and places, where they can be found.

3: Vegetable Book

This application gives your kids all the required information about each known Vegetable by their name, scientific name, their basic information and their uses. This makes your kid known to the nutritional facts associated with each vegetable.

4: Cartoon Book

Cartoon and Kids are inseparable; hence we have developed one of the most favorite applications for your kids by bringing in the fun and joy of their lovable cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Goofy, etc.  This application also proves helpful in improving your kid’s vocabulary.

5: Body parts Book

 This application focuses on giving light education for kids regarding different body parts of our body on your android phone. Your children will learn about each of the body parts starting from the head to toe and enrich their knowledge.

6: Vehicle Book

This useful application aids your kid’s brain in remembering and identifying the names of different vehicles. It includes vehicles which the kids can easily relate to and learn fast on them.

7: Color Book

Color is the first attribute that helps your kid in differentiating and learning things. Children Connect Sky With Color Blue And Leaves With Color Green. We have Brought another Android Application for Children Titled “Color Book” that Gives the Information to Small Kids about Different Colors.

Lets Nurture has developed many more android applications for your kids including Mantras, fruit book, building book, etc; to name a few. You can simply visit their Google Play and get acknowledge with the list of useful apps that are free to download and easy to install.

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