How To Use GoPro As A Webcam For Virtual Meetings

GoPro cameras are a thing of the present. They are very versatile, vloggers adore them, and the new GoPro Hero 9 Black has the new trick-ability to double your cam. This feature was added to GoPro Hero 8 Black’s latest webcam software which helps us use it as a webcam for broadcasting or attending Zoom meetings and other conferences. 

The GoPro buyers who are wondering how to use GoPro as a webcam, here are all the necessary tips for GoPro older models if you can afford a video capture card with the older versions. There are other suggestions as well. 

Many trekkers and mountaineers love GoPro for dirt biking and trails. But GoPros are not restricted to that. It can be used as webcams. Their wide angle view covers the whole part of fields or mountains and is ideal for the whole room. 

The video quality of the last two models of GoPros can record in 4K/60p which is far better than any regular webcam, even the one installed on your laptop.  So you should know before trying how to use GoPro as a webcam professionally.  

How To Use GoPro As A Webcam Professionally With GoPro Hero 9 & 8 Black Models? 


You need a USB-C cable, a laptop/computer and your action camera apart from other accessories. The GoPro software to use your action camera as a webcam are available for Macs and Windows in beta. These instructions are for Hero 9 Black and Hero 8 Black GoPro models. The two recent GoPro models– Hero 9 Black and Hero 8 Black can be used with GoPro Webcam software that shows how well the new GoPro models can be used for a webcam without any other accessories. They can easily capture a wider view and can perform as wide-angle webcams each. The software configuration is pretty simple for Mac while for Windows it is available in beta version for a while. 

You need two things to begin with. A USB-C cable that comes with GoPro and a computer for the GoPro software to use it as a webcam. However, you can use an accessory for a camera mount. 

There are many standard GoPro accessories available that you can use for a mount. Some of the options include Suction Cup, Shorty and Magnetic Swivel Clip. Once you have collected all the necessary equipment mentioned above you can read instructions below to use your GoPro as a webcam with your laptop. 

Watch official video on how to use your GoPro as a webcam

Grab one of the latest GoPro models first

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how to use gopro as webcam on pc and laptop
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how to use gopro as webcam on pc and laptop
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Grab a mount if you want one it’s better to use Shorty– GoPro’s official mount for all cameras

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  1. Updating The GoPro Firmware First

First thing first – If you have not updated your Hero 8 Black or Hero 9 Black GoPro models’ firmware yet, you must do it. To make it compatible with GoPro’s app for webcam you need to do it and updating it with GoPro’s app is convenient. There are other ways. Follow these instructions provided to GoPro to update it. 

How to update your GoPro Hero 8 Black firmware

How to update your GoPro Hero 9 Black firmware

  1. Install GoPro app on your laptop

After updating the firmware go and install GoPro Webcam app for desktop or laptop. The app is available for Mac but for Windows it requires joining a GoPro Facebook group to download the app. After being part of that group you can download the app. 

When the camera is detected through a blue icon after installing the app, an icon appears on the top of the status bar. You can also view the footage before connecting it to join your conference team such as Zoom or Google meet. 

  1. Plug it in and make it your source 

After installing the app you need to connect your one of the latest GoPro editions using the USB-C cable. The USB mode and then its logo will appear which will turn into a Webcam feature once you confirm it. You should choose it as a footage source to join the team. 

GoPro webcam app supports many meeting apps as today’s distanced society needs an app for online meetings. You can use Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Skype, Twitch or Snap Camera. All these apps with all their features are supported by GoPro. 

However, while using the GoPro app with Google Chrome it can easily give you options for Zoom, YouTube Live or Webex etc. You can easily choose GoPro as your source or input device from Google Menu settings. 

Having done that all you can select GoPro webcam for your feed source to join the crowd. 

  1. Play with the settings 

When you GoPro becomes your primary video source for meet up you can change the settings. If you’d choose a different Digital Lens or viewpoint from status the icon will appear grey, but becomes available after connecting Google Meet with your GoPro Hero Black. 

You should choose Linear Lens or Narrow Lens to narrow the view. GoPro Wide Lens is good for some who want to share the whole room but for virtual meetings narrowed view is preferable. Not only that, you can tweak other settings from preferences from 1080p to 720p depending on your internet speed. 

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How to use my old GoPro as a webcam or video source for Zoom meetings

As our business meetings and our children’s school classes are commenced through Zoom these days. We are bound to find a suitable way to partake in such meetings and make most of the virtual meet up. When you don’t have the latest GoPro camera that supports GoPro’s desktop app for a webcam you can still use your old GoPro model as a webcam after a little tricky procedure with the help of a video capture card. 

Follow the instructions below to use your GoPro Hero 7 Black or any other later release to use it as a webcam. You need these equipment to use your later version of GoPro as a webcam. 

1- A GoPro action camera any release other than GoPro Hero 8 or 9 Black. 

2- An HDMI-to-Micro cable 

3- An HDMI-to-USB video capturing card 

Follow these instructions now to use your old GoPro Black as a webcam for Zoom meetings:

  1. Grab a video capture card for your old GoPro

A video capture card is hard to pick for many. For GoPro owners there are a number of choices available. You can pick the fine Elgato Cam Link 4K or several others. We are including the links below so that you can choose one. 

Check out discounted Video Capture Card deals of today to use them with GoPro later models than GoPro Hero 8 & 9 Black

Elgato Cam Link 4K – Broad cast live and record with your action camera 

Magewell USB3.0 HDMI – Full HD Video Capture device for best results with action cameras

Magewell XI100DUSB-SDI SDI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Dongle for good results with old models of GoPro

Elgato HD60 S+ – 1080p60 HDR10 Game Capture with 4K60 HDR10 Zero

  1. Keep your old GoPro ready 

Setting up older models of GoPro Black is different from setting up GoPro Hero 8 & 9 Black as we have to use a USB-C for connecting the gadget. 

You need to turn your GoPro on and select Preferences from the swipe menu to make ready your action to stream. Scroll down and select input/output, HDMI Output and then click ‘Live.’ You can plug your Micro-HDMI cable into the old GoPro and plug the second end into of HDMI into the video capture card. Check if your GoPro has a power source connected to it, then plug Elgato Cam Link 4K equipment into the laptop and you are done with that hardware part finally. 

  1. Choose video streaming software 

simply go to the software’s settings and choose your GoPro as the video source. 

If you want to go the OBS route, download the open source software and go to the “+” symbol in the video source menu. Now click ‘Video Capture Device’, create ‘new’, choose your video capture card in the dropdown menu, and your GoPro should now show up on the display.  

While choosing the streaming software you have different choices available and two of them are: choosing GoPro as video conferencing source or go live with OBS the Facebook favorite Open Broadcaster. They both work fine for a number of sources but GoPro works directly with Webex, Zoom and Google Meet etc. You can tweak the software by going into the software settings. 


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