Online Education versus Traditional Education

A decade ago online education was no match to the traditional education, but today things have changed a lot. Online learning is now competing with the traditional learning at almost every level. Thanks to the increase in the number of internet users across the world that has enabled online schools to boost their programmes and quality. This can be judged from the internet world stat 2014 that number of internet users has crossed 2.5 billion mark during this year. With this internet penetration in the globe is now over 35 percent mark. It is because of this very reason now majority of the traditional educational institutes have even launched special sections on their websites that offer numerous online courses.

Below we have compared online education with traditional education in order to determine detriments and advantages of both experiences.

(i) Knowledge of the Subject

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Knowledge of the subject is the most important thing when it comes to gaining education, no matter whether you opt for online learning or traditional learning. For instance, if you are a professional or have some working knowledge of a subject then, enrolling in an online course will prove quite beneficial. Just as the Mini MBA certification of ninthd (9th D) is proving useful for the experienced trainees of the programme. The certification has worked well for the students because ninthd has developed it in association with UK College of Entrepreneurship (UKCET) that has put international experience and knowledge in it.

As a result, when the trainees will finish the Mini MBA course of ninthd they will be able to have economical viable skills (EVS) that assist them in gaining a better job within Pakistan or even outside the country. However, you do not have any idea about the subject then, its best to choose traditional course or education because involves face-to-face interaction with teachers that is missing in online education. There are several colleges and universities out there that offer both traditional and online courses now, so you can experience both.

(ii) Type of Learners

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The decision to go with online education or traditional education also depends on the type of learner. The reason behind it is that online education suits those who are independent and self-paced learners, as they have the capability to work at their own speed and achieve goals within the time they set for themselves. In brief, self-paced and independent students are more disciplined when it comes to managing time and preparing for the course. In contrast, those who believe that they require more assistance in learning, as they asks more questions then, for such people traditional education would remain best.

(iii) Cost Also Matters

When one compares traditional education with online education they also equate the cost of both experiences. Thus, when such a comparison is made distance learning wins by a good margin because unlike traditional schools virtual schools will not have bear regular teachers, classrooms and other expenses. Moreover, people who study online get the chance to save their transportation cost. In addition, en-rollers of online programmes will not have to leave their home town in order to take admission in a university or college that also saves their money.

(iv) Job Market

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There was a time when employers did not get too excited to hire a person who has received his education from virtual schools, as they were not considered too skilfull in the job market. Nevertheless, this tradition has changed now as employers are happily hiring people who have earned a degree from online school. So, online educationists’ prospects in job market are also bright now.

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